No More Plexidor

   Back in July I was one of the Blogpaws bloggers selected to receive a Plexidor dog door. I was so excited! I would finally be able to go in and out as I needed to and so would my fur siblings. No more bothering ma to open the door. 

    We called about every installer in town only to find that most did not return our call or they did not install dog doors. I don't know if they thought it wasn't worth the money or the time or they just didn't know what they were doing. It was very disheartening. We did find one installer who said he never installed a door before but he would try; only problem was he was highly allergic to pets. The 30 minutes he was here resulted in ma giving him a allergy pill and his face swelling up!! 
   Ma was not too comfortable with allowing him to do the work. I agreed because seeing a man's face swell up in front of me was doggone scary! I couldn't take my eyes off him. I couldn't stop staring and Scooby started growling at him. Now, please know we are very well behaved but when a persons face starts swelling up in front of you , its freaky!
   Blogpaws contacted ma and she told them she needed to send the door back. We were so sad. BlogPaws sent the return label to put on the door to ship it back and ma said we could call the brown truck people to pick it up

Boy in Halloween outfit of UPS driver
Not UPS driver 

 but since we needed to do errands , we decided to take it to a drop off center. 

Dog laying next to box
But I don't want to send it back! 

The door is on it's way back to Plexidor. Yes I am sad but I am grateful that I was chosen to be one of the BlogPaws bloggers who would get to enjoy the door. I do want to thank Plexidor for their patience with us while we attempted to get a installer and working with us to help find someone. But it just wasn't meant to be......I will add that if you are searching for a new dog door, please check out Plexidor dog doors. These are top quality, extra secure and very well made doors. They are well worth the price and effort! 

*I was compensated for my original post from the Plexidor company. I decided to post this to let my viewers know the status of my door and that even though I did not get my door installed I would still recommend the product. 


  1. That's too bad Carma! It was very nice of your mom to help out the installer. It is such a shame he was allergic!

  2. I am so sorry that the door couldn't be installed. Poor guy tried his best. I didn't realize people could be so severely allergic to pets. I guess the worst that happens to me is that I sneeze and my nose clogs.. which happens so often I'm used to it.

  3. That's such a shame Carma...Hard to believe no one could get it installed for you

  4. Well that just stinks! Sorry it didn't work at for you either. Ours didn't installed for a varity of reasons and I was bummed too.

  5. I'm sorry you were not able to have the door installed. Sounds like this is a job opportunity waiting for someone with skill. Love your little UPS driver and his truck. :)


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