Prepare Before Isaac Comes to Your Town

I was watching the weather station and I seen where a storm named Isaac was forming. You would think that since I live in Ky that storms like this shouldn't worry me. I am no where near the ocean and there is a lot of land between the ocean and me. But did you know that in Sept 2008 a hurricane named Ike came to Ky?

I was only 2 yrs old but I remember those winds. They kept blowing and blowing. My back yard was so tore up. Our out building that was bolted to the patio lifted up and wrapped around our huge tree, our pool ended up on the neighbors roof and so many trees were destroyed. We were without power for 10 days. It was ruff going out to potty. That wind was so strong it was hard to stand up and if you didn't watch how you pee peed, it would blow back on you. There was stuff blowing in the air. It was bad.We had to take extra steps to stay comfortable. We had to start doing things that we are never allowed to do thanks to puppy pads. It became too dangerous to go outside.

Since the weather station says that Isaac probably won't hit hurricane strength till next week, now is the time to prepare. They can say that it is going to hit this place or that place but you never know when it comes to mother nature. If you live on the ocean in any path of a hurricane please get prepared now. Even if the hurricane doesn't hit your area, at least you are prepared. When there is one hurricane; there are usually more forming. If you prepare now, there will be less to prepare next one.

Every hurricane you see the same stories of how pets were separated from their owners. There are ways to help keep your pet or to get your pet back to you if you do get separated.

Before the Storm:

1. Gather your important records together (including vet records) Put them in a portable file case so you can grab and go!
2.Micro Chip and vaccinate.If already micro chipped or currently vaccinated,  make sure those papers are in your portable file.
3.Take many photos of your pets from all angles. Print those photos and put them in portable file.
4. Make sure you have enough food, litter and medication (if they are on something) to get you through a week or more. It’s all about being ready for the worst case scenario.  Don't forget a can opener if you feed wet food. Sometimes dry food can get wet.
5.. Have pet crates available. Some pets will run when scared.
6.. Have a evacuation plan. Practice it now with your pet.
7.. Have leashes and supplies ready
8. If outdoor pets, be prepared to bring them in. DO NOT LEAVE PETS IN KENNELS - No they will NOT be ok if the storm hits your area.
9. Make sure collar has ID tags and it fits securely but not wear it chocks.
10. Puppy pads. If its pouring down rain for days with heavy winds, your dog or you may not want to go out.

Hurricanes are not like the tornadoes we have in Ky. Hurricanes last for days and days. Be prepared to maybe lose power and not having any clean drinking water for weeks.
I am not a expert on these storms, I do not claim to know what to do but I do know that with every hurricane you hear the stories of lost pets. Its heart breaking. So please be prepared.
You can find additional information about ways to prepare for these storms at the following links:
The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards (PETS) Act of 2006

Hurricanes and Pets

Stay Safe and Be Prepared!

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