Molly and Helen are Seeking Homes

Meet Molly, she came to us because her owner was moving and couldn't take the kitties with them. Molly came in with her fur sister, Helen . They are not real sisters but they lived in the same house together.
adoptable cat named Molly from the owensboro humane society
Hi I am Molly. 
Molly is 4 yrs old and is a love bug. Nothing makes her more happy then to be your lap or being held. She is not a needy kitty but she does enjoy attention. When ma and I first met Molly, ma picked her up and held her. Molly molded right in to ma. You could tell she loved to be held.

The Owensboro Humane Society spayed Molly and got her up to date on her vaccines. She would love to be back in home where she could spend her days in a lap, bird watching out of a window, and having her very own bed. Molly is even dog friendly! She is a good kitty and has never tried to smack me or anything. 
Molly, long haired gray kitty loves to be held
I love being held.

I want to introduce Helen also. This is who Molly has lived with. Helen is a little over a year old. She is also spayed, up to date on vaccines, and is ready for a home again. 

Helen is a adoptable cat in Ky
Hi, I am Helen. 
They both are Poodale approved! If you are interested in Molly or Helen please email the Owensboro Humane Society EMAIL US or CALL us at 270-302-6813 We do require that all the animals in your home be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccines. If there are no animals in home then I think you need one. :)

The Owensboro Humane Society is located in Owensboro Ky. You are not required to live in our county or state to adopt. If you live in another county or state, please don't let that stop you from wanting to adopt from us. We will work something out as long as we know your home is a safe, loving home for our pets for adoption. 

I would also appreciate if you shared this post. Someone out there may be seeking for a kitty like Molly or Helen.

Happy Caturday!!


  1. We hope Helen and Molly get to find really good homes.

    Happy weekend!

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. What beauties! Paws crossed that they soon find a good home!


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