WW-Pawicure Please

Poodle on her back getting shaved
When will I get my pawicure?? 
It's hot. My hair was thick. Now I don't have any hair. Since I have been shaved and my sebaceous cysts have been examined, I have a few that need to be removed.  Ma will be scheduling an appointment this week to go see my vet. 


BW- Cinnamon Relaxing

Fern leaves make the best umbrella to add shade to a area that Cinnamon loves to lay in. The fern keep the brick nice and cool. Its a wonderful way to enjoy a late afternoon when the temps are cooler.

Is It Guinea Pig Fun or Animal Abuse??

Guinea pig swimming

 There is a video being shared on Facebook that shows 2 guinea pigs being put in a pool to swim around. A few of ma's friends have shared this video on her wall asking if Cinnamon likes to swim. I found the video cute but mostly because I have a guinea pig who likes to swim and isn't afraid of the water.