Bunny Meme Christmas!

Hi everyone!Yes its that time of year when the Christmas trees and decorations come out and yes the Christmas outfits"sigh".And our parents want to take lots of cute photo's of us in these outfits and take us to see Santa Paws....that bit I wouldn't mind except no one does it where I live Piffle!So Parents when you put your decorations up bare in mind the safety aspect for your pets like making sure cables for your likes are out of harms way Bunnies for one thing like to chew them....its and addiction for us...hehehe.And the baubles on the lower levels of your tree mum says make sure they aren't glass ones that can break when the get knocked off by wagging tails of your pups or get used as play things by your kitties.And the big no no....don't put chocolate decorations on use trees not unless you want a visit to the vets because us pets have decided to devour them and get poorly tummies.Me I'm partial to the hay mum uses in her nativity under the tree but that's okay cause its safe for me to score a piece from.So Mums and dads make sure your trees are pet proof this season for a safe and happy Holiday time!

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Bunny Meme Baby its Cold Outside!

Hi Everyone!Its finally December and we are on the countdown to Santapaws paying all of us a visit....but that also means the temperatures have dropped for those of us in the northern hemisphere!Friday I got to go out because the sun was out but OMB wasn't it cold so mum bundled me up with not only my fleecy sweater but also my tartan coat to keep me warm and toasty!Do you get to wrap up warm when you go out for your walks too?

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Bunny Meme Sunday!

Hi Everyone I hope you all have been enjoying your Thanksgiving Weekend and I hope you all have had plenty of time to do this!Hehehehe I know I have and in the UK we don't even have Thanksgiving but I'm game to join in!

Did you know that Bunnies have 18 Naps a day?So today I am announcing my memebership to Snoozeaholics Anonymous!Do you take lots of naps?Would you like to join my in Snoozeaholics Anonymous?

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Holiday Poodles

The other day a friend of mine shared a photo of something that she recently received. Now I am not one to copy anyone but my eyes lit up like a Christmas tree with extra lights!

I told hubby there was something that I needed in my life. He didn't even know what it was but took me to the store to see if they had it.

I had to get one for myself. 

Super fast speedy

Hi Everyone no bunny meme today as I wanted to share a couple of facts about bunnies and the best way sometimes is to show you!
Did you know that rabbits can run between 25 and 45 miles per hour?the video above is one of me when I was under a year old which shows me at my fastest,I'm not quite so fast today but then I am 6 years old so I'm heading towards being a OAP in bunny years.Bellow is a conversion chart for bunny years into human years.
Rabbit AgePeople Age
1 week1 year
2 weeks2 years
3 weeks4 years
4 weeks6 years
2 months8 years
3 months10 years
4 months12 years
5 months14 years
6 months16 years
1 year21 years
2 years27 years
3 years33 years
4 years39 years
5 years45 years
6 years51 years
7 years57 years
8 years63 years
9 years69 years
10 years75 years
Any way as you can see I was fast on my paws.....hehehe....I still am quick when I want to be!

Are you fast on your paws like me?

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One of a Kind 3D Statue of Your Pet

When Carma Poodale passed away in June, one of the things I did before I released her to be cremated was clipped a piece of her floof (topknot) to keep her with me. Whenever I am feeling the need to touch her, I can pull out that tiny bit of hair and hold it.

It helps me get through my grieving process. Getting through the grieving process is difficult. . . . Very difficult. 

Soon after I got her ashes back, I received an email from a company asking me permission to create a statue of her. The email made me smile because it said: 
"We usually need 5 to 10 pictures to create the computer model but Carma is very famous and we do not need you send us pictures."

I thought, "well now, okay". 
I was sent a statue after Carma's death. This post is about my experience with the company. All the words are mine and I do not make money from any sells of statues. This is my honest review. 

3D Exact statue of poodle, CarmaPoodale

Did they really have photos of Carma or photos of another poodle from Google?
 Only time would tell. 

3D Statue of Carma Poodale

Life like Statue of Carma Poodale, white poodle in 3D
3D statue of Carma Poodale
After Carma Poodale's death, a company reached out to me and asked if I would like a statue of her. I agreed. When I unwrapped that box and saw the contents inside, I was left breathless.

Tomorrow I will tell more about the company and share better photos. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday