Why Joining #TheMajorityProject Is Important To Me And Others #Sponsored

This post is sponsored by The Animal Farm Foundation and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the The Majority Project, but I, CarmaPoodale, only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Animal Farm Foundation is not responsible for the content of this article.

My name is Carma Poodale. I am a poodle who is a friend of pit bull owners. I do not believe in BSL (Breed Specific Legislation).  BSL determines whether a dog is a safe breed by the features of the body. Dogs like German Shepherds, Akitas,chow chows, and even mastiffs were on the list at one time. This also included dogs who were mixed with one of the breeds. Since starting BSL laws the number of dog bites have not went down. The laws have not made a huge difference like the lawmakers thought it would. 

Ask any pit bull or any breed owner what they love about their dog and some of their answers will be "unconditional love", "best dog in the world", "happy to see me when I come home" or "I love the breed".  If a poodle parent says it about their dog and a pit bull parent says it about their dog, then why do people look at pit bulls in a negative stereotyped way? Isn't everyone's dog, the best dog in the world??

In an effort to change the way people see pit bulls as a "bad dog", Animal Farm Foundation created The Majority Project. Animal Farm Foundation is a non-profit organization who helps animals to find new homes, as well as making grants to other humane organizations, since the mid-1980's. The mission of the Animal Farm Foundation is to get pit bull equal treatment 

The Majority Project is a collection of photos showing how many pit bull dog owners are making a difference in their communities and showing the world that a pit bull should not be a banned breed.

I bet you are wondering why I, a poodle, would want to tell you about The Majority Project? Did you know that I was adopted from a pit bull rescue?? I spent a lot of time playing with pit bulls and pit bull mixes. Many pit bulls are also used as service dogs. 
One of my best friends is a red nosed pit bull who finally found a home of his own after waiting for 7 yrs. Dozer says "I am the MAJORITY" 

When we start treating all breeds the same , it will create a safer environment. Instead of blaming the dog for the breed, we need to make the owners accountable. 

Animal Farm Foundation partnered with actor and “pit bull” dog owner, Jon Bernthal to create this upcoming public service announcement (PSA) to raise awareness for The Majority Project; some of the photos submitted will be chosen to appear in The Majority Project PSA to help raise awareness for the

Infographic: All Dogs are Individuals
by Animal Farm Foundation

Click to see the full image

I want to encourage you to visit the Animal Farm Foundation and check out the Majority Project on Facebook and Twitter.  Go to the Animal Farm Foundation and print out the sign for you to write who you are and that you are a participate in #TheMajorityProject. You can upload your photo here
You never know , your photo may be used in the next video! 

Please share my post to let your friends, family and followers see what The Majority Project is about and encourage them to participate too. 
All dogs are created equal! 


WW- Wednesdays Wheek

It was 55 degrees today!
Ma took us out for a little bit. Cinnamon was happy to start his mowing (munching) season early. I was excited to get back to my job of being the babysitter!

The black birds were landing everywhere in the yard. Cinnamon didn't like that so he stayed close to me and at times would get under me. Since the ground wasn't warm, ma took him in early but we got to stay out longer. Scooby, Molly Mew and I sure did enjoy running around in the sunshine. 

Wednesday's Wags!! 

If you would like to nominate my blog for one of the categories of the (click link to go to form)  BlogPaws Nose to Nose awards (its similar to winning an Oscar or a Golden Globe award but for pet bloggers) my email address is 
CarmaPoodale@gmail (dot) com. My ma (Bunny Allen) is the owner of this blog. 
Best Written Pet Blog Post
One of the blog post that I had a lot of great interaction with was when Ma registered sissy as a service dog. We wanted to show that those sites online are scams and explained why it would hurt real teams.
The second post that had a lot of interaction was about fake emotional support animals. You can find it at http://www.carmapoodale.com/2014/08/fake-emotional-support-animals.html
Best Photo Category
Any photo can be nominated that you have liked that I shared. I love our photos in our "Why We Love Spring"post. I especially love the one of Molly Mew. 
Nominations open till Jan. 31 2015


How My Fur Friends Keep Warm In The Winter.

