BW-Nesting Geese

Today's black and white photo is of the 2 geese we seen sitting on the shore of the lake. The one goose was laying on eggs. We didn't want to disturb them so we stayed on the opposite side of the pond while ma zoomed in to get a photo.

Respect nature. 

We are joining our hosts
 for the black and white blog hop. 


Flea Free with #Bayer #Defense Care

This is a review for Bayer Defense Care flea and tick product. Bayer is not responsible for this review. I am NOT being compensated for this review nor was I asked to give a review. I , Carma Poodale, only shares information that I feel my readers would be interested in. By clicking on highlighted links you will be taken to my affiliate store in which I make a small commission. 

The official start of summer is next week. The official flea and tick season started a month ago here in KY. I don't like fleas. I don't know any animal who does. So how do we stay flea and tick free? 

During the winter we wear our Seresto collars. Our collars keep us safe from fleas and ticks for almost 8 months. In the summer we have used the K9 Advantix II. We love the fact that it protects against mosquitoes and those biting flies. Its also waterproof. K9 Advantix II combines imidacloprid and permethrin to repel and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Best part is IT WORKS for us! We enjoy our summer outdoor time without the worry of picking up a flea or tick from the grass or having pesky flies bother us. Ma says she has confidence in the Bayer company. 

A few months ago Molly Mew, our kitty, needed a flea treatment. The vet didn't have any in stock for her size so ma went to PetSmart. They didn't have the  Advantage in her weight in stock neither. Ma seen a product that was made by Bayer that was not only similar to the Advantage II but it was a less expensive. She decided to give it a try. Molly Mew likes to go outside and spends a lot of time hiding in the grass. She thinks she is a mountain lion who likes to watch birds from the tall grass. No fleas or ticks bothered Molly Mew. 

When it was time for our  treatment, ma said that she didn't have the extra money to buy 3 Seresto collars for us. Since the Bayer Defense Care topical worked so well on Molly Mew she thought she would try it on us. 

We have used the Bayer Defense Care Flea and tick products for 2 months now and we are happy with the product. We go on runs in the field at the end of our street at least 3 times a week. Sometimes the grass is really high and sometimes its been mowed. We also go running at a location that has a pond and a lot of grassy area. Ma came home with a tick on her sock after one of our runs. She checked us from tail to head and we didn't have any stray critters on us.  

I have to say, I am quite happy with this product and ma is happy with the price. Bayer Defense Care for dogs uses the following 3 ingredients:


If your dog has any reactions to these ingredients please do not use. We are not sensitive to any of the ingredients and have had no problems. In our area a 3 pack box for large dogs normally runs $39.99 but ma buys it when it is on sale for $27.99. Prices may vary in your area. 

We trust the Bayer brand and have been really happy with the results of the Defense Care Flea and tick protection. 


Scooby Doo Singing His Country Song

Hello Darlin's , 
my name is Scooby Doobie Doo Doo
I would like you to sing you a song. 
Hope you like it....

I'm just a little dog
who wants to go to Blogpaws
So I am singing my songs
They aren't very long
but ma says no 
No, I can't go

I will wear my country suit 
I promise I won't toot
I will promise to act like I should
and be extra good 

but she still say no
No I can't go

Nashville isn't that far
I could be a star
But she says no 
I can't go

I will wear my hat 
I am small as a cat 

She says no,
No I can't go
I can't go
I wanna go 
but she says no.

Thank ya, thank ya very much 

Ya'll have a great time
Hope ma brings me back some goodies.


#TBT- Memories Of Past Conferences with Sissy Sarah

Hard to believe that in 18 days Ma, sissy Sarah and I will be hitting the road for our 2nd Blogpaws conference. We had the pleasure of attending the 2013 conference in Virginia. We gals have always traveled together. We have also attended 4 Barkworld conferences, Hollywoof, and had many many girls weekends. 

We do everything together but this year will be slightly different. This year sissy Sarah will be graduating high school and will go off to college next year. This will be the last conference that we will be able to travel together. We hope we will be able to take a few girls weekends together before she leaves.

Its going to be a bittersweet moment and word through the grapevine is this Blogpaws will be the #BestConferenceEver! 

I thought I would take time to share some memories of the past conferences and events we have attended together.

 This is my #ThrowBackThursday dedication to sissy Sarah......

Barkworld 2011

Barkworld 2012

BarkWorld 2013 
BarkWorld 2013
HollyWoof 2014

Barkworld 2014 

 We have been together for adoption events and so much more. The Allen girls have had an amazing time. So many memories, so little time. I will cherish each and every one of them

I hope you will be joining us in a couple of weeks to attend the Blogpaws 2015 conference.  I would love to introduce you to my sissy Sarah who will be headed to Western Kentucky University in the fall. We all look forward to seeing our friends and we look forward to meeting new friends face to face. 

Its going to be EPIC! 
If you are arriving on Wednesday early afternoon there is a special event planned. 


WEDNESDAY, MAY 27, 2015   4:00 PM


Jan Todd- President, Educator, Diploma Giver