How I Became a Allen

white poodle carma poodale with pink hair
I was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. I don't remember my fur mom or none of my siblings. I just know that I was bought by a lady in Indiana and was only with her for a short time. I spent my early life in a crate and I was abused.

Then I given away at 9 mths old. I ended up in a Pit Bull rescue as the lady's little girls dog. They used to dye me all sorts of colors like pink, blue, purple about every color of the rainbow. I was their play toy I guess you could say. I know that whenever new big dogs came in I would be terrified.

When the little girls got bored of me, they would shove me back in a crate and there I would stay. I was taking places but it was so I could get attention because of my colors I was dyed. There were a few little pit puppies that I would play with, one named Damon. He was my buddy. I liked him. But he was sold about a month after they got him. I was listed on a Cheapcycle board that ma is a co-moderator for; that is something similar to a Craiglist. 

A real pink poodle! 

When my sissy Sarah was a little older and  gave up her baby bop doll , she used to carry around a pink poodle. She took it everywhere. When ma was approving post for the board she came across my listing for a pink poodle. Yep, real live pink poodle that was 11 mths old, supposed to have papers, fully vetted and spayed. I was for sale for $100.

Ma took one look at my picture and said there was something about me that she had the urge to meet me. It was the middle of December, ma and daddy had been talking about adopting another fur kid. They had Jenny Sue and she was 4 yrs old and they thought it was time for a sibling for her. What would be a better present than a live pink poodle for my sissy Sarah for Christmas. 

Daddy was drinking a hard liquor that night and was feeling pretty good, I guess you could say. Ma asked him if she could have a pink poodle. He looked at her like she was nuts. He asked if it was a toy and ma said "no, it's a real pink standard poodle". Daddy thought it was a game and asked how much? Ma said $100. Daddy cut up a little talking about unicorns and pink elephants.

Ma contacted the lady who had me and asked some simple questions, how old was I, was I potty trained, and would I be good for a 9 yr old girl. The lady wrote back and told ma I would be great for my sissy because she had 2 girls and I played really nice with them.

How hard liquor got a pink poodle

As the night went along ,daddy's bottle got a little more empty ma asked him again " Can I have a pink standard poodle "? Daddy looked at ma right in the eye and said "you show me a pink poodle and I will buy it for you!" Ma turned her laptop around so it would face daddy and she had blew my photo up to full screen! 

Daddy's mouth dropped open. He said "why do you want a pink standard poodle? You are not a poodle person"  Ma said "there is something about her I feel a connection, but I know I need to meet her in person and I will make the decision after that". Well, daddy had already said that if ma showed him a pink standard poodle that she could have it and daddy is not one to go back on his word. He finished his bottle off and ma said she kept hearing him say "me and my big mouth, who knew she would show me a pink poodle". 

Ma got a hold of the lady and arranged a appointment the next day to meet. Ma said that was a long drive even though it wasn't really that far away. Daddy and her talked about what would happen if I didn't like them or vice versa. They agreed they would just meet me and go from there.

The interview

They arrived at my house and knocked on the door. I was in the back room and had to be brought out to meet them. At first I was shy, I stayed behind the lady that owned me, peering from out behind her legs. Ma sat down in a chair and daddy sat on the couch. Ma said hello to me and then daddy said hello. I wagged my tail.

I knew this was a interview. I had seen it before with the dogs that were living at the house with me. Someone would come, meet the dog, pay for it and leave with them. That is how Damon left. I knew it was my turn to leave. I finally walked over to the lady in the chair, I looked up at her with  my big brown eyes then I laid my head in her lap.

She was the one!!

I knew it in my heart ,this was who I was supposed to be with! I walked to the door and turned and looked at both of them. I was saying "Let's go". My new parents paid for me and the lady that had me said she misplaced my "papers" but when she found them she would send them to ma. 

I remember the drive to my new home. It seem like it was far far away. It was a 4 lane hwy and our car was real roomie. I kept looking at the people that bought me and I felt something about the lady. I knew in my heart this would be my last home I would ever go to. 

I don't know what it was but I felt safe with them.

 When we got to my new home I met my human sissy named Sarah, she was really nice. She just cried when she seen me because she was so happy that they got me. They let me out back in my new yard and it was so big! To me it was big. I remember I took off running around the yard and it was a cold day. I was happy for once in my life and I just ran around in circles in MY new yard.

My new yard was so big and felt so free! 

I was running and pooting at the same time. I had little puffs of steam coming out of my butt , I looked up at the door and their was my new parents and human sissy standing in the doorway laughing up at storm at me. I made them happy especially the lady who I call ma now. After a few whitening baths I was no longer hot pink, I was a soft pink. It took months to get it all out and then I had to have a haircut to finally get it out.

My real name is Carmella.  The name Carmella means "garden, orchard". I only get called that when I get in trouble. It's the name I came with. Ma said to me that she felt I had good Karma. I really like that name, I like the last name Allen. When the pawrents would call me Carmella I would act like I didn't hear them.

Then one day Ma called out "Carma!", I came  running. Ma says she spells it with a C. I needed a middle name. Everybody had a middle name but me. We were learning more about each other everyday. I was doing my best to be the best poodle I could be because I was afraid I would be given up again. I was in the back yard and ma called me in to eat. She called Carmella! I continued to play. She said "Carma! and I came in. 

Ma said Carma poodle you are so cute. That really didn't sound right. Ma has a southern twang in her voice. So one day we were playing ball out in the yard and  I was prancing around when I caught the ball in the air and she said Carma PoodALE you are awesome. I stopped and looked at her and wagged my tail. 

YIPPEE! I had a middle name!! 

She said "THAT's IT! Carma Poodale Allen" Yippee I had a middle name!! We came in and daddy and sissy Sarah was in the front room, we walked in and ma said "hey everyone I would like you to meet Carma Poodale Allen" They loved my middle name. Its Poodle but with southern twang! 

This is my 4th home not because I was a bad dog. Ma says its because I had to get to Ky from Fl. some way and it took 11 mths for our paths to cross. This is my final home. Here I am not a dog, I am a family member. I don't get dyed all the time only when Ky Wildcats are in the play offs and it is a temporary dye, it washes out in a few washes. As I sit here writing this I look back at my life and I am happy where I am now. 

It's my home and every day is Mother's day and Fathers Day here.

How did your pet get their name???

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