WW- Fun Plans For A Stress-free Day

poodle and chihuahua with panther statue

Today Scooby, Cinnamon, Cookie and I all get to attend the Kentucky Wesleyan College stress free day!! This is a day to help the college students to relieve their minds from all those finals they have or will be taking. 

We love to help out by spreading smiles, laughter and our fur to pet. 

We are excited to be apart of this again this semester. We have all had baths, we are soft and we really do smell good. 

Wednesday's Wags and Wheeks! 


#WW -Scooby's Girlfriend

We love our Owensboro PetSmart. We are there every week. I get groomed often there. We also buy our treats and guinea pig food there. 

Scooby Doo adores PetSmart. He has almost every shirt that they sell. Scooby loves his clothes. He will actually ask you to put a shirt on him. One of the joys of going to PetSmart for Scooby Doo is he hopes to see his favorite lady. We refer to Nicole as Scooby's "girlfriend". Nicole is one of the team leaders. 

Smiling #Chihuahua with @Petsmart team leader
Now that is a happy face!


Pet Friendly Shelters Using Recycled Parts From Tents

Hello!!! Sorry I have been away from my blog but I have had some medical treatments done that have put me a little "behind". By behind, I mean I had medical treatments done to my anal glands. The treatments have required me to be put on medical leave for a week but I am getting better and will soon be back to work. 

While I have been off, ma has been tending to our pack and mostly me, by herself. By time she sits down , her eyelids get to heavy to help me blog. We have been active on our Facebook page  hopefully you are following us there. 


Guinea Pigs Tunnel Of Fun

When it comes time to clean out the guinea pig cages lately, ma usually puts them outside. In the winter, she lets them run around in the backroom. We put out some snacks out and they watch ma while they nibble their foods.

It is important to allow the guinea pigs to get the exercise they need to keep them happy and healthy.  Living in a cage is no life at all. Getting out and socializing is good for guinea pigs. 

We use flexible ductwork as a tunnel for the piggies. They both LOVE running in that tunnel. Today we did something different.....
#Cinnamon and #cookie eating snacks


Ice Cream Cone Treats For Squirrels

Yesterday while looking through Pinterest for ideas for the backyard, we came across a pin for using ice cream cones for seed starters. You can see the pin here-Use stale ice cream cones for seeds. The thing that stood out was the plants in the ice cream cones. It was clover and moss. We have a yard full of clover and moss! 

So ma decided to make her own weed ice cream cone.
Ice cream cone with flowers
Cute, huh? 


#PetSmartGrooming Make Me Feel Like a Top Dog #sponsored

PetSmart Grooming Logo
SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! Summer is around the corner!! I do have many mixed feelings about the warmer weather. I love warm weather because it means more runs in the fields, walks on the walking tracks and more Poodle ball, that is what we call fetch. The things I don't like about warmer weather is that I stay so HOT! 
Poodle with tongue out
My family refers to me as the Ky Poodle Bear. My hair gets really long and really thick in the winter. I am also called a "hot mess". My hair becomes unmanageable and tangles really easy. I get trims inbetween fall and winter but it is mostly cutting off any dead ends and thinning my top knot (Floof). I do go in every couple of weeks to have my face and feet shaved. This helps to keep my feet healthy in the winter and my face in kissable shape.  

If you remember, I was getting ready for the holiday season last time I got a full groom.  I sure did get a lot of compliments from friends and family about how great my coat looked when they seen me around Christmas time. 
PetSmart Groomer, Emily with standard Poodle
My holiday haircut 
I needed all that hair cut off and I needed a new look. I wanted to be a summer poodle. I wanted to be NAKEY! :) 


Molly Mew Wanted to Stay Out, Ma Wanted to Go In.

Molly Mew, the cat who has a mind of her own and knows how to use it.

Ma told Molly Mew it was time to go in the house. We had been out for a couple of hours with the guinea pigs and it was getting close to dinner time. Molly Mew had things she had to do before she would come in. 

*These are the actual recorded conversations that happened.*

These are the days of Molly Mew's life