Tuna Catsicles for Cats,Tasty Tuesday

I am joining this blog hop (numerous blogs get together to blog about the same topic) in honor of my friend, SUGAR. Sugar the Golden Retriever was a rockstar to us in the blog world. SUGAR and Kol's Notes (another rockstar) hosted a Tasty Tuesday blog hop for years. We shared homemade recipes for pets that their owners could easily make. It was a grand thing.
Sugar, Rosalyn, Bunny, Carma Poodale, Rebecca and Garth- Purple People

We all loved the color purple. We all showed up at a BarkWorld conference wearing purple. We had to get our photos together because everyone had on purple shoes or scarves but ma was in a full purple outfit. She is the one with all the teeth showing. BOL!

Bunny Meme Saturday!

My Mum got a new smart phone yesterday this is the first photo from it Not bad eh?Have a great weekend everybody!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com

Arm & Hammer™ Slide™ Cat Litter. Is It Great or Is It a Bust?

Have you seen all the commercials for the new Arm & Hammer SLIDE cat litter? It is the cat litter that is supposed to SLIDE our of the box without a chisel and hammer.

Seems like no matter how much you clean your cat box, there is still those big crop circles with pyramids in the middle you have to scrap out. Ma absolutely hates that job. She always asks the cats if they are eating glue.
Cat box with SLIDE litter in it. We are reviewing the new SLIDE litter.
We decided to purchase a box of SLIDE to see how we liked it. We thought you may like to know more about it too. We are NOT being paid for this and all opinions are our ma's own. She is the professional pooper scooper in this house.

Bunny Meme Saturday!

Hi Everyone!I hope you're having a great weekend.I have had a great couple of days,the last couple of days I have been to the beach with my mum and the weather has been great!Yes that's right I am a Beach Bunny.....hehehehe! And I can climb too!

Bunny Meme Saturday!

Hehehehe My Mummy reckons there is nothing cuter than a bunny Butt....what do you think?Have a great weekend everyone!

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What Happened To Me and Why I Had to Step Away From The Blog

Carma Poodale, my brown eyed girl
You know I was absent from most of my social media channels besides Facebook and I had to give blogging a break. I got so sick that ma was planning my funeral. We don't know where or when I caught those bugs but they took me down so hard, I was looking forward to my funeral.
*Some photos may be hard to look at. Some may be blurry because ma would cry while taking them*

How to Introduce a Bunny to your Doggy and Kitty Family

You have your family and your family pets of dogs and cats and you have fallen in love with this cute bunny and have brought it home.....Now what?...

How do you get your dog and your cat to fall in love with your new Family member and become best buds?
I mean this is a rabbit isn't it a prey animal?
Aren't they natural prey to dogs and cats?

All this is true but it is possible for dogs, cats and rabbits to live together in harmony and become best buds but it takes time and patience to get them to that place.And this is how my mummy got her dog and two cats to live peacefully with her bunny.So lets start with the introductions......
Wellington, the springer spaniel laying down photo by Speedy the Cheeky housebunny

Meet Wellington but he was called Boots for short he was a Springer Spaniel that had grown up with cats from a puppy....