Dogs In Hot Cars

Every year we hear the same thing over and over...Dog Dies in Hot Car. What is it going to take for humans to think about what they are doing when they leave their dogs in a car in the summertime? Not just pet parents have done this but there has also been K-9 handlers who left their dogs in cars only to die. This just happened last month-Article about it HERE

Here is a excellent info graphic that tells what will happen to the inside temperature of the car when it is parked. Please think before you take your dog shopping and think that cracking the window will help.

Please remind others who you see what they could be doing to their pets by leaving them in cars on hot days. If you see a animal or child left in a car please notify the store or business to allow them to page the person. Write down license plate number, color of car, and a description of the animal. If the business refuses to page the owner then call the police. Some cities have been giving a citation to owners who do this and one police chief tells it as it is. I wish all police chief's were like Chief David Oliver 

Stay safe this summer. 
*my blog was adopted by Petfinders and together we are getting the word out about summer safety and how to have a safe , fun summer. I received a $200.00 gift card to help with the cost of Blogpaws , a luncheon with other bloggers whom they adopted and a gift basket. 


  1. What's discouraging is that with all the warnings and graphics I'm seeing everywhere this Summer I still have to read stories about stupid people leaving dogs in cars...All we can do is keep getting the message out

    1. I know Gizmo. I seem to see it weekly that a dog has lost its life due to being left in a hot car. I wish we knew some way to get it through peoples heads that its a terrible way to die.
      Thank you for stopping by! Have a pawtastic weekend.

  2. I don't know why people leave dogs in hot cars, but if they haven't got the message by now, I don't think they will.

  3. I don't understand it either. You would think that people would be more careful with their pets. But sometimes I think humans are just stupid! By the way, Phe is in a contest and if she wins we are donating a portion of it to the animal shelter she was adopted from. Phe would really appreciate it if you would vote for her! If you can help her out go to this link to find out more: Phe really wants to help her doggy and kitty friends at the shelter!!!!

  4. I am so pleased that you have put this across on your blog! I really think its just common sense and everyone knows the harm it can do to a dog, well they should by now anyway, especially after the amount of advertising, etc about this increasing situation! Me and mum reported a car with the registration plate and everything, type of car, colour, everything because there was two LONG-HAIRED, JET BLACK, GERMAN SHEPHERDS LEFT IN THE CAR FOR ABOUT AN HOUR WITH ALL WINDOWS UP AND EVERYTHING!!! We were so very shocked!! We reported this to the RSPCA, the owners were charged about 300 pound and gave a warning but not enough in my opinion!

    Jessica, the 3 pooches and 2 felines!


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