Bunny Meme.....Interesting facts!

Did you know that Bunnies have 28 teeth that are constantly growing and have to be worn down by the food that they eat?Did you all so know that a group of rabbits is called a herd?Did you know that Horses have the same type of teeth in that they constantly grow and have to be worn down by the food they eat?Horse's also so share the same type of eyes in their vision and construction as a rabbit and their ears also work in the same way as a rabbit.A group of horses is called a herd and Horses share the same diet so is a Rabbit an under grown Horse or is a Horse an over grown Rabbit?What do you think?

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Mummy and me at Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny are Saddened by the Passing of Peanut Bunny here at Carma Poodale.com and send much love to Carma's Family and Mummy at this time.

Goodbye Peanut Bunny. I Miss You Terribly

Beige lop eared rabbit laying in grass.
Sunday, Peanut Bunny was wanting to keep to himself and was hiding from me. I thought Daedae and him maybe played too rough and he was hiding from Daedae.

Turns out that wasn't the case. Peanut Bunny didn't feel good. He was hiding from me because he didn't want me to know it. I did not see any poop pellets anywhere. This worried me.

Bunny Meme a Paws for thought!

Having just had a little Vacation with my Mummy and Daddy it makes me think that if we put more energy in to the good things in life we would all truly realise just how wonderful life can be!This is me at a little beach called Carbis Bay near St Ives in Cornwall in the UK,it was a wonderful day playing on the beach with Mummy and Daddy.....and of course my adoring public was on hand at times too!

What wonderful things do you get to do with your Family?

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How Bayer Has Helped The People and Pets of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. -Press Release

Bayer logo
With the recent hurricanes, I wanted to let you know what the folks at Bayer are doing. I  am proud to be a part of the Bayer Pet Panel along with other carefully selected bloggers.
The flooding and damage following hurricanes Harvey and Irma have no doubt left us feeling concerned about friends and family, animals included, who live and work in the affected areas. 

Bunny Meme.....Bootie Bunny!

Yes this is me snoozing away on one of my holidays but in this photo you can see I'm wearing a green Bootie and that is because as a Rex Rabbit I am prone to a condition known as Sore Hock ,because my furs are shorter that other rabbits.The primary cause for me was when I was far to much over weight,I had put on so much weight because I was in lots of pain from my glaucoma that I didn't want to run around but that is another story.At that time I had the problem on all my paws both my front and my back ones.It was a long battle to get my furs to grow back.Mummy tried everything from blankets to baby socks but the booties give the best protection on the sore bits

You see Rabbits don't have pads like dogs and cats do on the paws we have fur to protect our feet.so when something goes wrong and we lose the fur we get sore hock.Any way mummy had to put blankets down out in the garden to protect my feet from the hard surface of the paving ,and extra padding in my den and play area in the kitchen,and on my back feet she made these bootie and then it was a case of keeping my claws short and to get me exercising to get the weight off.All these thing worked and my furs grew back.

Every so often though I do get it come back on one foot so I am back to wearing a bootie again.Mummy also puts Calendula nappy rash cream on the skin so that it doesn't get dry and crack before putting the bootie on.The Bootie is made from cohesive bandage that vets use  and half a baby sock for padding a bit like on the one in this link.lucky for me Mummy got right on top of this so it never got worse than this

All rabbits can get sore hock and one of the worst things for causing sore hock is carpet.....did you know the carpet is highly abrasive and can wear the fur away on our feet?So lots of house bunny owners have an area for us that has soft fleecy blanket and and vet pad blankets to rest our feet on.Another thing that can cause sore hock is Mites,they make our feet itch and make us chew and pull the fur out of our feet.If your bunny gets Sore Hock the first thing you need to do is take your bunny to the vet to make sure there is no infection and to make sure your bunny doesn't have Mites and if there is any treatment you need and to see if you need to put booties on your rabbits feet.Then the back claws need to be trimmed short this will help stop us pressing on our back feet so much when we are siting so relieves the pressure a bit.Then you will need to provide extra padding in our pens/cage/housing.And if we are over weight I'm afraid its time for a bit of a diet for your bunny and exercise regime....

mummy is always strict with my food and it always seems like I'm on a diet.And I am guessing the my next check up we will be told I need to lose a bit of weight...ah well never mind at least I have my adventures.

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Pets in Disaster Zones, What You Need To Know

There is FALSE information being shared online about pets in the evacuation areas.

ALL HOTELS do NOT have to take your pets. ALL shelters do NOT have to take your pets due to the PETS Act 2006.

Hotels are urged to lift their pet ban but do not have to do it. Many will do it but please do NOT shame a hotel for not accepting pets.

ALL shelters do NOT have to take pets. There are many pet-friendly shelters available but many of them can't handle families and pets.
Dog in green shirt in kennel with emergency papers ready to evacuate in emergencies

An emergency shelter may allow you in but they may send your pets to an animal shelter. Shelters may also house your pet in another area such as another room. This is why many shelters are shipping pets (that are adoptable) out of the area. It is to make sure they have room for the pets of those who can't find a place to take their pets or does not have enough room for pets and people.

Many shelters have a limit on how many pets they can take in with each family. If you have 4 dogs and 6 cats, you may not be accepted in an emergency shelter. Most limit pets to 1-4.

WW- Bird on the Glass

Bird left its silhouette on our glass door
Yesterday when I got back from working at the office, a bird hit our glass door. It hit the door so hard that it left its imprint including its face!

Not only did it make me jump but it made Daedae, the cat almost jump to the ceiling.

I searched the yard for a injured bird but didn't find any doves that would have been hurt. I sure hope this bird is okay.