BW Sunday- Peanut Bunny Spots a Wild Rabbit

Lopeared rabbit standing up
Peanut Bunny spotted our wild rabbit that visits the yard. 
He stood up and stared at it for the longest time but went back to exploring his new area once the rabbit disappeared. 

Bunny Meme Saturday....Salad Favourites!

Hi Everyone!This was taken last summer at the beach!Mummy always packs me my salad and a bag of hay and water if I want it.I do love my salad and just as well as the vet is always saying I need to work harder at loosing some weight...rude I think....what do you think?So I'm not allowed to have many pellets.Any way mummy always makes me a varied interesting salad and these are all my favourites:
Curly Kale
Wild Rocket
Parsley but only a little bit
Carrot tops
these are the main items I have and then mum likes to mix it up a bit with some foraging and some extras from the supermarket:
Dandelions leaves and flowers
Sage from the garden
Thyme from the garden
Rosemary from the garden
Mint from the garden
Pea Shoots
Spinach but only a little bit
Baby leaf lettuces but only a little bit
Water Cress
Raspberry leaves
Blackberry leaves
Hazel twigs with the young leaves on them
Hawthorn twigs with the young leaves on them
Rose leaves and petals from the garden
Jasmine leaves from the garden
Honey suckle from the garden
Apple wood twigs and leaves
Wild Marigolds from the garden lawn
plus I am also partial to Californian Poppy leave from the garden and the leaves from the granny bonnets too and what ever I graze on when I am out on my adventures
And as an odd treat I get a tiny piece of banana or apple or carrot.
There are many others that us bunnies can eat but they are to numerous to list so here is a few links for a longer list:

I guess I am quite lucky in that mummy always tries to score me extra snacks!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma

Trying a Calming Coat To Ease Canine Anxiety

Since Carma Poodale's death, Scooby has had a hard time adjusting. 
We have put him on an antidepressant to help him.
 I will be talking to the vet about changing it because it doesn't seem to help. 
Carma Poodale #standardPoodle sleeping with Scooby #chihuahua
They did everything together. Where you saw one, you saw the other. She was his support system. Scooby hadn't had the best life before he came to us. The stories I could tell you would break your heart. He wasn't cared for very well.

Keeping cool in the Summer time Heat trouble viewing the video?Please click the link to Youtube.

Summer is pretty much here for most of us, and for us pets its a difficult time.Its alright for those Humans as they can change clothes to suit the weather but we can't we can shed some fur but at the end of the day we are still wearing our fur coats 24/7.So we need plenty of fresh water to drink,cold treats.Fans or air conditioning which most people in the UK don't have so windows open with curtains/Drapes drawn to stop the sun coming in but all some breeze to pull through the house if there is a breeze or a nice shade spot in the garden for us to snooze in.But most of all don't leave us in your car while you nip in to do some shopping better to leave us at home if you need to go to the shops.Remember if you think its hot with shorts and t-shirt on just think how hot it is for us with a fur coat on!

Hope you're all having a great weekend.This is Speedy Reporting for Carma

Carma Poodale is Home,Sorta

As you know on Friday, June 2nd, Carma passed away. This has been one of the most difficult times of my life. Our family is trying to pick up the pieces and if it wasn't for all the support that friends, followers, and even people we didn't even know giving us words of courage, I don't know if we could get through this.
CarmPoodale, my lifeline, my heart, Standard Poodle

Bunny Meme Saturday....Not the Vets?!!

Did you Know that Bunnies need to have regular health checks at the Vets?I had mine last week.In a bunny health check visit our weight and teeth are check plus I get my heart and eye checked to as well as the vet does a physical feel over around my tummy to make sure that is in working order too.but in the UK and Europe we have to get vaccinations as well as there are a 3 viruses that are fatal to us we have Myxomatosis  which is rare in the US as Cottontails and Black-Tailed Jackrabbits aren't really affected by the virus and is only fatal to European wild rabbits and Domesticated rabbits as they were originally bred from the European wild Rabbits.Cottontails(Sylvilagus Flordanus),Black-Tailed Jackrabbits(Lepus Californicus) and the European wild rabbits are different Species.

There is also RVHD type 1 and RVHD type 2 type 1 has a short incubation period and type 2 has and incubation period of up to 2 weeks before a rabbit show symptoms and again Cottontails and Black-Tailed Jackrabbits aren't really affected by these 2 virus and is fatal to the domestic and European rabbit populations.In the US cases are rare and doesn't Spread beyond local isolated outbreaks in the domestic rabbit populations.In the UK and Europe we have Vaccines that cover all 3 viruses and in Australia they only have the vaccine for RVHD type 1 as Rabbits are considered pests and in some territories they are illegal as a pet and the wild populations are a big problem.

In the US there are no Vaccines available at this time for the 3 viruses, as out breaks of all 3 Viruses are rare and are isolated pockets in the Domestic populations as they don't really affect the Cottontail and Black-Tailed Jackrabbits populations so don't spread very far,

Last week I had my Myxomatosis and RVHD type 1 combi Vaccination and in September I get the one that covers me for RVHD type 2.Any way my Health check was all good news ....except for I need to lose a bit of weight about half a kilo"sigh" so I'm still on the old rude! Peanut Bunny you're so lucky!

This is Speedy Reporting for Carma

Bunny Meme Saturday!

I know I missed last weeks Bunny Meme but well my own Mummy abandoned me at the sitters for like 87 zillion years....well a couple of weeks and she had a ton of stuff to catch up with but I am back to help out my pal Carma again!
So do you go to a sitters when your parents go on Vacation?Let us know in the comments below

This is Speedy reporting for Carma