Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Packed For #HollyWoof!

We're packed for Hollywoof!

Ma says no we aren't and Scooby isn't going.

That just took the smile off his face.  Poor guy. 
Maybe next time Scooby

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

We Found Our Dresses at David's Bridal !

Yesterday, I wrote that I was headed to a fundraiser for OBG Cocker Spaniel Rescue at the end of the week and how I had to find the pawfect dress for this special occasion. You can read that post by visiting the link below. 

I am headed to #Hollywoof, baby!!!!! 

We have looked high and low for dresses that we all could wear but after searching for months we had almost given up in finding what we wanted and was starting to look at what each of us could wear. 

We decided to give it one more chance and head over to Evansville, Indiana to see what we could find. Evansville is around 45 minutes or more depending on traffic from our house. Sarah had the day off and Ma was having a good day with her MS  so we got up early and left. 

Beautiful day

It was a beautiful day. All week long we had grey skies and drizzle rain but today the sky was blue, fluffy clouds dotted the sky and the temperature was just right. 

*Please note that David's Bridal does NOT allow pets in the store nor do they have dresses or clothing for pets ,I am a medical alert service dog for my Ma. If you want to take your pet with you so they can give their approval to your selection of dress, please call the store in your location.* 

We arrived at David's Bridal. I know you probably wonder what we were doing at a bridal store but David's is much more than just bridal gowns. They have a large assortment of bridal gowns, wedding party, mother of the brides/grooms dresses, prom and more.... 
The one thing they also have an assortment of is evening wear. 
They have dresses that are appropriate for #WigglebuttGoHollyWoof occasions, cruises, dinner at a black tie event any type of special events.

Carma by the wedding gowns
As you see they have a very large selection of bridal gowns. Any size, any style, any length. Your dream of what you want to look like as a bride can be found here. 
Carma in the bridesmaid section

David's Bridal have a large selection of bridal party gowns. They have short styles, long styles, glitter, soft colors, any color , any style, any size. 
There are many mannequins with dresses on to let you see how some of the dresses look on. Sometimes its hard to know what a dress will look like when its hanging on a hanger. There were so many styles to consider that it was hard to choose.
One of the things that made David's Bridal unique was they have plus size Mannequins. They also have a large selection of plus size dresses whether its bridal dresses or special occasion dresses. This was why they stood out to us because sissy Sarah needs a fuller dress and other stores we had been it didn't have dresses that younger crowd could wear. They have many styles for many ages in plus sizes. So whether you wedding party or the bride themselves is a size 0 and up, they have the dress for you. 
The staff was so helpful. They asked about the event and general idea of what we wanted and they showed us the sections where we would find those style of dresses and they let us shop.. in peace! They came by to answer questions, make recommendation and to see if they could help us find something unique but they weren't overly helpful, if you know what I mean. 
We have visited some stores where the sales people stayed with you the whole time, pulling dresses, telling you this dress would be better than that one etc. and sometimes that is being too helpful. 
When they asked what are budget was they didn't gawk at us. They told us what their current specials were and unlike other stores they didn't try to get us to bust our budget. 
We seen some brides find their special dresses and they said Yes to their dress :)They got to ring a bell when they found their perfect dress! 
When I went to the bathroom with ma  I overheard a bride's mother talking to her daughter about how she loved the store too. She said it was refreshing that they were not trying to get the bride to buy a dress that was out of their budget. One bride did spend a little more for her dress than she originally wanted but her perfect dress was on sale and it was $100 over budget but she looked like an angel in it. She would look absolutely breathtaking on her special day. The dress was $300 off so she still got an excellent deal. 

So if you are looking for the perfect dress whether its a bridal or a special occasion, check out David's Bridal.
Visit their website to find a store near, look at their selection, get inspiration for your special day. 

We got our dresses and we couldn't be happier. 
Thank you David's Bridal and staff for the wonderful shopping experience. There are not too many stores that when you tell them a poodle needs a dress will help you find what you are looking for. I appreciate your staff. 
Now Ma just has to tailor my dress to fit me like it should. 
Stay tuned to see how she does it.

*I was not paid nor asked to do this review of David's Bridal store. We had a wonderful shopping experience and wanted to tell my readers about it. I , Carma Poodale, only share information that I feel my readers would be interested in. I actually asked the staff if it would be okay to give the review. I can not guarantee that David's Bridal has your size in stock. *

Monday, September 15, 2014

I Am Going to #HollyWoof!

