Pawsome Weekend

This Saturday we had a adoption event at the Owensboro Humane Society. We had lots of people come by and visit with our pets and see what out Humane Society looked like. All my fur friends really enjoyed meeting everyone and they were all on their best behavior. 3 of my fur friends found homes! I was so excited for them. I don't know who picked who but my fur friends were sure happy to have their own moms and dads now.
gray and white cat named sierra
Sierra & her new "mom" 
The first fur friend who was adopted was a little grey/white kitty named Sierra. She is almost 2 years old but when you looked at her, you would think she was about 9 months. She is a tiny little girl that most people just walked by.

A man and his daughter came to look at our kitties. His daughter had worked to the earn money that it cost to adopt. She had been saving and saving so she could adopt a kitty. Her dad said he was really proud of her that she fulfilled her part of the bargain. After looking at all our kitties, she decided on one of my friends but my ma didn't see the "spark".

Ma asked the girl how old she was and the girl answered 9 yrs old.Ma asked her if she knew that when you adopted animal that it meant for life and she would have that kitty for 9 or more years and the girl said yes. Her dad and her had talked about what it meant to adopt and she understood what it entailed. Ma asked her if she would look at one more kitty before she made her decision. The girl agreed.

Ma took her to the office and found my friend, Sierra. Not to clingy, not to antisocial but just right. The girl had that "spark" and she smiled ear to ear. Ma said this little kitty's name is Sierra. The girls dad smiled from ear to ear. Ma asked the girl if she liked that name. The girl said "yes ma'am I do and you know why?" Ma said "why"? The girl said "because my name is also Sierra"! Ma said "really? Are you kidding me?" The dad confirmed that her name was Sierra. This made ma's heart swell so big. Both Sierra's seemed to take to each other like they had been together forever. They discussed the adoption contract, signed the papers and they left to go begin their live together.
Congratulations Sierra!!!

Tundra relaxing on the floor.
The next fur friend that found a home of her own, is Tundra. She is a 18 mth old husky that has so much energy. She had been adopted once but was only gone for 2 months. She kept jumping the fence of her owners and she wasn't happy with them. They brought her back because she wouldn't stay in the fence.

After the adoption event was over a lady pulled up and said that someone had been came to our event and called her to tell her about Tundra and they recommended she come by and meet her. The lady wanted a companion that would like to take long walks and be active with her in the outdoors. She had a 6 ft privacy fence and had experience with husky's. She was introduced to Tundra and even though Tundra usually was very hyper and always jumping around with lots of energy, she laid eyes on the lady and instantly stopped and sat down.

The lady talked with our staff member about Tundra, asking many questions, walked her around in the field and talked about what it would take to adopt Tundra. Tundra was the perfect pup.The lady filled out the papers but asked to pick Tundra up the next day. This way she had time to prepare her home for Tundra and to make sure she had everything she needed. Tundra is now in her new home.

I seen Tundra at the store today and she had a pep in her step, was having a great time looking for a new collar and tag. I feel good that Tundra is happy with her new home. The lady said that they have been having a blast the last two days. Tundra didn't even try to come home with ma! She was happy with her new mom.
Congratulations Tundra!!!!

Sandy posing pretty
 The last and my proudest is my friend, Sandy. She got a  family of her own!! The family had came up to meet our pets. They really liked a couple of them but ma told them about how great Sandy was and took her out of her kennel to meet the family one on one.

They loved Sandy size, not to big or to small, they liked her colors and they loved her personality. I went over and started to play with Sandy and she was running around me, trying to stand on her head, and wagging that tail as fast as she could. When I stopped playing and laid down, Sandy immediately did the same. While ma and the couple talked about Sandy and her likes and dislikes, she laid down right beside me and we both chilled while they talked.

The couple liked what they saw. They were active, do a lot of camping and outdoorsy stuff and they thought of their dog as a family member and not a dog. They really liked her and thought she be perfect but ma asked them to think it over for 24 hrs.When they got in their truck Sandy tried to get in it too.

She wanted to go with them! When ma took her back to her kennel , she was so so sad. She kept looking for them. I went up to her kennel and told her to hang in there because I had a feeling they would be back. I told her she did really good by following my lead and doing what I did.

The next day they came to the humane society with vet records of their dog that passed away of old age and signed the papers. Sandy seen their truck pull up and went wild. She knew they were coming back for her and she was so happy! They didn't have to tell her twice to get in the truck. She was ready to go home with them.

To think that a little over a year ago Sandy came to us from a hoarding situation. She was so thin and scared. She is healthy and happy now. 
 Congratulations Sandy Cheeks!!!

That was my weekend. I think it was really pawsome. 3 fur friends got homes of their own and I am really proud of them for winning hearts. This is what it is all about. Its finding the right family for my fur friends. If you are wanting to adopt my suggestion to you is to talk to the staff / volunteers and tell them what their life style is, work schedule and what you like and dislike in a pet. They are match makers. No matter where you live, please  visit your local shelter and see if your next best friend is living there. There are pure breeds and mixed breeds living in shelters just waiting for the right pawson to walk into their lives. Ask me about my fur friends. I can tell you all about them and you don't have to live in my county to adopt them.

Now I will talk ma into bringing home another fur friend a few days so I can demonstrate proper manners in a home. I like to think that I was able to prepare my canine fur friends for their home. I do what I can do to help. People ask ma why we do what we do. Her answer is always "It's all about the animals and being the voice to those who don't have one".
Happy tail wags!


  1. This is pawesome news and you are a good person and poodle!

    1. Thank you. I am really excited for my fur friends.


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