Bunny Meme:Cuddle Up Sunday!

Hi everyone Speedy Here!I know its been a while since I did one of these here at Carma Poodale But Mummy thought I had better get back to work and I was like Oh Mummy I just wanna cuddle up today....So here's me cuddling with my bunny stuff pal.Did you know that in general Rabbits don't liked to be picked up and cuddled but we do like to snuggle with our pals how ever I do like to be picked up for cuddles but the best place for me to cuddle with mummy is tucked in tight with her in bed before its my bedtime.....hehehe I'm just a cuddle muffin but Shhh don't tell everyone after all I do have my Pirate rep to protect after all!

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com

My Puppy is Coming Home!

By the time you read this post, I will either be up in the air or be sitting in an airport waiting to take possession of my new puppy.
Morning sunrise behind a airplane tail

What Does A Super Blue Blood Moon and a Poodle Puppy have in Common?

photo of Super blue blood moon and poodle puppy on carma poodale

Bunstruction 101

This is the art of Bunstruction....its a bunnies favourite pastime.We love to chew and destroy things especially cables and top of the list is telephone cables,speaker cables and chargers,I don't know why we love them so much but we just do but we also love cardboard too!we can spend many hours bunstucting cardboard boxes,houses or in my case Castles!All this helps to wear our teeth down because they as constantly growing.Do you like to destroy things if so let us know in the comments.

This is Speedy Reporting for Carma Poodale.com

Wednesdays Woof- New Face of Carma Poodale

Happy Wednesday! 

I am so excited to show you a preview of what is to become a regular on Carma Poodale site. I am nervous at becoming a new puppy mama considering it has been so long since I have had one but so excited with what is in our future. 

Trust me, I am shaking and giddy all while typing these words! So without further ado, may I present my puppy! ......... 

A Dream, A Visit, Look For A What?

Yesterday, Jan.2nd would have been Carma Poodale's 11th birthday. It was a very hard day for me. I have tried really hard to accept her death but it hasn't been easy.
White poodle in purple vest, Carma Poodale, medical alert service dog

I am not wanting a pity party nor do I want sympathy, I am just writing the words out that I had such a hard of a time writing before.

Carma Poodale was my service dog. She didn't have some fake ID nor did I just call her my service dog. She was trained to assist me with my disabilities. Whether it was making me sit down before my legs gave out, to finding someone to help me or applying deep pressure therapy with her bony elbows to pressure points on my legs to ease the pain. She knew how to do it all without bringing attention to us.

New Year, New Beginnings, New What??

It is a new year, which means new beginnings. We have a lot of new and exciting things in store for the new year.  
Chihuahua, Scooby nodding his head yes
Scooby agrees that new and exciting things are really fun to plan. He is excited about some of the plans we have such as trips, more adventures in the Corvette in the spring, testing out new products and more.