Airline cookie from Delta
Ma's favorite cookie 

On Friday the 19th I along with Ma and Sissy Sarah will be boarding a plane to fly to Dulles airport to attend the Wigglebutt's Go HollyWoof event on the 20th at the Olde Towne Pet Resort in Sterling, Virginia. This is a SOLD OUT event!! 

cocker with purple cape

What the dog, is a Wigglebutt Warrior? 
The Wigglebutt Warriors is a fundraiser that was created in 2013 by Carol from Fidose of Reality, Darlene Bryant and Dexter, a cocker spaniel to help Cocker and Cocker mixes in need from the OBG (Oldies But Goodies) Cocker Spaniel Rescue,Inc. OBG is a 501(c)3 organization who rescues Cocker spaniel and Cocker spaniel mixes and has them vetted (vaccines, spayed, neutered, gives medical care if needed) then assist them in finding forever homes of their own.  

What is Hollywoof? 
HollyWoof is the name of the fundraising gala happening in Sterling, Virginia at the Olde Town Pet Resort on Saturday the 20th. This is a glam, glitzy, Hollywood style event. We will be walking the red carpet along with 100 guests. This is the pets Oscars night. There will be dogs, cats, and even ferrets at this event along with their pawents. They will be all dressed to the nines. The event will have media and the paw-parazzi will be there. 
There will even be WIGGY AWARDS!!!! These are like the Oscars for pets! 
There are 8 categories for the Wiggy Awards
  1. Best Dress female dog
  2. Best Dressed male dog 
  3. Most Charitable dog 
  4. Best Rescue Story
  5. Cutest Mutt 
  6. Best Wiggle butt/tail shake 
  7. Any species other than dog 
  8. Wigglebutt of the Year 
*whispers* I am in the running for some of those categories.
There will be dinner for those in attendance and its a true Hollywood style fashion event. 

I am also a Hollywoof sponsor along with other wonderful companies and blogs.

List of sponsors

Sponsor Badge for Hollywoof

With all the glitz and glamour that this event offers and in true Hollywood style that is designed with what are WE going to wear?? 
I have some dresses but I don't have NOTHING that would be appropriate for Hollywood so that meant only one thing.


I have been visiting my favorite stores every week for 2 months but I couldn't find nothing to wear. If I found a dress, ma and sissy couldn't find one. We stressed about this for months! 
We finally found our dresses!Come back tomorrow to see the dresses.
 Last minute, ma still has to tailor mine and we LEAVE THIS WEEK! 
This week I will be blogging leading up to the event! 
Please make sure you follow me on Facebook for updates. I will share photos and such on our travels. 
If you have an Instagram account and want to keep up with the event 
please follow the Hashtag #‎WigglebuttsGoHollywoof‬ 
Make sure you are following these Instagram feeds
or me,

You can also follow the hashtag on Facebook and Twitter.
Many of us will be posting during the event. 
I can't wait to see everyone and have all those bachelors at my paws. :)
Seriously, have you ever seen Garth in a tux???
Can you imagine how handsome Harley will be??
The attendance list is amazing!!

Saturday, September 13, 2014


squirrel eating out of bird feeder
This is mama squirrel. She is a squirrel I won't chase.
 When she sits up on her back legs , you can tell she has milk. 
Ma says soon she will bring the babies to our house.
 She is one of our squirrels we have watched grow up.
 Eat up mama squirrel.

Thank you to our host of the B/W Sunday
Dachshund Nola
Sugar, the Golden Retriever

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fashion Friday- Get Started with Dog Clothing

Welcome to FASHION FRIDAY!!! 
I am a poodle who likes to wear clothes. I have to have something on such as a bandanna in the summertime and in the cooler temps I love to wear my shirts and jackets. When the weather gets too cold or too hot , I wear my boots to protect my feet. I am a service dog so most of the time when I am out and about, I wear my service vest. Service dogs are not required to wear vests or ID but my vest clearly states that I am a medical alert dog and it stops retail personnel from running after us yelling "Sorry that dog isn't allowed in here!"
service poodle sitting beside a horse statue

When I am at home or in a pet friendly place I like to wear other types of clothing but have you ever noticed that there isn't many options for large dogs like me? Sure you can find an occasional shirt and plenty of bandannas but most of those cute dresses you see online are made for the extra small to medium dogs. If you are beagle size or smaller ,you get all the cute fashions and if you are a toy breed , you have the world of fashion at your paw. There are many companies that will custom make outfits for larger dogs but the price can be steep. Its like comparing Kobe beef to cold cuts. I have checked into having some dresses made and they can range anywhere from $250-$650!! Just a simple dress can cost $65-$75! Now that is fine for some people but this poodle can't afford that. So where do I find my clothing? 
Poodle laying near a pile of clothing
Nothing to wear
Sometimes I get lucky and find it at a major retail store like Petsmart. They occasionally carry shirts in my size. I wear a large to a extra large depending on the clothing. When they have my size clothing it sells out really quick. This tells me that there is girls and guys my size out there that want clothing too. 

