Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Its #FrankenPet Carma!

Halloween is right around the corner. How do you get a spooky photo without all the makeup and backdrops? Ever wanted to make yourself look like a vampire ? Maybe a witch or a zombie? Now you can with free software that you don't even have to download. Yep, thats right, NO  DOWNLOAD! 

The folks at Rover.com have asked me to mention to my followers about the contest they have going on. You must hurry because it ends on Oct 31, 2014! Rover.com has teamed up with PicMonkey.
With Picmonkey  you can apply an array of photo effects,  use the clone tool to take things out, smooth out fine lines in a face , the tools are what you would expect to find in photoshop and more. PicMonkey and Rover.com are running a contest right now.

Enter your pets photo in the #FrankenPet contest for a chance to win one of the following prizes! 

What do you win?

  • Grand Prize, Creepy Canines: A GoPro camera with a Fetch dog harness and a year of Royale membership.
  • Grand Prize, Scaredy Cats: A GoPro camera with a 3-Way Mount and a year of Royale membership.
  • Grand Prize, Other Beasts: A GoPro camera with a 3-Way Mount and a year of Royale membership.
  • Runners-Up Prizes: One year of Royale membership from PicMonkey, and a $25 Petco gift card from Rover.com.
 Here is one of the photos I made of myself using Picmonkey. 

Contest Submission Agreement

By submitting to the #FrankenPet contest, you give PicMonkey and Rover permission to reuse your photos in future branded content and promotions.

Official #FrankenPet contest rules

Snap a photo of your photogenic pet(s), then snazz them up with extra filters and effects using the PicMonkey Halloween photo editor.
Share your photo online and tag #FrankenPet. We’ll be looking for your FrankenPets on:

Rover.com is a dog sitting service. You can search for a sitter near you and once you are happy with your selection, your dog can either stay with the sitter or the sitter can stay at your house. You go on vacation knowing your pet is being taken care of. 
Visit Rover.com and find the sitter near you. If you choose to use the service , the fine folks at Rover has allowed me to help with the price and if you enter CarmaPoodale20 you will get $20 off!!! 
Now get on over to PicMonkey and create your photo! Want to see more about the #FrankenPet contest? Visit Rover's Halloween Contest.
I hope to see your photo in the contest! 
*I was not paid to give this review or to mention the contest. Rover.com asked me to tell my readers about the contest. CarmaPoodale.com will not be responsible for part of the contest.*

Sunday, October 26, 2014

B/W Sunday- #BarkWorldExpo Bound

This coming week, we will be headed to Atlanta for the BarkWorld 2014 conference.  Right now we are busy getting things in order to head out. I will be posting about the adventure. If you want to follow me in our journey there and during the conference , please make sure you are following me on Instagram and my Facebook page. 
Happy Sunday!!!
Barkworld Pet Conference sign and poodale

Thank you to our hosts
Black and white icon

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Indoor Cat Loves a Cat Tree


Molly Mew loves to sit on the tree in the back yard. She has cat trees in the house but she says none of them are as nice as this tree.We have a fenced in yard. Everyday weather permitting , she along with Cinnamon , our guinea pig are allowed time outside. It may be a hour , it may be two hours but they get fresh air and sunlight. They also get exercise.

Ma and dad thought it was important to allow her outside to learn her surroundings. They are always out with her and if they are busy doing a project , then its my job to keep them safe. Many people recommend that Molly be strictly an indoor cat. Molly Mew is a indoor cat but gets her supervised outdoor time. Over the summer Molly has learned her backyard. She has spots that she likes to lay and places to hide.

There are many reasons that we felt it was important for Molly to be outside. One reason was to get exercise. She loves to run around the yard getting from spot to spot. She also gets fresh air and sunshine. The main reason for allowing her to learn the backyard was so if someone left a door open and she got out, she would know how to come back in.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen posts from people whose indoor cat has got outside from a door being left open by either a guest, a child or not having the door closed all the way and the wind blowing it open or they got out through a open window. The cats find that the outside is scary. The smells , the sounds can be overwhelming to a cat that has never been out. Many cats get scared and run the wrong direction and find themselves lost.  This is why we chose to allow her out to experience what the outdoor had to offer. The rules are NEVER get out of the yard. So far she has never broken that rule but as I said, her outdoor time is supervised and Molly will come when her name is called. Some people don't believe this but its honestly true.

