BW Sunday- Senior Prom 2015

Last night was sissy Sarah's school's prom. This is her senior prom. She got dressed up in her pants and vest so ma could take her photos. She looks so pretty but she needed something for the photo. She needed a Poodale. Poodale's like to wear their prettiest dresses and have their photos taken. 

This Poodale is always ready  to put on her dress. I was a little disappointed that I was not able to go to the prom with sissy. I had to strike a pose in our front yard so all the neighbors could see me. Its no fun putting on your prettiest dress if no one can see you. After ma took our photos , she took some of Sarah by herself and then some of me by myself.

I didn't want to take my dress off afterwards. Ma had to pay me 2 treats to take it off. Hey, I don't work cheap! BOL! 

I feel like a movie star in my pretty dress. A girl needs to feel pretty in the prettiest dress. 

I know that today's photos should only be in black and white but I wanted to let you see how nice we looked together. 

Happy Sunday!!
May you have a beautiful day. 


#TunaTuesday- Molly Mew's Favorite Treat

Today's Cooking with Carma is about Molly Mew and her love for Tuna. 

Molly Mew is a picky kitty when it comes to her foods and treats. I can't tell you how many times we have brought home food that she wouldn't eat. She ended up starting life out with Purina Kitten Chow. When the time came to switch her over to big girl food we found that it was a harder task than the kitten food. 

Purina Kitten Chow made Molly Mew happy
We tried all the name brands while making sure that meat was the first ingredient. Ma wanted to give her healthy food. After the trials and errors , Molly Mew decided on Purina Pro Plan for her dry food. 

We started reading about how dry food shouldn't be the only source of food for kitties. Everyone I talked to or everything I read said that kitties should have wet food as their source to nourishment , with dry food being a treat food. Talk about confusing ma! How would we tell this to Molly Mew?? 

After trying many types of wet foods, it seemed we were not going to win this war. We finally tried one brand that Molly Mew loved! Lil Appetizers were Molly's favorites. She ate them for 6 months. 

Ma and I were at PetSmart looking over the sale items when we came across Simply Nourish Tuna Treats. They were on sale for a $1. so ma picked up two. We figured if Molly didn't eat them, Jenny Sue would. It was tuna with liquid smoke. 
 Molly Mew went NUTS over this treat! She would shake paw, come when called, lay down, do whatever you told her for a piece of this treat. Ma was very surprised at how much she loved it and we decided to us it as a training treat. Ma went back to the store and bought the last 10 they had on clearance.

 Happy cat + treat cat liked = happy pawents 

After we got down to 1 package of tuna , ma went back to the store to buy more. I thought she was going to pass out on me when she seen the price! $4.29 for a ounce of tuna! Ma being the tightwad she is, left empty handed. 

Dad and her talked about it and dad agreed that was too much to pay for a ounce of tuna so off to the store they went. They came back with a package of ahi tuna that had 4 steaks totaling over 3 pounds for $7.00. If they would have bought that much in the pre-made treats it would have cost over $240.00!! Who said feeding raw or semi raw was more expensive than buying prepared food???

The two ingredients in the treats we had bought was tuna and liquid smoke. 
Well now! We have liquid smoke  and we had tuna. 
We have a jet stream oven that we use to cook the tuna. It is preset at 350 degrees and the tuna takes 3 minutes on each side. Ma puts a dimes worth of liquid smoke on each side. She also puts a dash of powdered taurine  in the liquid smoke. In 6 minutes Molly Mew has the tuna she loves and 1 steak will last 3 days. 

Ma figured that for $6-$7 she can feed Molly Mew tuna for almost 2 weeks. That is much more cheaper than buying the other treats and that leaves money for MY treats! Molly Mew nibbles on her dry food throughout the day. She only gets a pinch or two of tuna a setting. Its still a wonderful training tool and it keeps her happy. Happy cat = Happy home. 

Youz gots any piggie treats recipes for me?? 
What type of homemade treats do you feed your kitty? 


BW- Getting Ready For Summer

Yesterday, the pawents worked in the yard all day. They really have it looking nice in the front yard. The spring flowers are in bloom and the red mulch really makes it POP with color. They are now working in the backyard that I like to call, Poodale's Playland. 

Ma cleaned out the gazebo and got the pillows for the couch out. Molly Mew and I always argue what it is called since she thinks its a catzebo and I think its a dogzebo. Ma says it depends on who is in it as to what it is called. 


Once she had it swept out and the cushions on it, I claimed my spot for the summer. I will be spending many hours out in this spot. Ma is like a young child that goes outside and plays all day. She may just be sitting in the dogzebo with her camera, ready to take a photo of a bird or squirrel or even us but we spend a lot of time outside.

From my spot in the dogzebo I can see her anywhere in the yard. I have a full view of my playland. I can always keep an eye on her. I can insist that she takes a break to rest if she is busy tending her plants or the pond. I am always available for a snuggle nap on the glider. (tee hee)

We have alot of fun together outside. In the summer, you can always find Ma, Scooby, Molly and me out there. Where the dogzebo is located is under a huge tree and there is always a nice breeze blowing through. When there is no breeze, we have a fan. We look forward to going out and getting some fresh air.

When we going outside, Ma? 
Happy Sunday! I hope you have a pawfect relaxing day. I am ready to go outside and maybe play some poodle ball. Poodle ball is a game of fetch but since I am a poodle and I have a squeaky ball, its called Poodle ball in my play land .

What plans do you have today?? 

I am joining today's Black and white Sunday Blog Hop. 


Farmer Carma Plants a Garden For The Guinea Pig

Yesterday dad called ma and asked her to go out to Home Depot to get the charcoal on sale.While we were there ma noticed that the veggies and flowers were also on sale so we had to take a look. The plants looked so healthy and being that they were on sale , we couldn't pass up the bargain. 

Dad DID send us to Home Depot unattended, what did he expect? Ma is like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of change. We got some flowers for the front yard, a mosquito plant and some herbs. I helped to pick out the herbs because they smelled good. 

Ma carries a list in her purse of guinea pig safe foods. We found a lot of information on our friend's Hutch a Good Life.  Ma did some research on what piggies could eat and what was not good for them. Some of the things, like leaf lettuce and carrots we buy at Sam's club. 

With the veggies and herbs on sale , we thought we would try to grow our own. If we can get it to grow then we can save money over the summer and that will buy more chickyum treats. Plus it will be much more healthier for him because we use natural fertilizers such as coffee grounds, tea bags and fish poop water. 

When we came home, ma showed Cinnamon what we had bought him. He was really happy with the choices. He nibbled the butter lettuce and then he would nibble the red leaf lettuce. He was going back and forth as if he was sampling which one he like better. Ma told him that he needed to leave some to plant in the garden. He wheeked an wheeked to tell ma he wanted those plants back. 

It was time to plant the plants. I put on my bestest farmer bibs (I was shocked they still fit) and after ma cleared out the weeds with some help from Cinnamon, I helped her dig holes to put the lettuce in the ground. 

Hopefully our lettuce will grow big and strong so that our Cinnamon will be a happy boy. We love when our piggie is happy. We also planted some herbs that are safe for Cinnamon and will be used for the meals that the pawents cook. Next week we will be planting carrots and green beans. Sure hope he appreciates all the hard work I put into the garden. I am sure he will. He is a good guinea pig.

A few other things that guinea pigs can eat:

Do you ever plant stuff for your pets? If so, what do you plant?