"No Kill" Sometimes Mean Long Time

Meet Annabelle and Blaze:

Two adoptable kittens at shelter-CarmaPoodale

These girls came to us with all their brothers and sisters 4 years ago. Yes 4 years ago! What is their crime? They are tabby's and there are tabby's everywhere. All the others have been adopted but still with us is Annabelle and Blaze. 

Annabelle and Blaze have grown up at our facility with a lot of other kitties in a 12 X 24 building that we call the Tigger building. Its for kitty's only. I get to go in there every so often but frankly it sometimes scares me. I get surrounded by 25 cats quickly and those kitties know it. They like my fluffy tail and they like to swat at it. Not Annabelle and Blaze but the others. One kitty in particular. 

Anyways, one day a few weeks ago these girls were shared on Facebook and their brother's pawent seen them and couldn't believe they were still there. She contacted us and asked why we still had them and we told her that they had just been passed up over the years. She said that if we could get them adopted TOGETHER so they can spend their lives together then she would pay for one of their adoption fees. We don't like doing this but how can we say no. Someone wants to pay for 1 of them so that all someone has to do is pay for another and they can go together! 

Two kitties who grew up in the shelter- CarmaPoodale

Once word got out that someone wanted to pay for 1 of their adoption fees we had someone else say that they would help pay for the other one. This is a first for us!! This is how determined Blaze and Annabelle's brother is to get his sisters a good loving forever home. I think that is great of their brother's pawent to help and the other pawson who wanted to help also.

4 yrs is a very long time.Being that the Humane Society has been the only home that these two have ever had, the pawson that adopts them has to understand that they are going to need time to adjust to the home life. They may hide, they may be social but we really don't know until it happens. I know Blaze and Annabelle are very loving girls. They loved to be petted , they love attention and they are social but being taken out of a familiar place and to a new life can cause a little fear. 

Do you have the heart and the home for Annabelle and Blaze? Their adoption fees have been paid but you still have to fill out a 4 page legal binding contract and if you have pets in the home , they must all be altered and up to date on shots. You will have to provide us with vet records of pets in the home. If you don't have a pet now and its been  awhile since you have had one , then you will be required to schedule and attend a new patient exam
We want to make sure that Blaze and Annabelle go to the right home. 

If interested in Blaze and Annabelle 
please send a letter of interest to us here or here


  1. I feel sorry that they have been at the shelter for so long... they are beautiful! Will definitely share and hope that they are adopted soon!

    1. Thank you. Sharing a post or a photo is free and that sometimes can help many pets that are in shelters find a home.

  2. Sadly I'm very allergic to kitties and couldn't adopt but will hope and pray these two cuties get adopted soon and can enjoy a new life in a fur-ever home! 🐱 Paws crossed.

  3. We hope this prompts someone to step up and adopt them. It is sad it is taking so long but we are glad they are safe & loved where they are now.

  4. Gosh how could anyone pass these to cuties up?We shall share too with our US friends,may be one of them will know someone who wants a pair of cute kitties to love and cherish,xx Speedy

  5. Unfortunately that is the downside of "no kill" Warehousing animals is not the solution either. I hope they were able to find someone and quickly.


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