Bunny Meme Sunday!

I don't know about you but here in the UK it has gone decidedly Autumnal.This morning mummy went out side and it was only 3 Degrees Celsius with is 37F for my US friends,it did warm up a bit but the air has that cold nip you get with Autumn.....Where has Summer gone? We have had quite a lot of rainy days since mid July.....not Summer weather at all.Where has Summer gone?Can she come back please before the end of Summer really gets here?

Have you still got Summer or are you like us here in the UK?

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WW-The Kid and a Kid

It's the Kid and a kid

Sarah the kid with a baby goat a Kid

Bunny Meme....The subject of mail!

Hi everyone did you know the main way a bunny communicates is through sent?
What did you think only kitties and doggies read pee mail?Well actually Bunnies not only read pee mail but we also read poo mail and sent gland mail and we leave our replies too!So every time we poop or pee we are saying this is ours and we are here loud and clear!We also are telling you if we are a boy or a girl and what we eat too and every time we chin something we are telling you this is mine.So there you have it another interesting bunny fact!

Do you love to read the mail?....hehehe!

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Bunny Meme...Wild times at Hotel Speedy!

Yes that's right the house of Speedy is a wild hotel....that is for wild life in my garden!We get a whole range of different birds who like to dine out in my restaurant plus we have Wild tunnelling bees,and butter flies who like to check in for long stays but the most amazing guest we get are Hedgehog's who like to check in with us.this little fellow checked in with us this week but kept getting up at noon for lunch as well as having dinner at night so it currently at the vets being checked out.We at the hotel Speedy hope that it can check back in again soon.

Do you have wild guest who like to check in as guests at your home?

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Is That A Real Service Dog Infographic by ORVIS

Orvis made an easy to read explanation of the differences between Emotional Support animals, Therapy animals, and Service Dogs that is legally correct!

Is That a Real Service Dog? Developed by Orvis.

Bunny Meme....the weather!

Do you like the Rain?For me it depends on the type of rain....Now your drizzly type of rain I am quite partial to.In fact most Bunnies do cause in the wild drizzle helps to damp down our sent so we can get out and feast without to many predators to worry about.But the heavy stuff not so much.We went out yesterday for a quickie explore in between down pours....well it wasn't so much between down pours cause we got caught not once but twice and we had to shelter under a tree and in the end mum decided enough was enough she had enough of getting wet so we went home.Do you like getting wet and going out in the rain?

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Bunny Meme....a travelling Bun!

Did you know that as a general rule Bunnies and travelling don't match?That's because Bunnies don't normally travel well,most bunnies get stressed out by being in a carrier and having their routine changed....well they really don't like it!
Of course there are exceptions to the rule like me!I have never minded being in a carrier or car journeys.Lets face it most car Journeys mean going to the vet so a carrier means going to the horrible stabby place and us rabbits never forget we have long memories when it comes to the not so nice stuff.But if you can make a bunny realise the not every time the carrier comes out does it mean the they are going to the vets then it opens up a whole new fun world for your bun and for you.
So first thing you need to do is leave the carrier out all the time so your bun can get used to it...leave it open so they can investigate it put a treat inside to encourage it to go in and out of its own accord.Then you need to go on short car journeys when you come back give another snack.....bunnies love food if something involves food they will want to keep on doing it.
The next thing is to make a list of what you need for your trip.When Mummy takes me on holiday with her she packs all this:
Play pen
Blankets and a sheet and clothes pegs
Litter tray and litter material
Big bag of hay
My pellet food
Salad greens
Food and water bowls
My Harness and leash
Pet Carrier
And she checks to see if she needs a fan in summer
Bunny First Aid kit
Telephone no. of the nearest Bunny vet at your destination.

All this takes up half the space in the car and when we get to where we are going the first thing she does is get my litter tray out with some food and water and then she sets up my Play pen accommodation and toys and then pops my litter tray,food and water and me in my play pen to settle while she then unpacks all her stuff.Mummy says its like organising a military campaign when she takes me on holiday but she says I'm worth it!
So does your Humans have to pack lots of stuff to take you on holiday?

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