Sunday Bunny Meme!

I know Bunny Meme is today but its a lovely day to be an Adventure Bunny!
Are you going on any adventures today!If so i hope you have lots of fun!I'll see ya I'm of on an new adventure today!

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Pledge to Show You #CareAboutYourAir with #FreshWave #ad

I am a #BrandAmbassador for Fresh Wave because I trust and USE the products in my home. For Earth Day, we always try to make a change in our daily living to help mother earth be healthier. We compost, recycle cans, repurpose old stuff into new stuff and so much more.

When it comes to making our home smell fresh, instead of grabbing the aerosol, we grab the Fresh Wave.

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Bunny Meme Saturday!

Yep its true you might find a big Surprise like me or even something else!What surprises have you found in the woods?

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#Purina Pet Products Now Available at #TractorSupply Stores! #Sponsored

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The other day, ma told dad that she needed to go to Tractor Supply to get some things. She gets the straw for Peanut Bunny's cage there. We like to go with her because there is so much to look at plus sometimes we can see and hear the baby chicks. 

We got in the truck and headed to Tractor Supply. They welcome all well-behaved pets. I have a friend who even took her miniature pony in there once! 
a poodle, a chihuahua in front of Tractor Supply Store

Bunny Meme Sunday with a difference

Yesterday was National Dog Fighting Awareness Day so My Mummy and Me joined too and we hope you will join the fight too for more information click on the link above.

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Bunny Meme Saturday Easter Edition!

Hi Everyone! With Easter just a couple of weeks away I thought it was time to share this important message.Each Year many Bunnies brought for Easter as gifts for children end up in shelters after a couple of months once the novelty has worn off and the children get bored with there new pet.Many even get dumped in parks and on the streets to fend for them selves.While others suffer neglect and starvation because they get forgotten about stuck in there tiny cages and hutches.And quite few suffer horrible injuries at the hands of children who hand us to roughly.
        This Year We need to get the message across the it is much better to buy Chocolate Easter bunnies or stuffed toy bunnies and may be add a book to go with the chocolate and toy bunnies about the care of us real bunnies so that children can learn about us first before a parent gets their child a real bunny as a pet.

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Bunny Meme Saturday!

Why is it our humans always think we spend a lot of time Sleeping?Do you get the same problem as me?Have a great weekend everybody!

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