Tuesdays Tails - Gabbie & Gussie

Today's featured pet is actually 2 kitties. 
Gabbie and Gussie are their names. 

two cats on table acting like bookends
They are multicolored so they go with any home decor or clothing. 
In June 2012 a beautiful kitty wandered up the Owensboro Humane Society.Our kennel manager had seen her and thought she might live in the neighborhood behind the property so she put out food at night just in case. This kitty never left. Finally the kennel manager put out a trap and caught this little girl.

They put her in a cage to isolate her from our kitties and held her so in case someone claimed her. The kitty grew a big round belly that grew and grew. In July ma got a call saying this kitty had went into labor and was having her babies. Ma was so excited.

We jumped in the car and went to the humane society. By time we got there 3 kittens had been born. Everyone left thinking that was all the kitties that were going to be born but ma, sissy Sarah , Zen and I stuck around to watch the mama kitty. 

All of a sudden the mama started panting again. Another baby was coming! At around 8 pm she had 3 more kittens! She had a total of 6 babies!! I was so excited to see newborn kittens. They called the mama ,Darla. Darla was a great mom. She took care of those babies the best of her ability. 

Yellow tabby with 6 baby kittens
Gabbie is the one by her back leg and Gussie is the by her front paw. 

Now it is almost June and all the babies except for Gabbie and Gussie have been adopted. We still have the mama kitty but she has become one of our free roaming indoor/outdoor kitty's.  

Gabbie and Gussie have been a joy to play with and watch them grow up but a Humane Society is no where for kitties to grow up. They have never had the comforts of a home. They are well adjusted , playful , loves attention kitties that would be pawfect in any home. They do Not have to be adopted together. 
brown tabby posing for the camera
Gabbie  loves to pose for the camera 

brown tabby cat laying down
Gussie is laid back 
These kitties are purring machines. They love to be in a lap, they always are the first to great you when you come in to the office and they will give you kitty hugs. 

If you are searching for a kitty that is up to date on vaccines , spayed, FLV/FeLV neg. and ready to steal your heart, please consider one or both of these kitties. We call them Kit Kats since they are over 6mths and under 1 yr. of age. 

They are available at the Owensboro Humane Society . They get along with other cats and well behaved dogs. Our facility is located at 3101 w. 2nd st. in Owensboro Ky. It's open 7 days a week , 365 days a year from 11-4. 

If you would like more information or to see if you are qualified to adopt one of these beautiful kitties , please call 270-302-6813 or Email Us. We would love to discuss our adoption contract. We do not require that you live in our county or the state of Ky. Transportation may be provided. 

Can't adopt? That is ok. We have a program called Sponsor a Pet. Can't afford to sponsor? SHARE. Please share this post so that others can see these two kitties. Sharing a post or a photo has found many pets a home of their own. 

Want to know more about our non profit, No Kill Humane Society? Visit them on Facebook and give us a "like" . We would love to have you as a fan. I know I would! 


  1. Gabbie and Gussie are precious and mama is beautiful! Hope all three find a forever home! Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  2. I hope they find there forever homes soon. Will share.


    1. Thank you so much Ian. We are working hard on finding homes for them all.

  3. We have our paws crossed that Gabbie and Gussie find forever homes really soon. They are so adorable, and sound like such wonderful kitties.

    Love the idea of a Tuesday's Tails Blog Hop. We'll be sure to join in next time! :)

    1. we would love for you to join the hop! The more pets that can be showcased the better. Have a pawtastic day!

  4. They are beautiful! Hope they find
    homes quickly!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a pawtastic day!

  5. love those names (Gabby and Gussie) just tweeted them! Hoping they find their furever home!
    Thank you for your incredibly kind comment on Cat Chat today, it means the world to us and we consider you to be family too!!!!
    Don't know if you know, but my dog has a blog too!
    Dakota's Den www.dakotasden.wordpress.com
    He would love it if Carma would visit him!

    1. Caren I adore you. I am so happy that Blogpaws made it possible to meet you. I have joined Dakota's blog so now I will have emails when he post a new post.
      Carma Poodale

  6. Aw. I hope they find good homes quickly!

  7. Shared! Hope they find homes!



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