Phone Call

   Someone just called ma and said she got ma's biz card from the adoption event today and this girl asked ma if she could bring her pit bull puppy to the humane society and drop it off, ma said no that we didn't have any kennels opened right now and this girl said well I got your card today so I want you to have this puppy because I don't want it anymore. Ma said she could post a photo on the Humane society facebook page and the girl said she didn't have Facebook so she would bring the puppy to ma so ma could find it a home. Ma said no I am not at the humane society, the girl said where else will take this puppy. Ma said we have a county shelter that is a Kill shelter, stressing the KILL and the girl wanted to know where it was. Ma told her she could find the address in the phone book. Ma asked her if she has tried to find the pup a good home and the girl said no but she was tired of cleaning up pee and poop from this puppy. Ma said that puppies need to be potty trained but with proper training that would stop soon. The girl said "did you not hear me? I said I was tried of cleaning up after this puppy and I want to get rid of it." The girl asked if there was someone at this shelter that would take this pup. Ma said no its 8:30 at night, no place is opened. You will have to wait till morning. Can you wait till morning to take this pup? The girl said yes she would wait but asked if this shelter would take this puppy for sure. Ma said yes it was a KILL shelter. Girl said that's fine, I don't care what happens to it. Ma asked the girl where she got the puppy and the girl said her friend gave it to her. Ma asked her if she knew the puppy was not potty trained when she took it and the girl said yes. Then she asked if the friend would take it back and the girl said no her friend couldn't keep it. Ma then asked why in the world would she take a puppy she knew wasn't potty trained. The girl said because it was so cute.! Ma asked how long she had this pup and the girl said only 3 days.
   How can people be so heartless? Ma knows the local shelter will try its very best to find a home for this puppy and they won't kill it , right away but she still stressed that it was a high kill shelter and this girl had no heart. No matter what solutions ma tried to come up with this girl wouldn't consider them. Ma asked her to send a photo to her so she could post it on Facebook in order to find it a loving home and this girl wouldn't even do that. She wanted this dog gone. It was too much trouble.
   Ma didn't know whether to scream or cry over this phone call. Dad told ma that he thought this girl was trying to guilt her into taking this puppy. I can't tell you how many times people have came to the Humane Society and want relinquish a dog or cat. It is like some of them just wake up one morning and decide they want to throw their pet away. It would break your heart into a million pieces!
   Isn't having a pet supposed to bring you joy, and love? Why do so many people get pets because they are cute and cuddly but don't want to take the responsibility of raising them?  We are not disposable! We have feelings too. I just don't understand how people can be so heartless. What happens when they have babies and have to clean up poop and pee all the time?
    I just don't understand humans sometimes but I do understand that spaying or neutering your pets can stop  the cycle of unwanted puppies and kitties being born and filling up our shelters, or ending up in the hands of the heartless caller.


  1. Mommy is crying, that is just so sad!!! Please God let that doggy find a good home!

    1. I know it is sad. Ma said a prayer before she went to bed to help this puppy to find a loving home.
      ma was asked today why she just didn't take the puppy and they thought she was supposed to save pets. Ma had to explain that if she took every pet that someone needed a home for that she would be charged as a hoarder and would probably have more pets than any shelter! One of the hardest thing to do is to say no. But sometimes you have to.


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