Let's face it, winter is a cold season. Sometimes it can be WAY too cold unless you are a Ky Poodale Bear like me. BOL! That is what Ma calls me in the winter when she lets me become a wooly (bully) poodle. 

My friends, Davina and Indiana from Two Little Cavaliers  are hosting a Keeping Pets Warm Event blog hop. They wanted to know how we keep warm in the winter. 

I have to admit I wrote the wrong blog topic on my calendar. I thought Monday was a different topic until I doubled checked my source and then my paws started to sweat. Problem was I didn't have many photos for this post yet because I thought it was due NEXT Monday!!! So I did the only thing I knew to do. I gave ma the "pitiful look". She couldn't stand it. You know the look that gets you the treat you want or gets you supper early?? Yeah, that look. 

She went online and asked her friends to help me out. Thank goodness for friends! They came through. So please let me introduce you to some of my friends and the ways they stay warm in the winter.

My first friends are Sabrina and Audrey. Sabrina has a wardrobe of many colors and styles of sweaters. Audrey likes to cuddle with Sabrina when she gets cold. Audrey's Christmas present was a forever home. I believe she has fit in quite well.  
Photos supplied by Laura
Next is Macie. Macie likes to wear sweaters in the winter. They keep her warm and I am sure her cuteness gets her an extra treat or two :)

Photo supplied by Jan
When you are small, you are closer to the ground and they always say that heat rises. When you have short hair, it doesn't keep you as warm as those of us who have long hair that insulates. Jax and Gordy are dachshunds so they were sweaters to keep them warm. 

Photo supplied by Leigh Anne

Maggie Lou and Boo Bear like to cuddle in their bed together. When you have someone to cuddle with it generates body heat. I know Scooby Doo likes to sleep on me to stay warm in the evenings. 

Photo supplied by Cookie

Some friends like Chewy wear hats to keep their head warm. Some wear jackets and some wear sweaters.

Photo supplied by Flea 

Some friends where t shirts or sweatshirts with their favorite teams logo like Shiloh.

Photo supplied by KeAsha
Some like to wear dresses like Jade and even cats appreciate to be covered while they sleep. 

Photo supplied by Natalie
Some kitties like Chevy like to lay on top of a blanket is covering your lap or maybe has a heated blanket under it. Remember never to leave a heated blanket on unattended. You do not want your pet chewing the cord.

Photo supplied by Sass
Scooby Doo loves to wear his sweaters and t shirts. Every day he gets it changed and he always ask for another one right away. If you can't find him all you have to do is look for the cover that is moving on the couch.

What do we do to help the wildlife to stay warm? Ma puts out suet cakes and extra bird feed for the birds and keeps an eye on the water to make sure it doesn't freeze. If it does , she adds a little warm water to the ice to help it melt.
We put out extra food for the squirrels and rabbits who live in our yard. We even have a possum that we feed too! 

She also puts out straw and the dry cuttings from the pampas grass for the birds and squirrels to use in their nest making. 

If you have stray cats who live in your neighborhood you can also help them by putting out cat food at night and making sure they have water. There are also tutorials online about how to make a cat house for strays to help keep them warm at night. Just google "DIY Stray Cat houses" . There are how to take a regular tote (like the ones you store stuff in) and cut holes in it to give the strays or your outdoor cats warm places to sleep at night. 

If you have dogs that stay outside, make sure you use straw in their houses. When a blanket get wet it will actually make a dog colder than they would be without one. If the blanket gets wet, it freezes. Your dog will be sleeping on a bed of ice. If you do use blankets please check them daily to make sure they are not wet. Inspect the house to make sure there is no cold air coming in. 

If temps get to or below freezing, please bring your pets in. I know some outdoor pets do not like it indoors but its just for the night. 

Double check their water to make sure its not frozen. Metal bowls or buckets will freeze and your pet needs fresh water. 

How do your pets stay warm in the winter? Do they like to wear clothes? 

