Happy Gotcha Day, Scooby Doo!

It's been one year since Scooby's other mother 
signed over her parental rights to us for Scooby Doo . 
So does this mean I can stay? 
If ma doesn't quit finding his pee spots all over the house
 she said she is going to sell him to the gypsy's. 

But I am too cute for gypsies! 
Until we can find some gypsy's 
that will actually take him 

 He has to wear the belly band. 

I am the lead howler in a group called "Belly Band"

Happy Gotcha day Scooby Doo 


  1. Happy Happy Gotcha Day you adorable woofie you!! xoxo

  2. Awww... we LOVE the Scoob!
    Happy Gotcha Day you silly boy : )

  3. Well Happy Gotcha day Scooby!! And hello new blogging friend, I look forward to learning more about you!


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