What Meat to Eat?

As you can tell by my Barkday photo I love KFC Chickyum but its not something I get all the time. It's a special treat for me on my special day. We do however get a special meal every couple of weeks and lately that has been those packs of Chickyum (chicken) livers, gizzards and hearts.
Recently on a chat that I attend on Monday's I was told that I needed to stay away from liver. So that got ma thinking about what other treat meat she should introduce to us. On a recent grocery trip, she browsed the meat aisle to see what she could find. She came home with a package of ground lamb. She offered it to us raw but none of us fur kids would even give it a try so she saute'd it. She didn't add any salt or seasoning to it and when it was done she divided it on to separate plates and let it cool a little. It was still warm when she gave it to us but after a couple of sniffs I decided to take a tiny bite. Jenny Sue scoffed hers down in a heartbeat, Scooby looked to me for guidance. Appawently he never had it neither. One nibble and I was hooked. I ate everything on my plate and so did Scooby. That was really good. I can't believe ma expected us to eat it raw.When she offers raw food like that we all act like she is trying to poison us. Now I know she would never do that but we still act like she is. 
We looked up the nutritional value of the lamb and this is what we found: 

Ground, broiled
We ate 3 pounds of lamb but it was proportioned between us all. Scooby got 1/2 pound , Jenny Sue got a  3/4 of a pound and I got the rest.  We did see that lamb chops are lower in fat than ground lamb. That will be the next thing we try. Lets face it Lamb is expensive. Sometimes it can be twice the cost as beef but there are times that we can catch it on sale. 

There were some other meats that ma thought about getting but really wanted to do some research before buying it. There was Ox tail, Tongue and beef hearts. None of these are really pretty to look at but when it comes to our special meals , looks don't matter. 

Has anyone ever fed these to your canines? 

If not, what types of meats do you recommend? 
We won't eat raw meat. Ma has tried to mix it with our kibble but I will pick out kibble and leave the meat in the bowl. Jenny Sue will not touch it and Scooby Doo runs and hides when he smells raw in his bowl. Ma has to saute our meat. She does leave it medium raw so its not totally cooked through. 

So now its your turn. What types of meats do you feed your pets? Do you allow any types of bones? 


  1. Gizmo will eat raw meat & bones...Our local market sells small packages of meaty pork neck bones cut into small pieces...Gizmo loves those, but they are rich so I limit to one or two pieces at a time

    1. I have had those before and i have to admit they are good. I had forgot about them. Thank you!

  2. Hmm, I cook a lot of liver and kidney for our dogs...I shall have to check up on it. Our dogs don't eat raw. We also feed them squash, tuna (in moderation and only the light), sardines, yogurt, cottage cheese, lean pork, chicken and oatmeal. We have not fed them commercial canned food for at least 11 years. I usually make up a casserole type dish for them which includes meat, veggies, an limited amount of starch, I also add brewers yeast and vitamins. These can depend on the breed and typoe of dog. We worked with our vet to determine the best combination for our dogs and what we feed them. We have also made our own jerky treats for them using a dehydrator.
    However, as a special treat (or when I've neglected to cook for a few days) we have a stash of Rachel Ray's new food.
    We eat Ox Tails, I will give the large bones (after they have been cooked for oosobucco or soup). They are very rich, contain a lot of fat and they have cartilage pieces that can cause your dog to choke if fed raw. I have not included tongue in their diets as it is hard to get (and to peel)
    But their #1 favorite is Lamb!
    Nellie's Mom

  3. I don't normally give Lulu straight meat, but she loves beef bones, beef, chicken, turkey, fish --- she's a beagle! lol I just gave her some sweet potato. She wolfed it down. I hope it's ok, I wasn't paying attention and she stole the skin too!


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