Leash locket review

Today while my mom and I were walking downtown, we used a product called the “Leash-Locket”. It’s a retractable leash that we canines can wear on our collar. I am wearing the Large Leash-Locket which is lightweight (weighs under 4 oz.) It extends 6 ft. long and is good for canines up to 90 lbs. I am a standard poodle that weighs 42 pounds but the fit was very comfortable. The one I have is red but they come in other colors like Blue, Black, Pink and of course the Red.
There’s a small collar attachment that fits on any size collar. It has a magnetic rivet to securely hold the Leash-Locket to the collar. This is easily taken off to switch to other collars. If you are like me I have different collars to wear for different events. The rivet attachment is not noticeable when we don’t need the Leash-Locket on. While I was riding in the truck, it was attached to my collar and it didn’t get in the way of me lying down. I didn’t even know I had it attached. When we got out of the truck it was easily unattached for my mom to hold while we walked. No fumbling around looking for a leash or having one that has knots all in it. She said it was really comfortable to hold. I couldn’t tell the difference in this leash and a regular leash. I even forgot I was wearing it! It also comes with a optional wrist strap that attaches to it to make it easier to hold but mom preferred the feel of holding it without the wrist strap.  
I have found that I can run while the locket is on my collar. It does not get in the way or anything. This is a great product for those of us who can go leash free but when it is time to wear the leash, we are already wearing it. Another thing that I really liked is when we were the only ones on the sidewalk, mom could allow the leash to be at full length, but when we would come upon people she could make it shorter so I was closer to her. You can’t do that with a regular leash! She could do it easily because it has a brake button. She would push up on the button to lock the leash and then push it down for me to be able to have more lead. I really like the push down part because I got to go a little further away.
My mom has MS and isn’t the most coordinated person in the world, but with the Leash-Locket we found that she had full control with one hand and did it easily.  It can be easily controlled with the left or the right hand. I also want to add that I am terrified of retractable leashes. I have had some very bad experiences with them and even seeing one sends me into a fright. The Leash-Locket is not your ordinary retractable leash. I had no problems while I was using this product. I didn’t even know it was a retractable leash! Poodles are really smart but I have to say this time my mom out smarted me!
Leash-Locket comes in two sizes. They have a small for canines under 55 pounds and the large are for 56 – 90 pounds. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The Leash-Locket is also water resistant but mom wouldn’t allow me to try it out. I wasn’t allowed to run through any puddles.
If Leash-Locket sounds interesting and you would like to know more about it, please go to http://www.leashlocket.com/. Prices start at $34.99
I have to say that this product is Poodle Approved. Not only was it safe, comfortable, easy to use but I looked good wearing it!
Carma Poodale Allen Owensboro, Ky  http://www.owensborohumane.org/dog-friendly-owb/

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