Storm Soother- Product Review & Giveaway

One of the products I got from BlogPaws was by a company called Spirit Essences. I picked it up from the Cat Lounge at Blogpaws. Yes, the cat lounge. I had wandered in to see the new products for my kitty friends. One of the things that drew me to the table was the names on the bottles.

There was Spay/neuter, Changing times, Foster care and many more but one grabbed my attention...Storm Soother. I had to ask if I could try one of these products and the representative gave me 10 different types! I also liked the fact that these are the same products that Jackson Galaxy, the cat daddy, himself uses! Now I love the show "My Cat From Hell". I have learned a lot from this show about kitty behavior. Ma used to work in a health store so she knew about homeopaths such as Bach's and the line of Spirit Essences for humans. She actually stopped smoking using Kava  but when she broke out in a full body rash the doctor told her she was allergic to Kava , she started smoking again.

I was very excited to try out these products but I didn't know WHO I was going to use it on?

Storm Soother is all natural ingredients
When I came home I searched the internet for more information about these natural essences.No way would we ever use a product without researching it first.  I was very happy to know it was also safe for canines. As most know, this is a very bad week for storms. There has been lots of thunder, buckets of rain and lightening. Oklahoma has been hit the worse with the tornadoes but those storms moved in to us, here in Ky. Nothing major just lots of thunder which makes Scooby Doo nervous. 

Mommy , its gonna storm. 
Ma has been working with Scooby Doo on the fear of storms. He has been doing really well but appawently while we were gone , there were some bouts of storms. Dad was at work so Scooby Doo didn't have the reassurance that he would be ok. By time we got home from Blogpaws and pet sitting, he was once again scared of them. Ma used the Storm Soother the other day on Scooby and it really seemed to help. He was more relaxed but she didn't know if it was the fact she was home or the Storm Soother working. 

When ma seen this map the weather man had put up yesterday morning, she knew it was time to give the Storm Soother another try. 

Ma gave the bottle 3 good taps to activate the product inside and then she gave him a about 4 drops straight in his mouth. He didn't seem to mind it but he sure smacked his lips with a funny look on his face. You don't have to put it in their mouth, you can actually put 3 or 4 drops on your hands and rub their coat, place drops on their paws and they will lick it off or put it on food or in water. We chose it in his mouth to test. 

Then we watched him. I think the little fella was getting paranoid that we would stare at him. He settled up on the couch and watched some TV. Ma went outside and she could hear the thunder off in the distance. The closer the thunder got , the closer she knew she would find out if it was helping Scooby. She came in when she seen lightening and walked in to the living room to find Scooby laying on the couch sleeping peacefully. The rain started, the thunder rolled and Scooby acted like nothing was wrong. 

After about 40 minutes the storm passed and it continued to rain. Scooby just kept napping. Later last night we had another round of storms. Lots of thunder, lightening and rain. She gave Scooby another dose of the Storm Soother when he started acting antsy. It had been about 6 hrs since the last dose so it was fine. After about 10 minutes, he was acting like nothing was happening and even played with his toy. All through the storm he played and pestered me to play with him. 

I have to say this Storm Soother seems to really have helped! The website states: Storm Soother works in two distinct ways: it addresses the acute sensitivity animals feel to both electric and barometric changes in the environment, so it can be used as a maintenance formula all storm season long. It also works to help ground them during the worst of the storm when unexpected sights and sounds throw their sense of territorial comfort upside down.

I will give Storm Soother 2 paws up because I can't be sure that it was what truly helped Scooby or if it was the fact that Ma was home. Ma did make a point not to stay in the same room as him and he did not follow her around like a piece of dog hair trapped on her clothing. We will further test this formula since we have a week of storms coming through. 
What storms? 

You can find the whole list of remedy's here - Jackson Galaxy Store After reading reviews and looking around the website, I found that Jackson actually uses these off camera on his show.

Have you ever tried any of the Remedy's? If so, I would love to know what you used and what the outcome was.
UPDATE! Would you like to WIN a 1 oz bottle of Storm Soother?
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Have a tail wagging day!

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  1. We live in northern Michigan an we have had several thunder storms as of late. My pug ran into the sliding glass door the other night before running into my room and into my shower. She has ear/eye issues so I no that the lightning and thunder only amplifies her fear. I have tried lavender sprays but it does not seem to work well.


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