Goodbye Little Grey Kitty

Last week was a ruff week. 
  Ma had taken one of my fur friends, Daisy a kitty, to the vet because she had a bump on her lip that needed to be checked out. Daisy got a boo boo shot and was released to go back to the Humane Society. The doctor said it would be fine. Ma stopped by the house and asked Scooby and me if we wanted to ride with her to take Daisy back to the Humane Society. She didn't have to ask twice. We jumped in the car and enjoyed our ride.  When we got to the Humane Society's parking lot , there was a car driving away. We  thought it was just someone who had signed up for spay/neuter clinic but it wasn't. 
Daisy waiting to see the Dr. 
    It was 2 ladies who had dropped off a sick,sick kitty. Ma had the lady who was working to call the president of our humane society to tell her about the kitty. As soon as she heard about it said "Get that kitty to the vet NOW!" The lady called the vet to tell them a kitty was coming in as a emergency and we thought maybe it had been poisoned by the way it was acting. Ma already had the crate in her hand and out the door we ran. She put the kitty crate in the front seat and Scooby and I got in the back seat and after we got off the property , ma put the pedal to the medal. I don't think I have ever went that fast in a car but this was serious. This kitty's cries were so heartbreaking, it was beyond words. I put my head on the crate and ma talked to the kitty all the way to the vet's office. I couldn't touch the kitty but I hope it knew I cared. 
   When we got to the vet's office , ma jumped out the car said "I will be right back" and grabbed the kitty and was gone. She came back out of the office and got me and Scooby. We went in to the office  got a seat and we waited. We waited and waited then waited some more. The vet came out and told us he didn't know what was wrong with the kitty but they were doing test and trying to warm the kitty up. Its really cold here in Ky. He went back to check the kitty ,so we waited some more. Then he came back out and said that the kitty needed to stay there for a while but he would call when he knew more. 
   We came home. Ma said we would know more the next day but we would say a prayer for the kitty. I kept thinking about that kitty and I couldn't get the sound of it's cries out of my head. Only thing I knew was that if it could be saved, it would have a home at the Owensboro Humane Society where it would have food, a warm home and the love of the staff and volunteers. 
   Late that night we found out the kitty didn't make it. The vet did everything he could to save it but the body temp had gone to low and the kitty didn't have the strength to fight. Poor kitty. I so sorry we couldn't get you help in time. We did what we could but it wasn't enough. 
   The ground here in Ky has been so frozen that we couldn't dig the dirt but because of the warm weather we have had the kitty got the proper burial today. The president had asked the vet to put the kitty in a proper box for burial. The vet's office could have thrown that kitty away in the garbage but that kitty meant more to the Owensboro Humane Society than that. Today the kitty got laid to rest in it's forever home. I am so sorry kitty. We really tried. You were just a baby and should have had a long life ahead of you but something happened that took you away. After the kitty was buried, I wanted to go say goodbye. 
Why did kitty have to go to kitty heaven? 
I sniffed the freshly dug grave and then I sat down. I said a prayer to the big dog in the sky to take care of the kitty and I knew that kitty would never be neglected, hungry or cold again. 
My fur friend Jade, who had been helping me be a door greeter at the spay/neuter clinic today  came over and I told her about kitty. She sat down with me. We wanted to show our respect for the life that was lost. 

   The last time I sat by a grave it was the grave of my human papaw. I thought of him while I was there. I know that when this kitty went to heaven  that my papaw welcomed it and it is probably sitting on his lap because he loved kitties and all animals. This weekend ma and I are going to get something special to put on the grave. She says grave markers are important because they mark those who should never be forgotten. I agree.  

Dear Little Kitty,
I am so sorry you had to go. 
I am sorry you had to feel the pain that you felt
but I want you to know that you meant something 
 to me , ma ,my fur friends ,volunteers and staff
all of the Owensboro Humane Society,
 You were important to us.  
Run free little kitty 
 Say hello to my papaw and give him a purr too 
we just wish we could have saved you

I want to thank my humane society and the vet's office for trying to save the little kitty's life. I am proud to be a spokesdog for the Owensboro Humane Society.
 The Owensboro Humane Society cares about the well being of animals. They are a true NO KILL facility but this time the big dog in the sky decided to take this little kitty to live with him. I don't know if this little kitty was a girl or a boy and it didn't have a name but I will call it "Heaven" because that is where it lives now.     

The following is the mission statement of the Owensboro Humane Society: 

"The Owensboro Humane Society operates on the belief that all of mankind has a responsibility to respect the creatures on this earth. To that end, we strive to improve the life, health and habitat for the rejected, abused and neglected animals in our Owensboro-Daviess county area."

Please hug your fur kids tonight and tell them you love them. This is something I don't think this kitty never had the pleasure of feeling. This is a shame. Every animal should know what it is to be loved. 


  1. What a terribly sad story, Carma. What an awful day for you.
    Big hugs and woofs!

  2. Oh Carma, that is so sad. My eyes is leaking. Me sends yous comforting purrs.

  3. What a sad story Carma but you and your mom and all your friends did everything they could for poor little Gray Kitty...It's too bad that those ladies couldn't have brought her sooner...You've got a kind heart and Gray Kitty knows you cared

  4. Oh, Carma, so sorry to hear about the little kitty. I'm sure you helped the kitty feel a little less scared on the way to the vet.

  5. Oh my goodness, Carma, such a heartbreaking story.... How wonderful that your human gave this little soul a proper goodbye...

    1. This was a hard blow to my humane Society. If those ladies would have brought this kitty to us a little sooner maybe we could have saved him. Thank you for stopping by and reading about Little Grey kitty. He/She has a forever home with us.

  6. We're so sorry to read about the kitty, but you all did the best you could. In the short time you knew her and after she passed on.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Prudence. Wish we could have done more. We know there will be more that need our help and we are ready to do all we can.

  7. That's so sad, it's such a shame.

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog Clowie.

  8. Thank you for all you did to try to save the little kitteh angel. Mom had leaky eyes, and I got a little choked up too. You’re a good dog, Carma and I'm proud to be your pal. Westie hugs!

    1. Thank you for reading about little grey kitty. We sure wish we could have saved kitty in time. Thank you for those kind words. I am proud to be your pal too!


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