Being a Big Little Brother Isn't Easy

Thought I would share a few current photos. The photo on the left was taken a few days after Colby came home with me. He was a little bigger than Scooby but only by a few inches. 

The photo on the right was taken yesterday. I think Colby may have grown a little, don't you? 

Chihuahua and parti poodle doing a size comparison

For years, we would have to ask Scooby to please get off of Carma Poodale. Every time she laid on the couch, he would lay on her back. There were many times we would have to physically remove him from her. She never complained even when we knew her back was hurting. There were times she would paw my foot and look up at me with those big brown eyes and it was my cue to tell him to get off of her.

Flash forward to today and now Scooby has the pleasure of feeling a poodle sitting on him. Colby finds comfort by leaning on his big little brother. When we are riding in the truck, Colby leans on his brother. When they are on the couch, Colby leans on Scooby.
Chihuahua sitting on Poodle, Poodle sitting on Chihuahua
Scooby doesn't know what to think about it but he allows it. If he doesn't want Colby on him, he moves and gets on his bed on the bench or lays on hubby's lap.

Do your dogs lean on each other? 


  1. Loved seeing both of these photos! Scooby is being a good big brother and Colby is one ADORABLE dog! Just adorable! DakotasDen

    1. Thanks Caren. I sure be glad when I can introduce Colby to everyone in person. Hopefully by next years BlogPaws conference it will happen

  2. Aw, such sweet pix! It's amazing how tolerant the older fur siblings can be of the young uns, isn't it? Callie was only 6 months older than Shadow, but she took care of her like a mother dog would her puppies and did so her whole life. Now, every once in a while I see a spark of affection between Shadow and Ducky. It's usually just a fleeting moment, but it makes my heart happy. I'm glad Scooby is taking on his new role so well. Carma taught him well before she left. ❤️

  3. So cute seeing these boys together,xx Speedy

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