WW- King Cinnamon, King of the Rocks

A certain piggie loves to climb all over the rocks near the pond. He thinks he is king of the rocks. Climbing on and off the rocks is wonderful exercise not only for his physical well being but also for his mental well being. 
There is no telling what he is thinking when he is climbing and posing.

He is King Cinnamon, Ruler of the Rocks.
Guinea pig on the rocks
Did you happen to see his video yesterday? 

Groundhog Day In Kentucky

Happy Groundhog Day!!! 

Kentucky doesn't have its own groundhog but we have a Cinnamon, the guinea pig! What does Cinnamon say about the weather and is spring around the corner????
Cinnamon the Guinea Pig looking out of his cave


Update:How Our Family Is Managing After The Loss of Jenny Sue.

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you who have contacted us to tell us how sorry you were to hear of Jenny Sue's passing. The text messages, instant messages, emails, and comments on our social media channels were overwhelming. The love and support poured out from all over the world. The words wrapped themselves around all of us just like a hug and it helped so much. It is still helping as we get through the first few days.

This week I feel the need to take over Carma's blog. Don't worry, I promise that won't write things that are only sad. Plus it gives Carma some time off :).


For The Love of Jenny Sue

Yesterday was a day that no pet parent wants to do. A day that had laughter but lots of tears. Please bare with me because I don't know if this will be a short post or a long one. 

On December 29th 2015, hubby and I took Jenny Sue to the vet and when we left she was wrapped in a her blanket that said "I love mommy, I love daddy" her body had no life left in it. 

We set our beautiful baby girl free. 

spaniel side of face
Free from pain, free from diabetes 
In my mind, She has regained her eyesight and her hearing.
She is free. 


WW- Keeping Guinea Pigs Exercised In The Wintertime

Happy Wheek Wednesday! 
With the weather here in Kentucky being cold, cold, cold, the guinea pigs wanted to talk about how they stay healthy and happy in the winter. Our piggies love to go outside when the weather permits. 
2 guinea pigs outside in the grass


Let It Snow, Let It Snow.

Happy Monday! I took the last few days off from writing on here but for those who follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have seen that I have been busy posting photos of the snow. 

Snow makes me happy. Snow makes me feel like a puppy. I love snow! 
Poodle running in the snow
This was our first snow on Wednesday


Why I Use Instinct RawBoost Mixers To #Mixitup

Instinct photo and legal information
  A couple of weeks ago I told you about the Instinct raw boosters that we have been adding to our food. I really love to #mixitup. If you need a refresher of what I said, you can find it here . Don't worry, it will open in a new window so that you don't lose your spot.  

  I have had a few people ask us why we decided to try the raw boost mixers and how we came across it. I love the freezer meals that Instinct make and I love some of the canned food too. I like it put in my dinner. While we were on the search for a new kibble for Jenny Sue, ma picked up a bag of Instinct. It had the raw boost in with the kibble and it also was grain-free. We wanted to see if going grain-free would help Jenny Sue's IBS.  Ma quickly found out that I was picking the mixers out of the food but leaving the kibble. I am not a kibble eater. 
Carma Poodale sniffing the Instinct rawboost mixers


BW- Molly Mew's Favorite Toy

Cat playing with Catit toy
One of the toys that Molly Mew got for Christmas was a Catit toy. It is a long curvy toy that has a ball inside that they can swat at. The ball goes back and forth with ease. 


Sunshine and Warmer Weather Makes Us Happy

  Yesterday our outdoor temps reached 59 degrees. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. Nothing but blue as far as the eye could see. Ma says that Scooby and I have been driving her nuts. I say we wouldn't drive her nuts if she got out of the house once in awhile.
   She told us that she would take us out as soon as she got the guinea pig cages cleaned. She put the piggies houses outside to protect them from the wind.Cinnamon was first to go out since he gets to roam free. He just stood there and looked around. He was shocked that he was actually able to go outside! Ma put his jacket on him to make sure he didn't get cold.

Guinea pig in a coat outside