National Pet Memorial Day- B/W Sunday

Today is National Pet Memorial Day

Remembering Hank 
Ma's 1st Baby

Bocephus Hank 


  1. Hank looks so happy here. Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh What a precious photo. Pawsome SMILE. Happy Black n White Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. what an incredibly handsome doggy he was ((((hugs))))

  4. Hank was a very handsome boy. What a wonderful photo. I know your mom has very special memories, Carma. Happy belated B&W Sunday.

  5. Oh! Our four-legged bestfriends. My dog has been dead for 244 days already. I've never stopped counting. It's my way of honoring and remembering him. He was a great companion for almost 11 years. It is painful to lose our four-legged bestfriends but this doesn't mean that we will stop loving and remembering them. Hank looks really handsome. I know he was well-loved and taken care of.


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