BlogPaws Recap

Trying to do a recap on Blogpaws and what I learned is really hard. I mean , it was 3 fast paced days that was so choked with information that my head was going wow, wow , WOW the whole time. We went a day early so we could mingle and ma could rest but that sure didn't happen. She strived to be the energizer Bunny! 

**Please note that some of these photos are not on the right day. Blogger is not working with me tonight. So I have to get the photos on here the best I can** 

I covered the journey to Blogpaws and some of the things we did as seen here  Journey to BlogPaws  but once we got to the host hotel, it was GO! Once we checked it , we found our room , dropped our stuff and went to the conference center to look around at all the sponsors and companies that were there. 

Sissy Sarah quickly found the dress up table and dressed up like a wanna be cat. This was the last time we seen her until bed time. She was supposed to be our photographer but she was off learning on her own.

  We walked around and talked with the sponsors and met up with other bloggers who we follow.

Cinnamon is cute as a button

Met Cinnamon's Mom, Venus and Carol Bryant

Christie from LifewithBeagle 

 After mingling for a while , we went outside so I could potty. Ma quickly found friends outside so she caught up with them and I people watched. 

Where are my followers? 
I am a Twitter Critter
I wish Owensboro had a dog park! 
 I even visited the dog park! It was to potty but I did run around with some of my other blogger friends. After a fun filled day, it was finally time to go night night. These Sheraton beds are sure comfy.
One pooped poodle  
 On Friday we attended a sessions on SEO and I sure did learn alot. It helped that his voice had a soothing accent. 

Oscar kept staring at me. I think he wanted to play

learning about SEO

In between sessions I met up with some really cool friends. They were poodles like me! I was the only girl but they were both gentleman to me. 

These 3 poodles are fabulous 

Uh, Chilly let go of my leash , please 

Then while we were in a session, +Cokie Cat and I cuddled on the floor together. We caught up with everything that was going on around Twitter. After that I met up with stick Katie and Waffles too from Neither of them tried to swat me. I have some pawtastic kitty friends.

@cokiethecat and I taking a break

Its my pals from @Enlightenedferrets
Manny, Marcus and Marilyn
I snuck up and photo bombed the flat pet kitties! 

Katie and Waffles on a stick.

I also hung out with my ferret friends and their mom Amy Jo. They were super nice. All of a sudden I seen one of my favorite kitty lady bloggers. I was hoping she would come to say hi and she did! It Deb Barnes from zee and zoey
I love this kitty lady. Its Deb from ZeeandZoey 

Stopped at the Natural Balance table 
These chunky flat pets at the Natural Balance display sure make a girl look slim. 
We decided to take a break and I needed to potty. We went outside and met up with Pepperpom and Rocco. Let me tell you, ma got all googly eyed over Rocco. He is just a baby and I seen that "I want a PUPPY!"look in her eyes. I had to remind her that dad says no more puppies. For some reason I don't think he has any say in the matter but maybe that will be a later blog post.


When we finally caught up with sissy Sarah, she was at the Jones Natural Chew table. My ears caught the sound of "cheep, cheep, cheep". I have heard that sound before on a farm but I thought why are they here? Sissy Sarah turned around with this huge smile on her face and a baby chickyum in her hands. I even got a photo of a chickyum on my back but I have no idea where that photo went. It must have flew the coop.

Sissy finally got to hold a chickyum
NOTE her birds nest hairdo. 
Camera messed up but gave me this cool photo
Blurry photo of all the sponsors 
Then ma's camera messed up. Every photo she took turned out blurry and as you can see above it made a cool photo of me resting in the chair. She had to take the rest of the photos with her phone. 

We then ran into Rex the Bunny. He is a huge rabbit! Ma squealed with delight. 
Rex the Bunny 
Crazy Bunny with a Bunny 

I was face to face with Rex.
Hey , personal space please! 

Excuse me but can't you see I am laying here? 
You can have your own Super Buddy. Visit a Shelter near you! 

We went upstairs and had lunch with Sandy Robins at the round table discussions. We discussed how to properly do a product review. We learned so much from her. We learned how to do a review and tactfully say we didn't enjoy the product to doing a rave review. I hope to be able to use the skills I learned from her in my product reviews. Maybe it was because this was almost like a one on one with a speaker but I really enjoyed the lunch and the company at the table. I sat by Christie from Life with Beagle. I love her.

Sissy, ma and I had a chance to speak at Blogpaws. We were invited to a meet the shelters session. We had a chance to tell the bloggers about our shelter and what we do. This was a great honor to be able to do this. I wore my Owensboro Humane Society saddle from Doodie pack. I even had a few people give me some dollars for my fur friends. I couldn't wait to take it back to our shelter.

After we told about our Humane Society, some gave me donations. 

You have to catch your zzz's when you can 
My blog was also one of 10 blogs who have been "adopted by petfinder" !  Yes 
 Petfinder adopted my blog and 9 others and we will blog about keeping pets safe this summer. You can read more about it and see the other blogs who were adopted too. 10 Blogs adopted by We went to a Indian restaurant to eat lunch and talk about what was planned for the summer. 

I slept like a Rock at night
The last day of the conference was the Nose to Nose awards ceremony and the closing remarks and donations. While we waited for the red carpet yappy hour to start we gathered all our swag and shipped it home, mingled with friends and discussed what we had learned in each session. 

My twitter friends and I were on TV with Ron the Weatherman and Schmitty the weather dog. We were so excited to be there. 

Who I spend my Monday nights with on Twitter at #petchat

I stopped by the OraStrip table and I got tested for Periodontal disease. No I don't have it but you can have your dog tested for it to. Ask your vet if they have the test. 

