Being a Big Little Brother Isn't Easy

Thought I would share a few current photos. The photo on the left was taken a few days after Colby came home with me. He was a little bigger than Scooby but only by a few inches. 

The photo on the right was taken yesterday. I think Colby may have grown a little, don't you? 

Chihuahua and parti poodle doing a size comparison

Bunny Meme:I like driving in my car!

While its True most Bunnies don't like to travel or be picked up or carried there are always exceptions to the rule.....Like me and a few of my other bunny pals!
Me I can say without a doubt that I like Driving In My Car!Do you like to travel with your parents or do you hate the car?

This is Speedy Reporting for Carma

Pawparazzi time again!

Hi everyone I'm back again now that my mum has gotten rid of her cold I thought we should try to get back to work again on my job as roving reporter for Carma and Aunty Bunny.
Now Don't you just hate it when our peeps are always waiting with the flash box to snap our photos even when we aren't ready?Well my mum took this one when I was so not ready at the beach a couple of weeks ago!I told her no but she took it anyway.But I still had a lot of fun hopping about the dunes.

This is Speedy Reporting For Carma

Bunny Meme:Cuddle Up Sunday!

Hi everyone Speedy Here!I know its been a while since I did one of these here at Carma Poodale But Mummy thought I had better get back to work and I was like Oh Mummy I just wanna cuddle up today....So here's me cuddling with my bunny stuff pal.Did you know that in general Rabbits don't liked to be picked up and cuddled but we do like to snuggle with our pals how ever I do like to be picked up for cuddles but the best place for me to cuddle with mummy is tucked in tight with her in bed before its my bedtime.....hehehe I'm just a cuddle muffin but Shhh don't tell everyone after all I do have my Pirate rep to protect after all!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma

My Puppy is Coming Home!

By the time you read this post, I will either be up in the air or be sitting in an airport waiting to take possession of my new puppy.
Morning sunrise behind a airplane tail

What Does A Super Blue Blood Moon and a Poodle Puppy have in Common?

photo of Super blue blood moon and poodle puppy on carma poodale

Bunstruction 101

This is the art of Bunstruction....its a bunnies favourite pastime.We love to chew and destroy things especially cables and top of the list is telephone cables,speaker cables and chargers,I don't know why we love them so much but we just do but we also love cardboard too!we can spend many hours bunstucting cardboard boxes,houses or in my case Castles!All this helps to wear our teeth down because they as constantly growing.Do you like to destroy things if so let us know in the comments.

This is Speedy Reporting for Carma