RedBarn Natural Treats

Today we went to Rural King and while shopping we came across some treats. These are made by RedBarn Inc. and I seen the stamp that said "Made in U.S.A." Thought, hmm let's see what these are all about. Ma picked the bag up and looked all over it to see the tiny letters that say "Produced in China" but it wasn't on the bag. She checked the other treats and they did't have it on them either. Sounded good to her so in the cart they went.

These are called "Wooly Bullys"! For those of you who don't know me personally, this is one of the names that my ma calls me. I have always been her wooly bully so I thought this treat was named after me. BOL! 

They are bully coated lamb ears. I am a die hard chickyum lover but I do love my lamb. My first thought was "what does bully coated mean?" This treat is loaded with natural antioxidants for the joints. Sure I am always up for trying out a new treat. I consider myself a professional treat tester because I am picky. It's got to be good for me to eat it. 
I just read where the bully came from
Did you know that lamb ears are more nutritious than regular raw hides? They have more protein in them. These treats are slow roasted so they are crunchy but not overly hard. They are the pawfect size for most sized dogs. I wouldn't recommend them for dogs who gulp their treats. There may be a choking hazard. If your dog like to savor their treat like I do or is small, medium, large or older then this is a great treat. 

The ingredients on the bag is lamb ears, beef liver, egg white, beef pizzle, chickyum fat, chickyum cartilage, salmon oil, and more. I know what you are saying, you want to know what beef pizzle is right? I had to google that word. We will say it's bully stick gravy and its good. Chewing on Wooly Bullys also promotes healthy teeth and gums. 

Honestly I could have ate this whole bag by myself and my brudder, Scooby Doo and sissy spaniel agreed. They cost about $6.00 at Rural King but I have seen that you could order them through a variety of places online. 

I give Wooly Bully's by RedBarn pet Products 4 paws up because I had to do  the happy roll after eating them. You can view their whole line of products on their website RedBarn. They also have a reward program you can sign up for on the site that sends you contest updates, freebies, product discounts, and they will be adding more soon.

This product has been Poodle approved! 


  1. Wow! Those sond really Nummy! My hairy slobbery sisters gots all droolly when me readed the post to them. Mommy says she is going to goes and look for them. Thanks yous!

    1. They are VERY Good! I hope your mommy can find them for your slobbery sisters.
      Have a great day!

  2. Replies
    1. They are very yummy. I highly recommend them. I am trying to talk ma into letting me sampling the entire line. Wish me luck!
      Thank you for stopping by. Have a tail wagging day.


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