Oh, I guess you would like to know how I stay warm? 
Its a Ky Poodale Bear! 

I have my full coat on. I spend 75% of the time panting because I stay so hot. Ma promises to get me a trim down but she hasn't yet. To me , the Ky Poodale Bear, I sure be glad when she calls my groomer! My hair is at 3" thick. That is a LOT of hair. 
Thank you to all my friends for sending me your photos to include on this blogpost!!! I can count on a little help from my fantastic friends. 

Please visit the blogs listed below and see how they stay warm. 
Happy Monday!!!


Frozen Run

Its cold here. Not as cold as other parts of the country but cold enough to keep ma in the house. Ma staying in the house means Carma staying in the house. I had a case of stir crazy, cabin fever and appawently it spread to Scooby Doo too. What is a Poodale to do? 

When I get stir crazy , I start barking or growling at any tiny noise. I growled at a box going down the sidewalk being pushed by the wind. It was entertaining watching that box go all the way down the sidewalk but I felt I needed to cheer it on. Ma told dad she needed to take us to run and he quickly agreed. Ma took a shower and layered up. Sissy Sarah and her took us to run. Ma walked us half way around the frozen lake but the wind was cutting her into she said and we had to turn around and head back to the car. She did let us run ahead to stretch our legs before we had to turn around. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was warm but Scooby didn't have to be told twice to get to the car and he had on a sweater. 
The lake is frozen all the way across. 
We are used to seeing ducks and geese 

We got to go all the way to the curb before ma called us back.
There were a lot of smells to sniff along the way.

 Ma said we needed to head back. She was getting too cold

She didn't have to tell Scooby twice. 
He was ready to get in the warm car.

I turned around to check on Ma. 
The sun was so bright I wanted my sunglasses.

We came home and ate our snack. 
Then I went outside and watched the beautiful sunset.

The sky had red and oranges in it. It was beautiful! 

Now Scooby and I are very content. We got to go shopping at PetSmart afterwards and chose some treats. Socialized with some customers and looked at all the different items in the store. 
We are happy. 
How was your weekend? 

This is a Blog Hop. If you enjoyed my photos , please visit my pals below
Thank you to the Host Dachshund Nola and Sugar


WW-Molly Mew Has Cabin Fever

The other day the weather warmed up to the high 40's. We were driving ma crazy with our case of cabin fever, including Molly Mew. We went out for 45 minutes. When it was time to come in, Molly wasn't happy. She wanted to stay out longer. Ma gave her an extra 5 minutes but made her come in after that.
It was good to be able to get out and run around. It settled us down , we came in and had lunch and then we took a nap while ma caught up on laundry.
How do you keep your pets from having cabin fever in the winter? 


Tuesday's Tails- Lucy, Adoptable Cat in Owensboro KY

Welcome to Tuesday's tails! 
This is the Blog Hop that features shelter animals. Find a cat, dog, rabbit, etc. at your local animal shelter or rescue and feature them on this Blog Hop! Come join the fun and help a furry friend find a forever home! And while you’re at it, don’t forget to visit the other blogs and share their doggies, cats, rabbits, and all the other animals that need forever homes on your social media sites. Please spread the word!
Today I have a fur friend from the Owensboro Humane Society.

 Her name is Lucy

Lucy is a beautiful girl with her black and white coat with Amber eyes. As you can tell her markings are very distinct. She is very sweet and has lots of love to offer! LUCY gets along wonderfully with other kitties and would be a special addition to the lucky family. Her personality is very cuddly and warm. Such a healthy girl too! LUCY has no issues but really would love to have a forever home. Please come and see her!
Lucy is about 6 years old, healthy, spayed, up to date on shots, and is FIV/FeLV negative. Dont miss out! 
Visit Lucy today at Owensboro Humane Society
Located in Owensboro KY
Want more information?
Call  270-302-6813 
Open 7 days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
They also consider out of town adoptions. 

The Tuesday’s Tails blog hop is hosted by Dogs N Pawz and Talking Dogs. This is the blog hop that features shelter pets.