Senior House Doesn't Mean Boring House

In honor of senior pet month, I present my sissy spaniel, Jenny Sue and the rest of us! Jenny Sue is blind but so full of life you wouldn't think she was blind  by her attitude. She swims, plays fetch, great snuggler, loves to go with us to run in the field  and loves to give kisses. Jenny Sue is 10 yrs old. 

Senior Dogs ROCK!!!

Yes I am the Best Dawggone Taster this house has.

Any Companies need a senior tester???

I am 7 yrs old and still can jump high
 Bring on the poodle ball! 

Scooby Doo will be 7 yrs old in Sept!
We adopted him at age 6 yrs. 

Miss Piggy just turned 5 yrs old. She made us Foster Failures.
I am so happy she did.
PB the gerbil is 5 yrs old too! 

This house is FULL of seniors but its a active household with no major medical problems except for ma who has MS but she makes a effort to get up and move. Keeping your pet active will keep them young and it will work wonders for you too! Get off that computer and go play with your fur kid. They will appreciate it and I bet they make you smile. Smiling is great for your health.


  1. What a great household! All hail the seniors we say!

  2. Absolutely, Senior Dog ROCK! and Golden Happy to be one of them. Happy WW BlogPaws. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Bravo! What an inspawrational way to start our day, thank you.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to seniors (and a beautiful family you have) Carma!

  5. Great message and a great group of senior pets you have! I agree, keeping your pet active is a big factor in longevity. It's good for us too.

  6. Seniors are amazing. My staff just saved 2 x13yr old sisfur kitties from being pts. Their owner's 18mth old son was allowed to abuse them and pull them about and, because one of them eventually scratched him, the 'owner' was going to have them put to sleep rather than teach her child how to treat animals with love and respect. They are safe now but we are looking for a loving retirement home for them in the UK. They are with us in Colchester atm.

  7. Your seniors all look so happy. :)

  8. Great news!
    Benson the Cocker Spaniel in the bloghop at number 38 has FOUND A NEW HOME!!!
    Thank you everyone who took part in this bloghop & shared his details.
    WeK & Annette


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