BW- Common Signs of UTI's in Guinea Pigs

Cinnamon, our guinea pig is on his second antibiotic. The first antibiotic was for his metastatic. It helped take down the swelling but there was something more wrong with him.

We narrowed it down to also having a severe urinary tract infection. This could have been caused by the first antibiotic. Problem with antibiotics is they kill both the good and the bad bacteria in the body.

Now he is on Baytril and just after a couple of days he was feeling better. He also had to have his teeth trimmed. It took him a day for his mouth to feel better and for him to learn how to eat with shorter teeth.
#GuineaPig eating grass


The Art of StoryTelling

I like to talk about my day on my Facebook page . I sometimes tell stories about what happened while ma and I were out shopping or what we did that day.  I tell the stories like I would if I were talking on the phone with someone. 

Many people use videos or photos to tell their stories. As you know, my blog is heavy on the photos. I love to share photos. Sometimes, I just like to tell stories. To be honest, we don't watch a lot of videos online. If we do, we have the volume on mute. 

So where am I going with this?? 


Moving Home Day

Its Saturday, which usually means Caturday but Caturday is on hold for today.  Instead of sharing photos of Molly Mew , I am sharing a photo of me and Big Red.
Poodle with WKU mascot


May 14th is National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day. Are You #PetPrepared

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Dogs in inside closet for safety
We are in a inside closet in case of a tornado
On Wednesday, May 10th the weatherman was talking about impending storms coming through our town. We have a plan of action in case of an emergency and we thought we were prepared.  Here in Owensboro Ky, we have had a lot of different weather disasters. We have had ice storms, severe flooding, tornadoes and even hurricane Ike brought us remnants. It is springtime and that means storm time. 


Birds, Squirrels and Poodale Tales

I am really slacking on my blog but it is not my fault... Its ma's. 

She has been spending all her time outside getting our yard ready for summer. By time she comes in she is so sore she can barely pick up her arms. Sure the exercise is good for her but it makes a Poodale unable to blog. 

While she has been outside playing in the yard, I have been bird, squirrel and piggie watching. 
red breasted grosbeak
Red breasted grosbeak


WW- Fun Plans For A Stress-free Day

poodle and chihuahua with panther statue

Today Scooby, Cinnamon, Cookie and I all get to attend the Kentucky Wesleyan College stress free day!! This is a day to help the college students to relieve their minds from all those finals they have or will be taking. 

We love to help out by spreading smiles, laughter and our fur to pet. 

We are excited to be apart of this again this semester. We have all had baths, we are soft and we really do smell good. 

Wednesday's Wags and Wheeks! 


#WW -Scooby's Girlfriend

We love our Owensboro PetSmart. We are there every week. I get groomed often there. We also buy our treats and guinea pig food there. 

Scooby Doo adores PetSmart. He has almost every shirt that they sell. Scooby loves his clothes. He will actually ask you to put a shirt on him. One of the joys of going to PetSmart for Scooby Doo is he hopes to see his favorite lady. We refer to Nicole as Scooby's "girlfriend". Nicole is one of the team leaders. 

Smiling #Chihuahua with @Petsmart team leader
Now that is a happy face!


Pet Friendly Shelters Using Recycled Parts From Tents

Hello!!! Sorry I have been away from my blog but I have had some medical treatments done that have put me a little "behind". By behind, I mean I had medical treatments done to my anal glands. The treatments have required me to be put on medical leave for a week but I am getting better and will soon be back to work. 

While I have been off, ma has been tending to our pack and mostly me, by herself. By time she sits down , her eyelids get to heavy to help me blog. We have been active on our Facebook page  hopefully you are following us there.