I got tested @Orastrip

Orastrip test for Peridontal disease in dogs

When the time was near we ran upstairs and we got dressed up in our fancy clothes. By this time, I was showing ma that my back was really starting to hurt. I was spending more time laying down then I was walking around. She took me up to the room, gave me something to eat and let me rest. She rested too. I think she gave me something because my back was starting to feel much better. 

We went to the red carpet event and walked the red carpet. The pupparatizzi was everywhere. The flashes from the cameras were coming from all directions. I felt like a movie star! 

We got to our table and we sat down and waited for the pawty to begin. We listened to David Frei give out the awards and ma shook the Glorgirly cat bell every time a kitty won. My photo of the bell was to blurry to post. Ma did get to meet Mr. Frei for a bit thanks to her friend Elly.

Oh My Dog, its David Frei ! 

Jasmine (myfavoritePup) in her
Of course, ma's phone died and we couldn't take any photos of anyone dressed up but we did have someone who was nice enough to send us a photo of Ma and Angel (pepperpom's mom) and Emmy sitting together. 

After the awards and ceremony was over , we had a blogpawty on Twitter. We had to tweet about our shelter that we wanted Pets Add life to donate money to. The tweets were a tweeting. At the end, they announced the winners. Sissy Sarah was one of the WINNERS! She won $500 for our humane society!!! She had the biggest smile on her face. We were all cheering and raising the woof in celebration.

Going to miss my Flat Delia our room mates girl

It was time to say goodbye to everyone. This is the part that I don't like. All my blogging friends live all over the United States , Canada, and other parts of the world and things like Blogpaws brings us together. We meet new friends and visit with ones we already know. Most of us bark with each other online often and we read each others post. Its still sad to say goodbye. But walking away with the memories in your heart and the feeling of being loved is a pawtastic feeling. 

Kona, me and Pepper are 3 working girls.
We are all Service dogs 

Ron the weatherman and Schmitty the weather dog

It was time to get to the airport so we had to say our goodbyes. We made our way to our plane and it was a good flight. We flew United. Some of our swag didn't get past security like the Natural Balance wet food and some cleaner. I knew I should have ate that! 

I fit comfortably under the seats 

Sissy Sarah goofing off 

Ma and sissy 
I lay between their feet

But I passed a little gas

Ma took a photo of her knee

I was happy to see this potty yard! 

Waiting for our small plane

Watched our plane get fueled up 

I think the pilot lost his keys to the plane

We were a full flight 

Watched other planes take off 

They gave me my own seat 

I was very comfy 

Had to wait till the fighter planes took off first 

Then we hit turbulence 

Sissy after rough ride in the sky

Once we made to our home airport , dad picked us up. The trip was over. 
I already missed everyone. I am looking forward to watching the recorded videos of the sessions I missed. I learned a lot and I hope to take my blog to a whole new level. One that will bring awareness to shelter pets , teaching pawents how to be a better pawent,  being a better service dog and living life to its fullest. 
Miss piggy got a fancy dress from 

Thank you for taking time to read this really long post. Stay tuned for many giveaways!


  1. Hi Carma! I love this post! It brought back all my great memories from BlogPaws! (But I can't believe you let that giant bunny get so close to you! You're very brave! I thought he was super scary and I barked like crazy whenever he got out of his carriage.)

    Your pal,

    1. Thank you Garth. I only wish we could have gotten a photo together. That will be on my bucketlist. That big bunny didn't scare me not one bit. We could have snuggled with each other.

  2. Hi Carma! It was a pawsome trip! I really enjoy seeing you in furson each time we meet :)

    1. Yes it was. Thanks for being my fur friend. I love you and your mom. Hope to see you soon!

  3. WOW WHAT A WHIRLWIND JAM PACKED TRIP! You sure covered everything!! We loved it!

    1. Thank you Caren. Its hard to pick photos out of the hundreds we got. Actually it was since most of them came out super blurry. Leave it to MY camera to mess up at Blogpaws.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. That was a great overview! Makes me miss it. I'm sad we didn't get any pictures together. We will definitely have to get a bunch next year!

    1. I am sad we didn't either. I have started a bucket list and I will definitely put you and me having our photo taken together on it!

  5. Great post! It was very nice to meet you at BlogPaws....we thought it was really neat that you had a book for us to sign and that you raise money to help shelter animals!!!

    1. Thank you for signing my pawograph book. It means the world to me. I love helping my friends who have no pawents of their own. Its a goal to help my shelter friends find their own pawents!

  6. Great post! I love all the photos and content. It was so nice to meet you and your family. I was happy to see your Sissy win for your shelter. I agree about the book to sign that was smart along with the pretty purple attached pen. I plan to have one at the next conference.

    1. I am honored that you signed it for me. That really made me feel special. I hope to see you and cinnamon again. I think you are really pawtastic in my book!

  7. Sounds like a great time! Mommy wanted to go but it was hu sis' 21st birthday and I guess since that only happens once, mommy decided she should stay here and help her celebrate! She was being a good mommy indeed!

    1. Yes she was a very good mommy. I think my ma would have missed Blogpaws if sissy Sarah would have been turning 21 too. Maybe next year we can meet in pawson!

  8. must have been exhausted!

    1. Yes I was but it was all worth it. I would do it again if I could and I will try my hardest to make it to Vegas next year!

  9. What a PAWSOME BlogPaws recap, Carma!!! We really enjoyed all your photos! ...and Katie & Waffles On-A-Stick LOVED meeting you!

    Thanks for ringing our catbell!!!


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