I Promised So I Delivered.

On May 20, 2013, I wrote a blog post for SHY. She was a adoptable beagle from the Owensboro Humane Society. I am part of a group of bloggers who on Tuesday's blog about animals who are in need of homes called "Tuesdays Tails" OPT TO ADOPT blog hop. 

I had promised if Shy got adopted, I would give her new owners 6 months of food as a thank you for giving her a new life. You can read the blog post HERE

Beagle named SHY got adopted!

On June 9th, Shy got ADOPTED!! Since ma has been recovering from her MS flair we were not able to give the food to the new owner right away. I really wanted to wait a few days also to make sure that everything was going right and they were sure they would keep Shy. Our adoption contract states that the animal who was adopted MUST come back to our facility if they change their mind. 

Thursday, June 13th , ma called Shy's new mom's daughter to see how things were going. We got a pawtastic update. Shy is loving her new home, she loves the comfort of her new home and yard and is actually sleeping in the bed with her new pawents. This thrills me to no end. Words can't express the happiness in my heart for Shy.

Today which is Friday, I made good on my promise. Since Shy lives in another county I asked ma to take me to where Shy's new human sister works. Angel (the new sister) is going to visit with Shy on Saturday, I wanted her to be able to take the food with her. 

White poodle Carma Poodale in front of Purina Pro Plan Dog food
I took 2 large bags of food 
I bought 2 bags of food that equaled 37 pounds for Shy. I also left my business card in case Shy does run out of food, they will call me and I will take more to them. 

I don't want you to think that I am bragging. I just want my readers to know that when I make a promise, I keep it. I am very grateful and happy when my fur friends find the homes that they yearn for! 

Condogulations to Shy for finding her home that she has waited 2 long years for! I am wagging my tail wildly right now but I do have one more update to tell you about. 

One more of my fur friends found the home of their dreams!!!! YES! 2 fur friends found homes and I also wrote about this friend. 

Black and brown dog named Reggie
Remember me?? 
I am so happy to announce that REGGIE found a home!!! Reggie's new mom is a RN at a place that takes care of Hospice patients. His new mom loved Reggie's calmness and great looks. He will be going to work with her and work on becoming a THERAPY dog! Way to go Reggie!! If you would like to refresh your memory of who Reggie was , here is the blog post on him. 

I am so excited to share this exciting news. We often read about those who need a home and we encourage adopting but I thought maybe you would like to hear a little good news. I hope it made your day to see some happy post. It sure made mine! 


  1. That's great and very generous of you! I am glad she got adopted.

  2. You aren't bragging at all!! As you said, "you made a promise and you delivered" and I think you are just INCREDIBLY SPECIAL!!!!! This story has happy endings all around!
    Hoping you are feeling better!

  3. That's fantastic! And so nice of you to give them the food too :-)


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