Preparing For The #Thanksgiving Feast

Tonight sissy Sarah will be home! Dad will start cooking our festive meal. Sissy and ma will be baking cakes. I look forward to all the yummy smells that will fill our house. We are having ham for our festive meal.


Mouthwatering #PetSafe Indigo SmokeHouse Strips Review and #GiveAway

This week we visited our local Pet Food Center to pick up some bird seed. With the weather getting colder , ma likes to stock up. They had a sale on it so off we went. 
When we got to the store ma decided to look around. We hadn't been there in a while so she let us sniff. I don't get to sniff very often. We found some new treats and the sales girl offered us a sample to try. I won't take a treat from anyone in a store. Scooby won't take a treat because I won't take it. Ma told the girl that she would give it to us in the car and if we liked it she would come back and buy some. 
PetSafe Indigo Smokehouse Bacon Strips


BW-A Walk Around The Lake

Saturday was a beautiful day. It started out cold but it got up to 75 degrees with the sun shining and the skies were such a pretty blue. We haven't been anywhere to run for a few days so ma decided to take us to the lake and let us stretch our legs. Today is black and white Sunday but I had to keep the lake a colored photo because I think it is beautiful and shows a perfect day. 
We walk around the lake


Keeping Your Cat Healthy With @PurinaProPlan #SavorShreddedBlend

Purina ProPlan logo with legal text
Over the years, people have asked ma what type of foods she feeds us. For years we have ate Purina Pro Plan® SAVOR® Shredded Blend. There is always Purina Pro Plan Savor Shredded Blend in our bowls for a quick snack but for our dinner ,ma started feeding us rare foods because she simply liked to cook for us. She has tried to get us to eat raw for about a year now but there is no way I am going to eat a piece of raw food. I want to watch her slice and dice, stir and serve. I even have my own skillet that is called the "poodle pan". Its a beautiful red skillet that when she has it in her hand, I know she is cooking for me. 

Molly Mew, our kitty on the other hand, is a true Purina Pro Plan girl. 
Molly the cat has shiny coat from eating Purina Pro Plan


Keeping Our Skin Healthy With #BayerExpertCare Moisturizing Shampoo #ad

Bayer Expert care shampoo and legal info

Scooby Doo in front of leaf pile  Fall is here and the temperatures are dropping. There are times that we turn the heat on to take the chill out of the house. Our furnace is forced gas air. That makes the air in the house really dry. With the falling temps comes a cold chihuahua. Scooby Doo does not like to be without his sweater, shirt or blanket for very long. The dry heat, the sweaters and just a lack of moisture in his skin can sure make his dander act up. He gets itchy and his fur looks like it has dandruff all over it. 


BW- I Should Be Wowing the Cat Ladies With My Leopard Hat

Tell me again why we didn't go to BarkWorld so I could hang out with my blogging friends.
I bought a leopard hat and everything! I was planning on wowing those cat ladies. They would have all gave me kisses just to wear my cool hat.


Swim Around The Molly-#Caturday Capers

The stories I could tell about Molly Mew and Scooby Doo. They are always in to something. Few times a day and a couple times at night , we get to witness the WWF (Wholly Wild Feline) smackdown.

Can't blame the cat because most of the time Scooby challenges Molly Mew and Molly Mew accepts the challenge. There are times I have to jump in to break it up for unneccasary ruffness. I am the referee.

Last nights challenge was Swim around the Molly

Scooby swims on the carpet in circles around Molly Mew. She just sits there and gives him dirty looks. She will lift one paw then slowly put it down, then she lifts the other and slowly puts it down. When he stops swimming , she smacks his ears with both paws at the same time and slams him to the ground. BOL! They are entertaining. I will give them that.