Announcing a Partner Spokespawson For My Shelter

As most of you know I am the spokesdog for the Owensboro Humane Society, here in Owensboro, Ky. My humane society is a no kill, non profit small shelter  that has many pets and it seems to stay full. We have a waiting list so adoptions are really important because when 1 is adopted then that leaves room for 1 to come in. We have programs such as obedience classes, FREE nail clipping clinics and low cost spay/neuter clinics. We work hard to make a difference in our community. We want to help stop over crowded shelters by educating more on spaying and neutering your pets. 

Over the week, I had a lot of meetings with my fur friend. He is a cat. CAT! WHERE? I am going to get it! Oops, sorry that word gets me everytime. 
Anyways, after many many talks I have convinced my fur friend to help me out with all the things that a spokes dog has to do. 

I am proud to announce that my fur friend, Lydsander, will be the official spokeskitty of the Owensboro Humane Society!! I am so excited that he has accepted the position. 

A little about Lysander: Lysander and  his sister Georgie (who lives in the same house together ) are one of the first group of animals the Owensboro Humane Society took in at their permanent location.  The guy that had them wasn't taking care of them and blowing pot in their face and laughing...10 years ago. The man thought that was so funny.  This is what the man's parents told OHS he did in when they contacted the humane society in a abuse case report. Lysander and his sister now lives with the President of our Humane Society and he has the best life a kitty can ask for! 

Lysander is a "good" kitty. I can tell you horror stories about bad kitties but he is a good guy that I look forward to working beside to help spread the news of spay/neuter, nail clinics, and more. 

Frankly, I needed a kitty spokespawson to work with because kitties just don't listen to me. But now maybe Lysander can talk kitty stuff and then they will listen. 

Welcome aboard Lysander!! I look forward to working with you because WE can make a difference! 


  1. Lysander is a great looking man cat and it is so wonderful that yous gots him as your spokescat! It is impawtant that peoples realizes spay and neuter is.

    1. Yes he is easy on the eyes. We know how important it is to spay or neuter and want to increase the awareness.
      Thank you for stopping by my blog !

  2. Lysander is adorable! I love his eyes, there is something about them that I can't put my finger on. The two of you will make a great team! Good luck. Glad I can read your captcha... phew! I just tried to comment on 3 blogs with captchas but couldn't because I couldn't read them. Silly computer!


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