 Molly Mew loves her outdoor time but yesterday a strange cat came in our yard and gave her the scare of her life. Long story short, I had to go after the cat with teeth bared! Yes, Me! I surprised ma that I bared teeth in a chase but I was angry that the cat had tried to attack Molly and that the cat thought it was okay to get in MY YARD! That was two no-no's in one visit. This is MY yard and MY kitty.

I am NOT recommending that you take your kitty outside. Unless your kitty comes when she is called or you have a secure yard etc then that is your choice. I am just saying the reasons we allow Molly Mew to go outside.

Funny thing is , Molly Mew thinks she has to come in to potty in her box. BOL! She will scream to get in the house and take a straight path to her box to potty and then ask to go back out. No one ever told her she could do her business outside. :) Maybe its for the best. This way other cats don't smell her waste in the yard. She just may be smarter than we think.

After all, she is being raised by a poodle. :-)

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a beautiful day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WW- Cinnamon Dresses Up

With Halloween around the corner
Cinnamon decided he wanted to dress up
But what can a guinea pig dress up as??


Cinnamon dressed up like Derek Jeter! 

from www.hallofgamesports.com
We don't watch baseball but when Cinnamon heard the name he wheeked 
and wheeked till he got ma to buy him a baseball cap.
So you think they look alike???

Be sure to visit my Blogpaws friends listed below
You will find they are a fabulous bunch! 
Wednesdays Wags!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Job As A Spokesdog is No More.

If you have been a follower of mine for a while , you know that I supported and volunteered at the Owensboro Humane Society. I was the spokesdog and ma was the Adoption/Event coordinator and the office/post care nurse for the spay/neuter clinic. 
poodle in vest

The Owensboro Humane Society is a no kill, non-profit shelter located in Owensboro, Ky. The Owensboro Humane Society operates solely on the donations of the public. They do not receive money from the state, county or national chapters of the Humane Society of the United States. They rely on volunteers to help with events, walk dogs, socialize the cats and always welcome those who want to help clean. 
They are always in need of donations of pet food, towels, cleaning supplies and money. 
They are a facility who never gives up on their pets. Many pets wait a few days to a few months to be adopted but there are those who wait for years. 

Dogs like Dozer who waited 7 yrs for his home 

Achilles who waited 5 yrs.

The Owensboro Humane Society never gave up on them and they searched until they found their forever homes. Both dogs are very happy in their homes and they have the families they waited so long for.
We have watched each adoption happen and we have cried tears of joy with each one. They have a warm bed, a family that loves them and they get a kiss goodnight every night. 
With each adoption our dreams came true. We have done fundraising events, adoption events, spay/neuter clinics and I have asked over and over for donations for the little shelter that could. 
Dogs like Gunner are still in need of a home. He has also been waiting a long time for his dreams to come true

My role as the spokesdog for the Owensboro Humane Society was to go to events to bring awareness, visit schools to teach children about pets and how to help the parents take care of the pets in the home and I blogged about my buddies who needed homes. I also was a door greeter to all the events hosted at the humane society and at the spay/neuter clinic. I wore my vest with pride and I wasn't afraid to make sure you seen the words "Please Donate" in hopes that you put a few dollars in my pockets. It was a job that I felt honored to have. 

 On Oct 1 2014 , I hung up my vest.  

It was not a easy decision. Its one that Ma and I thought about long and hard our choice. We had many family discussions about it considering my entire family volunteered.  We didn't want to leave but thought it was best. Ma has MS and it's not getting any better. This summer she was not able to be out in the yard like she has ever since I have known her. The heat bothered her, her energy levels were below low, her back pain got worse and her health wasn't getting any better. Dad and Sarah both told her many times that they thought some of the health problems could be due to her stressing about not being able to do the things she wanted for them. She was unable to go to the Humane Society as much as she needed. She felt that if she was to be the best adoption coordinator that she could , she would need to be in contact with the animals. She needed to spend time with them so they could learn to trust her, she could know more about them like their quirks, qualities, and what each of them had deep inside. She couldn't be there like she wanted and with each new dog or cat that came in she could barely remember their name.

