Terrible Tuesday

Tuesday was not a day I want to go through again. It started out fine but as the day progressed it seemed to have a vengeance on ma. After she got back from taking sissy to school early she sat down only to have Prissy, our foster fur kid , knock the cup of coffee out of her hand and it went all over the couch. Ma got that cleaned up and then when she was vacuuming she got a end of a blankie caught in the vacuum and it started stinking of rubber.
She decided to water all her plants. She always uses water from the aquarium so she put the hose in and  filled her bucket and put the hose in the clamp on the aquarium. She watered her plants as usual.

She went and cleaned the back bathroom and when she returned she seen water on the floor. She thought one of the plants had overfilled. But she seen more water,A LOT of water! She screamed for my sissy Sarah to bring her some towels and her screams scared all 4 of us fur kids so of course we come running, we go slipping and sliding all over the floor. Ma is screaming at us to get out of the room but the faster we are trying to get out of the way the more we are slipping, falling and sliding into each other and all over the floor. Ma and Sarah are screaming and we are freaking out because we can't get out of each others way and water keeps coming! Ma opens the back door and starts pushing us out one by one. Sarah screams "Where is it coming from!" Ma screams "I don't know!" We are outside looking in the door barking "let us in!" because we are cold and wet and then..I see ma look up and the look on her face was pure terror. The fish had knocked the hose out of the tank and the tank was less than half full.

We have a 100 gallon fish tank.

Towel and towel had to be used, then blankets had to be thrown down

Fresh towels had to be used to soak up water. Lots and lots of towels.

The culprits...

Sure they look cute but they don't like anything hanging above their tank. They will jump out of the water and hit it. Appawently one of them succeeded in knocking the hose off of its clamp. Ma used a 10 gallon bucket to fill the tank back up.It took 5 1/2 buckets!
Ma said that over 50 gallons of water ended up on the floor.

The rest of the day was devoted in washing towels and all of us.

Well Done fishies....


  1. Oh no!! Yipes! what a hassle! Hugs.

  2. Carma -- you better give those fish a talking to!

    Ma - you're right...a terrible Tuesday. Looking at my dd's 10 gallon fish tank now to try to picture 50 gallons all over the floor. Not good.


    1. That water was up to my ankles! It was terrible, I hope that never ever happens again. Ma says something about hoping the floor doesn't buckle (whatever that means) cause there is part of the floor that is wood

  3. WOW! |Those is some fishes! Is they related to those ones that jump out of the water on the rivers in New York? Me came to thanks yous for visiting me during the blog hop yesterday!

    1. I loved your blog. I will visit often. These mean fishies don't like anything over their tank. Ma hung a plant one time above the tank and she had to keep picking the fishies up off the floor. She watched them and they dart out of the water and try to hit the plant. She moved the plant fishies stayed in water.

  4. You really wouldn't think that fish could be so naughty!

    1. It's always the quiet ones!

      Christie from lifewithbeagle.com

  5. I think it might be time to cook some fish, Carma...

    Christie from lifewitbeagle.com


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