Bunny Meme Saturday!

I love to explore new places, to investigate all the exciting new smells and of course see if I can find a few tasty snacks along the way.My mummy takes me to some interesting places and sometimes I have to do a bit of exploring with mummy in my pet stroller till we get to where I can explore on my own four paws.

Bunny Meme Saturday!

Many people think we are an easy pet to have.That we are happy to be in a cage till you let us out that we are cute and cuddly fluffy little bunnies like you see on tv or in cartoons!Wrong....We are the hardest pet to have most of us don't like to be picked up and cuddled.Yes we are cute and fluffy but not in the nice way...we are very bossy and domineering ,we bite and our teeth are sharp as razor blades.We have long hard and sharp claws that can scrape you to pieces....oh and we growl too when we are in a bad mood.Most people think Donkeys and mules are stubborn.....hehehe they haven't got a patch on us bunnies!Us bunnies think we are better than the humans that take care of us...Humans say they are our slaves.....That's true too!Us bunnies show the best Disapproval when we are displeased as well.....hehehe the Bunnies are in charge when it comes to home and hearth!

Who is in charge in your house?Let us know in the comments below!

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#HillsPet Are Sending Us To #Blogpaws To Be #PetPrepared #Sponsored

Are you prepared for a natural disaster? Do you have a plan that includes your pets? Seems no matter how much we think we are prepared, nature has a way of letting us know that we aren't.

I am a BlogPaws Conference Sponsored Blogger on behalf of Hill’s Pet Nutrition® and Hill’s Food, Shelter,& Love®.  I am being compensated to help share information about Hill’s Pet Nutrition and the Hill’s Food, Shelter, Love initiative with my readers and fellow Influencers, Neither Hill’s Pet Nutrition or BlogPaws are responsible for the content of this article.

Take for instance a few months ago when ma and a friend were test driving a car. It was a beautiful day but within a few minutes the storm clouds came in and they brought hail with them. It was so bad that ma had to pull over and her and her friend were both praying the windows didn't break in the car. Luckily they didn't. 
But with this hail came torrential rain. Rain like neither of them had ever seen. The roads quickly flooded making it hard to get home. Ma was worried sick about us. We were home alone.  It made her rethink her secure feeling of being #PetPrepared for emergencies.
#Scoobydoo and #carmapoodale want you to be #PetPrepared

 Her plan was thought out. The only thing was she thought she would be with us when disaster struck.  In a few minutes, nature told her that may not always be the case. 

We are so honored to be sponsored by Hill’s Food, Shelter & Love® to attend the 2017 BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach, SC! 

Welcome To The Newest Member of Our Family

Wasn't planning on adding to our family but things sometimes just happen.
The thing about our family is everyone wants to be an Allen. 

Who wouldn't want to be an Allen? You get good food, good play time, a good home that is multi-species and you get spoiled. Your brothers and sisters are the best.

Sure you have to work. Work on looking cute, work on smiling for the camera and work on making sure you make the family laugh or smile. But it's worth it. 

Bunny Meme Saturday!

The Beach Bunny is a bunny that enjoys the beach so much that he has an entourage to set up a luxury base camp for him to enjoy and chill out in when he's tired from exploring on the beach and has a belly full of snacks till he's ready to go again!

Do you like going to the beach with your family?Do you know of other bunnies that love to go to the beach like me?Let us know in the comments bellow.

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WW- Back Issue of Magazine Made Me Smile

Ma was decluttering and was skimming through the magazines to see why she was keeping them.

She found this: 

#CYTOPOINT Stops Severe Seasonal Itching in Dogs

Scooby Doo has had a terrible time with his allergies this spring. We don't know if it is the lack of winter or if something is out there that he is highly allergic too. He will go weeks without any problems and then out of the blue he swells up and starts itching to the point where he will sit and cry.
Chihuahua named Scooby Doo, in the tub with anti itch shampoo on.
Anti-itch shampoos didn't help

This is NOT a paid post. When Scooby Doo's allergies went beyond our control, our vet recommended a new vaccine. These are the results that Scooby Doo had*.
 It is very important to note that not all drugs are created equal, and you may not see the same results as Scooby did.We are not responsible if your pet does not have the same results. We are merely sharing a product on the market 

Scooby would whine and cry until tears fill his eyes. Scratching didn't ease the itch. It is all over his body. He develops red welts all over his belly, neck, and under his arms. His back becomes nothing but bumps. It covers almost every inch of his body. Then the scary part happens. His neck and face will swell up until he is almost unrecognizable.

He will start to get restless and wake us up whining. The first thing ma does is grab the Benedryl. We even keep a bottle next to her bed for emergencies. After she administers the Benedryl, she puts him in a cool tub of water. It seems to help stop the burning but until the Benedryl kicks in, nothing really helps.