Working in the spay/neuter clinic had became too hard for her. The bending, getting up and down off the floor from where she was sitting with a dog and lifting the pets who were recouping was becoming too much for her. It was hard to keep volunteers there all day to help her. After 2 days of clinic , she would be down on her back for 2-3 days after. Clinics were physically demanding. When you have a job to do and you realize you can't do it properly , then its time to bow out. 

I will continue to support the Humane Society. I will donate all that I can. I will continue to write about them and the pets that need homes and we truly love them and will always stand behind them. I will go to conferences and still try to talk everyone out of their extra swag (products) to bring home to give to them and I will continue to ask companies to donate to them. 

The Owensboro Humane Society will always have a place in our hearts. Ma just couldn't keep up with everything that she was doing and if she couldn't give them 110% then she felt like she wasn't doing them any good.

It was a sad day. She has cried many tears over the decision and she hopes that we can volunteer every once in a while to spend time with the animals in the future.

I love the Owensboro Humane Society.
They are the little shelter that could.
 They are big heroes in my eyes and heart.

The Owensboro Humane Society is located in Owensboro Ky. 
They are a 501(c)3 facility
They are open 11-4 Seven days a week , 365 days a year. 
You can see a list of pets that are needing a home 
at their Petfinder 
You can reach them at 270-302-6813
or through Email

If you would like to donate to them , you can mail a check to 
Owensboro Humane Society
3101 W 2nd st
Owensboro, Ky 42301

I would sure appreciate it. Your donation is tax deductible. 
Your donation will go to the care of the animals. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blogpaws 2015 is Going Green!

Can you imagine a conference of thousands of pet bloggers coming together in one place to learn, exchange ideas and network? 

I am fortunate enough to have been a part of a conference just like this. Though I wasn't able to attend the 2014 conference , I was able to attend in 2013. There were many bloggers there. With any conference or large get together , there is always a lot of garbage left behind.

The 2015 conference will be held in Nashville Tennessee in May. May 28-30 to be exact. Next year the Blogpaws conference is doing something different, something no other conference has done. They are not only helping to connect bloggers to brands, educate us on SEO, how to post, how to stay on track and how to make money with our words but they are helping the earth. 

Blogpaws 2015 Conference is going GREEN with ZERO WASTE!!

BlogPaws, Only Natural Pet, and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition (PISC) announce a partnership to launch a zero-waste initiative for the 2015 BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference. They will work together to do their part in saving our landfills and try to achieve as little waste as possible. 

“Given our passion for the health and welfare of pets everywhere, BlogPaws is committed to educating our bloggers and helping them leverage their influence to encourage pet parents to adopt a ‘zero-waste’ mindset. We are excited to work with Only Natural Pet and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition to get the conversation started and to take the first steps towards making our yearly conference as close to ‘zero-waste’ as possible.”(Chloe DiVita, BlogPaws)

Only Natural Pet
Only Natural Pet, a Boulder-based manufacturer of all natural pet supplies, has been dedicated to sustainable waste management practices from the get-go. “We reuse shipping boxes, minimize product packaging, use renewable energy, and participate in a zero-waste program at our office, warehouse, and retail store. When PISC launched their new Accelerator Program in July, we identified ways to bring our values for sustainability to partner companies. Our sponsorship of the zero-waste portions of the BlogPaws event is an exciting opportunity to influence the mindset and behavior of hundreds of conference participants.” (Marty Grosjean, Only Natural Pet)

The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition is a collaborative membership organization that works with pet industry leaders to improve their sustainability performance. “We are excited about our role in helping to coordinate and execute a successful zero-waste pet event. We believe that the BlogPaws 2015 conference will set an example for the entire industry, so get ready Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo!” (Caitlyn Bolton, PISC)

I look forward to Blogpaws15 next year to be apart of this zero waste movement and hope that other conferences follow suit. We all can make a difference in making our earth a better place.

See you in 2015!!

*Source of information came from Blogpaws Newsletter. I was so excited to read what was in store for the next conference that I had to share it with my followers*