Promises Made, Promises Kept

Today ma was going to the Humane Society to finalize a adoption. I jumped off the couch and ran to the door but ma asked me if I would mind to stay behind just this one time. I looked at her in a puzzled way and she said "Poodale, I have been promising someone to do something with for months now, it's time for me to make good on my promise". I knew exactly what she was talking about! I got up on my bench in the front window and watched her walk to the truck. I barked "TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!!" to her. She gave me the thumbs up sign.

See, ma has been promising one of my fur friends that she would take him for a ride and get him out of the Humane Society for a few hours. He is a long timer, I guess you could say. He is 9 yrs old and getting a gray muzzle. He has been at the HS for about 5 or more yrs. Why hasn't he been adopted? Don't know. He is a great guy but I guess when you are a red nose pit bull , the odds are against you.

When ma came home I asked her how her date went. She said "it was wonderful , just not long enough"
 I had lots of questions. Was he good in the truck? Where did you go? Did he like it? and on and on.

She said Poodale, when I put that leash on him, its like he knew. He pulled me right to the truck and he danced and danced until I opened the door. He jumped in the truck and got in the back seat and just looked around.

We went to Hardee's and I got a burger and got him a plain burger but when I pulled up to the window to pay and they seen him they all paid attention to him and then they upgraded his order from a plain burger to a plain ThickBurger! Then we went to the park. We walked around the trees and he sniffed and sniffed and peed and peed.
 Then he paused by a tree and sat down and it looked like he was thinking about how great life would be if he had his own special someone to take walks with, ride around with, pet him and tell them they loved him.
 On the way back to the Humane Society, he sat up front with me so I tied his leash to the seat belt and rolled down the window.Since I was driving slowly I let him put his head out the window. I seen the joy in his eyes.
 Some fur kids take things for granted like sniffing the air with the windows rolled down but not him. He enjoyed every minute of it. I even took a few detours around neighborhoods to give him some extra time.
 He loved every minute of it. He kept turning his head and looking at me like he was saying Thank you. He would then put his head back out the window to sniff the air. He liked when we stopped at stop lights too. He got to look at the cars beside us.
 When I stopped at the stop sign in front of the Humane society he knew he was going back. His ears dropped, his face got sad. I told him I was so sorry but I had to take him back. I seen a wet streak go down his cheek. It just broke my heart.
 When we got back to the humane society, he wouldn't get out of the truck. No matter what I did I couldn't get him out. He would jump in the back seat and hunker down. I asked him to get out but he said no. I even had a customer try to get him out but he refused to budge.
I had to call one of the workers to help me get him out of the truck. He refused to get out. The guy finally had to reach in and pick him up and set him out of the truck. I walked him back to his kennel and his head hung low. For such a great date it sure was a kicker in the end to see him so broken hearted.

Friends I am asking you to please help me find a home for my fur friend. He shouldn't have to live out his senior years in a kennel. He prefers to be a only dog but I think its only because its been so many years since he was anyone's baby. If introduced properly he would probably love to have a sibling. He doesn't care for cats but you can't hold that against him. Some cats are just mean! If you live out of town we can assist in getting him to you.

My friends' name is Dozer. 


  1. I have tears streaming and am sharing this. xoxoxo for all you do.

    1. Thank you Carol for sharing Dozers' date story. I really appreciate it.
      Happy tail wags!

  2. We saw a link to this on Facebook and we will be sharing it. bless you for doing what you are for Dozer.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read Dozers story and sharing it with your friends and family. We do things like this because it gives our animals hope and because they deserve to have one on one time.We are their voice.
      Happy tail wags

  3. How wonderful and sad all at the same time. I will be saying a prayer Dozer finds a great home.

    1. Thank you Petey! We appreciate you saying a prayer for Dozer. His home is out there, its just crossing the right paths.

  4. Hi there, I was going to comment on your latest post but then I saw the photo of Dozer in your sidebar. Apart from the ears he is the spitting image of my Frankie and I had to come and check him out. Oh I do hope he has found his forever home by now, what a sad story, the poor boy. My heart goes out to him. At least he enjoyed his taste of freedom. Thanks for visiting us.

    1. Dozer still hasn't found a home. Ma is planning on taking him on another date soon. Really cool to hear you have a boy that looks like him.


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