Review of #InstinctRaw Dog Food

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When people ask ma what type of food I eat, she tells them that I am on a rare diet. I prefer my food slightly warm or extra rare. Sometimes this isn't convenient especially while traveling or when we have been doing errands all day and she has forgot to take something out of the freezer to thaw. When 4:45 pm comes around, I start to give her the "hungry" eyes or I will stand in the kitchen and stare at her until I get her attention. I prefer to eat at 5:00 sharp. 


Wish Fairies and #SuperBloodMoon

Did you get to see it?? Did you get to see the eclipse? We partially did. The clouds parted for a few minutes so that we could see the moon as the earth passed between it and the sun.
Whenever there is a full moon or a meteor show or even a starry night, ma and I are outside enjoying it together. She always tells me she loves me from the moon and beyond.


B/W - Scooby Met A New Friend

Saturday we went to PetSmart to pick up some guinea pig food. While we were there we ran into my groomer and ma asked her if she had time to do a touch up on me. She said to give her just a couple of minutes to go wash her hands and she would meet us in the salon.