#Doggitude! the Book-A Poodle's Bedtime Story

During one of my Blogpaws chats,  I won a book called Doggitude
I thought cool, sounds like a book for me. It arrived and I couldn't wait to read it.

Poodle looking at the #Doggitude book -carmapoodale.com

Standard Poodle, Carma Poodale, spelling out D-O-G-G-I-T-U-D-E
I got a signed copy and a Blue Ribbon! 

 Of course, my ma wanted to see what I was reading. 

Ok ma, you are really cramping my style. Please just let me read.
Standard Poodle, Carma Poodale, with #Doggitude books
Do you mind I am trying to read here! 
Standard poodle, Carma Poodale, wants her ma to go away
Gosh ma go away

Standard Poodle, carmapoodale, with blue ribbon that says Bark less, Play often, wag much
I like this ribbon

Standard poodle, carmapoodale, look at the book she won.
Ok I will let you look at it.

Doggitude is the creation of  Carole Pivarnik. She wanted to express what dogs think using Haiku poetry. Only 17 syllables to say what the eyes think. She painted the dogs and added the poetry to the photos and this combination turned out pawsome. Reading about how she got started, what she did to get her idea published and finding the right dogs was so fascinating! 
Then, there is the paintings of the dogs. The portraits are wonderful. It's like you can see inside the dog's soul. She captured the thoughts of each of the dogs that were chosen. I could stare at the portraits all day. They speak to me. 
Some of the paintings from the book of Doggitude
Elli- "I don't mind sharing mouthfuls of water with you. You wear it so well"

There's even some poodle blends in this book! There is one named Jackson. He is a standard poodle blend. Yes, he even thinks like a poodle. 
A poodle named Jackson in #Doggitude- Carma Poodale
Jackson- "Not sure why we stare at the picture box  but the snacks are good"
Most of these dogs that are featured in the book are my friends on Facebook too! There are so many more in the book but you have to get the book to see for yourself.
 I highly recommend it. 

I enjoyed this book and reading the backgrounds of the dogs that were chosen. Some are known as "old souls" some are "the happiest, sweet natured" dog. They are all different and they are all intriguing. You can even send your dog's photo in to be considered for the next book. 

You can buy Doggitude on Amazon.com. They also have a Kindle version that can be purchased for $1.99. 
You can find Doggitude on Facebook and on Twitter @Doggitude
This book is great for all ages. I look forward to the next book. Who knows, maybe I will submit my photo.

 As Carole says "Bark Well, Play Often and Wag Much

Does this sound like a book you would read as a bedtime story?? 


  1. I am gonna smooch ya when I see you, Carma! What a great photo series - happy BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I gonna smooch you back!
      Wednesdays Wags

  2. Woof! Woof! LOVE the paintings of the dog. Looks like a good book, wil check it out. Happy Blog Paws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    1. It is a very good book. I would have loved to shared all the stories but you gotta buy the book to see them.
      Wednesdays Wags!

  3. Carma,
    Love your reading style...very cute and the book looks like fun.

    1. Yes it is a great book. If you had it on your coffee table I know company would pick it up and read it. Its intriguing, enlightening and down right fun
      Wednesdays wags

  4. We love the book too. Great review!!

    1. I loved that you were in the book Roxy! I wanted to show you but after Pepper Pom did her review I thought I needed to share other fur kids. I need to get your pawagraph!

  5. *blushes* Thank you for sharing...I love those pink toenails, girl!

    1. I look forward to your next series, this book was excellent. Ma says this is a coffee table book because she knows that if it's left out company will see it and pick it up and skim through it but once they read about the first dog, they will want to continue to read about the rest.
      Wednesdays Wags

  6. Sounds like a great book! You know I love poetry! You are one lucky doggie to get the book and a ribbon. *high paws*

  7. Great pictures of Roxy reading her new doggy book. So cute. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  8. The photographs of you reading are lovely! The book looks beautiful.

  9. Love your nails, Carma! Looks like an interesting book you got there, too.

  10. Hi I've just hopped over on the blog hop happy Wordless Wednesday, it looks like a good book i love the paintings.


  11. Beautiful book. I can see why you were captivated. Great pictures, Carma.

  12. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. It is good to see a dog enjoying the same!

  13. Hi Carma! I love your book review! I especially loved the liver Dalmatian pup picture you posted! Puurrsy Wednesday to you.

  14. Congratulations Carma! That was a terrific prize and you really did a terrific review!

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