Zuke's #FuelTheLove Review and Giveaway

We have been on the hunt for good treats. Treats that are made in the US with high quality ingredients that aren't full of fillers and where the ingredients aren't imported from China. I have many friends who are always talking about Zuke's treats and how much they love them but honestly I have never been a fan...until now. Someone had donated a bag of Zuke's treats to our humane society and since they were ZFilets , ma was able to break them into small pieces to reward a few of our dogs when she gave them a command of sit. Everytime she said it, I would sit too. She gave me some and I really liked it. She had told me she would buy me some next time we were at the pet store.

So when  I heard about the Zuke's #Fuelthelove #BarkFriday blog hop, my ears perked up. I found out that Zuke's wanted bloggers to try out their products and help spread the word about the #FueltheLove Twitter party happening on November 29th from 11-12:30 CST where there will be plenty of prizes and great amount of fun. I jumped to the chance to help spread the word but then I found out that Zuke's was sending out packages of their treats for the bloggers to try, I think I heard angels singing. I could get myself my own Zuke's treats! Of course, I would share with Jenny and Scooby but I could try flavors that I have never tried. Then it was time to pick which ones I wanted to try. Boy was that hard! I finally narrowed it down and submitted my list and then I waited, and waited and waited some more. It only took a few days but to a dog, it took a long time.
When they arrived, ma took the box and put it up HIGH!  I could not believe she would do that. She said we had to wait. Its not easy doing this thing called wait. She finally took the box down and opened it and she had our undivided attention.

I can't wait to try them all! 

I am happy as can be. Look what Zuke's sent me! 
Wish I could just tear them all open and gobble them up.
 We started with the ZFilets to try first.I know I liked the grilled beef but I haven't tried the other flavors. I also received Grill Venison and Grilled Chicken. We tasted them and ma expected us to spit them out but we just asked for more. I did all my commands such as sit, stay, down and high paw to get bits of these tasty treats. These treats are seasoned with Rosemary, Turmeric and Sage and they are GRAIN-FREE!! If you have dogs who are sensitive to grains, they can enjoy these treats! Like I said they can be broken into small pieces so they are great for training or a quick treat. The pieces are large so one treat can go a long way.

    Features & Benefits
  • All meat comes from US or New Zealand: safe, trustworthy sources
  • Meat is 80% of treat: ideal for dogs on limited-ingredient or grain-free diets
  • Nutrient-rich rosemary, sage and turmeric: powerful sources of antioxidants
  • Large treats easily tear into smaller pieces: perfect for any breed 

I also received Skinny Bakes. These are crunchy mini treats that are only 10 calorie per treat. I got the Cherry N Berry, Pumpkin and Sweet Potato and Banana and Peanut Butter flavors. These are wheat, corn and soy free. They smell delicious. Ma was even tempted to eat one but she didn't , even though I double dog dared her. We all loved the pumpkin and sweet potato! We haven't opened the other ones yet but if they are as good as the ones we tried then we will be giving high paw reviews.
    Features & Benefits
  • Under 10 Calories: perfect for pups with a little extra around the middle, or for training without adding to the waistline
  • Healthy Vegan: Meat-free, clean ingredients mean nutritious, junk-free treats for your dog 
  • Yummy Crunchy: big taste in a petite crunchy treat. Smell them...they taste even better!
  • Wheat-, Corn- and Soy-Free: clean ingredients mean even dogs with some common allergies can indulge

When ma and I visited the Zukes website  to find out mre about them, we found we actually enjoyed reading about the company. From where the idea came from to how they try do their part to help the earth. Things like using 60% recycled boxes , paying employees to ride bikes or scooters instead of driving cars and volunteering to help with roadside cleanups to keep their city trash free. To me that says a lot about a company. 
Learn more about Zuke's in the video below. 

You can read about Zuke's, the company, their products and meet other pet owners from the Community by following this link Zuke's- Healthly Natural treats for dogs and cats
You can find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter
Remember to mark your calendar for 

#FueltheLove Twitter party November 29th from 11-12:30 CST 

You can help dogs and cats with cancer by following @ZukesPets on Instagram or Twitter and upload a action packed video or photo with the #FueltheLove hashtag and Zuke's will donate $5. to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund,a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing canine and feline cancer. HOW COOL IS THAT?? It's fun, it's free and it helps to give back with no cost to you!   

Now for some pawtastic news. Zukes is giving away 15 bags of treats!! These treats will be sent directly from Zuke's to your front door. Sorry but its only open to those in the US. Enter now!!! 

Four winners (US only) will win 15 bags of treats. The group giveaway will end 12/1/2013 11:59 pm CST

*DISCLAIMER: I was not compensated for this post. I was sent free treats to try and review and the views on how the treats were used and how I liked them are solely my own.
Visit my blogger friends and see what they have to say about the Zuke's treats they received. 


  1. So many goodies the winners will be so lucky!!

  2. We're entering for our special doggy friend! His name is Tucker.
    ..oh, and the closest Zukes store is Petsmart...lest than a mile from our house!

  3. Petsmart in Milpitas, CA is the closest retailer to me. About 5 miles.
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