Bret Michael's Pets Rock Swag Contest

  Recently my ma entered a contest from Fidose of Reality for the Bret Michael's Pets Rock Swag for Dogs. She never told me that she entered but today a package arrived at the door and I alerted her that it was out there. When she brought it in I was all excited to know what was in it. I sniffed it, pawed at it, gave her sad poodle eyes in hopes that she would open it. I am not allowed to open packages because I may damage whatever is inside. So I had to wait,and wait and wait some more. I swear ma was making me practice my patience. I laid beside the package wanting to know what it was. She told me she knew what it was and after dinner I could open it. 
   After we ate I went back to the package and pawed it. She said that we could open it. When she opened it I fell in love with what I seen. I knew I had to try it on and I was so hoping it would fit and that Jenny Sue wouldn't get the prize. I started pawing at my face since I had a case of the fuzzy face. Ma said "let's find your brush", BRUSH! YES! We went outside and I got brushed from my head to my toes. I kept pawing at my face, which is how I tell ma I want my faced shaved, She got the clippers out and I stayed pawfectly still just like a statue. Once I got prettied up we went inside and Sissy Sarah tried the prize on me. IT FIT! Now for the fun part, PICTURES, Where is the camera? Ma grabbed her camera and I asked to go outside so out we went. 
With my freshly shaved face, my new collar and leash,  here is my model session: 
I am so happy with my new leash & collar
Here is a side view

Here is a closer look

Ooh I got a card 
Don't even think about taking my card.
I asked ma how she won this contest and she said that she had to  reply to the post and tell what the name of one dog in your life who “rocks!!”
Her winning statement was: Bunny Allen  who said: “Carma Poodale Rocks!”
Thanks Ma, Thanks you, Fidose of Reality! I think you both Rock too. I know I am rocking with my new collar and leash!

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