Life as a Service Dog

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Thank you tofor creating this sign for me. 
I am a service dog. I am a medical alert/mobility dog for a person who has MS. 
MS service dogs can help brace people when they get up and down (beds, seats), help with movement from room to room, and sense when their charge is tired and so will nudge a fatigued person towards a chair (or someplace where he or she can lean) or remind them when they need to take medication. We are also able to pull a wheelchair, fetch a cane or retrieve dropped items. 

Balance dogs must have excellent manners, master basic obedience skills (sit, stay, come, down, stand, heel (on the left side), place (on the right side), back, etc.) and go potty on cue. They must also exhibit good social behavior (no aggression, no begging, no undesirable playful activity, etc.). Cues must be obeyed both on and off lead. A balance dog can be trained to respond to voice commands, hand signals and whistles. 

For current laws on a Service Dog, please refer to the ADA  (American Disability Act) located here, New ADA Service Animal Definition July 23, 2010

In July the ADA released a questions and answers pamphlet, you can find it here ->Service Animals Questions and Answers from the ADA


  1. You are an amazing and inspirational dog, I am so excited I found your blog :) Keep up all the great work! Ruff!

  2. Would you like to have a quote and a photo in our new "Service and Therapy Dogs Rock!" TV episode- I am currently just assembling footage and photos here in Toronto. We featured an amazing MS Service Dog Titan here

  3. Hi- Can I use your handout to educate people? It doesnt say that it is or isnt OK to copy it or that it is copyright free if unaltered or anything like that, so I wanted to check. Its a really beautiful handout. Thanks, Laura (and Alfred, SD)


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