 There are some to consider when introducing your pets to clothing.
 One thing pet parents have to remember is that not ALL pets enjoy clothing.
 It does take time to get used to wearing shirts and hats and even boots but if after a few times of allowing a pet to wear a shirt if they still act scared or uncomfortable in it, then clothing isn't for your pet.Maybe start with a bandanna to get them used to having something besides a collar on.  I have heard over and over from people that their pets would be ripping that shirt or bandanna off after a few minutes. Those are the pets that don't enjoy wearing clothing. 

If your pet doesn't mind the clothing but becomes uncomfortable a hour later take the clothing off. A few hours later or the next day put the clothing back on your pet. Its the part of getting used to the garment that is the hard part. Make sure to praise your pet for wearing the clothing. Tell them how fabulous they look. 

Consider safety. Tight clothing or too loose clothing can cause a falling hazard. You must make sure the clothing can not choke your pet or cut off circulation. Yes this can happen. Loose fitting clothing can cause a pet to trip. You don't wear shoes that are too small or too big, do you? Of course not. You want to make sure the clothing item fits properly. A shirt should lay against the body. Sometimes a shirt will hang 1" away from the body when the dog is standing. This is okay as long as when they walk the shirt doesn't get near his legs. 
Poodle dressed in purple
The dog should be able to move freely in the clothing. When you first put a shirt on allow the dog or cat to walk around to see how it fits. Allow them to sit, lay down or even roll to make sure they can move freely. 

With me being a poodle , I can go from my sleek summer cut to fluffy winter coat. With the thickness of my hair my clothing tends to fit different. This means that my clothing can be too tight for comfort in the winter. Those shirts get put up until summer. Shirt too tight is uncomfortable and constricting. 

Dog clothing can be just like human clothing and not be a one size fits all. One company may advertise a large but in reality its just large enough to fit a Cocker Spaniel but another company's large may fit me, a standard poodle. The best way to find out what size your dog is to measure them. 

To measure your dog you will need a flexible tape measure. 

Have the dog stand up on a flat surface in a natural stance
  • Measure around the chest - start measurement about a inch behind front legs
  • Measure the neck- Make sure you leave room for your fingers looser than a collar
  • Measure the length. Start from inbetween the shoulders to the base of the tail
This will give you a  idea of what sizes to buy. 
Next time on Fashion Friday we will talk about where to buy clothing and I will share some tips and tricks on getting the right fit. 

Until then get those measuring tapes out and get those measurements. If your pet is not used to clothing try getting them to wear a bandanna. 
Always praise them for keeping the scarf on. Give a treat (chickyum is a great treat) 
Tell them how cute they look. 
The more they know you are happy with their look the more confidence that will give them. 

Happy Friday!!! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

WW-Feeling Fabulous Fashions

poodle in snow in leopard jacket
Feeling Fabulous

I love clothes. I love to dress up. I love to shop. I don't leave the house without wearing a scarf, shirt or in the winter a jacket but being a big dog , I sometimes have problems finding fashions for me . I know other big girls and guys have the same problem. I am often asked where I get my clothes. I see a lot of clothing that I would love to wear but are always made for the smaller dog but never made for standard poodles , like me. Big Dogs CAN look cute in clothes just like smaller dogs!!!

Thanks to my friends Kim from Keep The Tail Wagging   and  Christie from Life with Beagle for discussing with me about ideas of what I want to talk about on this blog and encouraging me to go for it. I will be starting a new series on my blog that I hope you will enjoy.
One Friday's a month I will be discussing fashions for dogs especially those who are hard to fit aka big dogs. 
Stay tuned for 

Fashion Friday

I will be sharing my tips on where to buy clothing, some sewing projects even my ma could do so I know your mom can do them too and how to dress a large or extra large dog. The coat I am wearing in the photo above was made by ma. Don't worry, I will include tips for the small and medium dog and maybe even cat fashions too. I will also be adding fashion tips about things I love like nail polish. I always have my nails painted purple. 
I hope you come back on Friday to see what I have to talk about.
I hope you enjoy the segments.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me. 

Wednesday's Wags!  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Today is Scooby Doo's BIRTHDAY!!!

Happy Birthday Scooby Doo!! 
Today is Scooby's 8th birthday! 
We will be celebrating all day but I also wanted to say Happy Birthday 
to some of my pals who are also celebrating this week. 
Oz the Terrier is turning 10
Snowy Westie celebrated his birthday
Zee from Zee and Zoey celebrated his 9th birthday

I hope I haven't forgot anyone but if I did, please add your name and site so that we can say
Happy Birthday to you also.

Also wanted to give a shout out to Katie from Glogirly for her 9th GOTCHA Day! 
Spencer the GoldenDoodle is celebrating his 1 yr Blogiversity!
So many celebrations this month. 
So little chickyum
Make sure you are following all my pawsome pals.

Guess what we are having for dinner?? 
Any ideal what I have in mind?  

See what other friends are up to on todays