Meet The Blogger- Bunny Allen

While reading through all the blogs that I follow , I came across a Blog Hop called Meet the Bloggers. As I went to each page I learned more and more about different bloggers who write some of my favorite blogs. 

Most bloggers I have met in person. I follow them on social media channels so we talk often. Some I have not had the pleasure of meeting so it was interesting to learn more about them. 

It seems like a fun project so I asked ma to join in. I normally don't want her messing with my blog but for this occasion , I will allow her to write. But just know there IS a poodle writing this blog but since sometimes I get paid for certain post, I have to have a human cash my checks. 

This is where ma comes in real handy. ;) 

1st rule: Share current photo of yourself. 
(It's my blog, so I have to be in the photo) 
Ma (Bunny) , Me  and Sissy Sarah
Don't I look fabulous?

2nd rule: There are 20 questions , you have to pick 5 to answer. This is where I will let Ma step in but I had to pick the questions. 

 1QWhat do you like to do in your free time? I don't ever feel like I have free time between the blogging and the Humane Society but I love to work with my pond, and I love to travel with my girls. I look forward to going to another city , staying a hotel and ordering room service one night of our trip. It helps me to feel that I can bond more with my daughter, Sarah. 

2Q: Who’s your favorite actor? Johnny Depp. I love the characters he plays. I live 10 houses away from his first home as a baby and even though Owensboro people claim they went to school with him and some women claim they dated him, it's untrue. He didn't go to school in Owensboro Ky. The family had already moved by the time he was school age. We still get people who live in all parts of the US driving around our neighborhood looking for the 1st house he ever knew.He is the only actor I can say I have watched every movie he has ever made. 

3Q: Other than blogging, what are three things you do that bring you joy? My daughter Sarah, my pets and my pond. 

4Q: What’s your favorite holiday? Easter. I love the reason for the season and I love all the rabbit stuff that you can buy. A Bunny can never have enough rabbit stuff.
5Q: If you didn’t have your current pets, what pets could you choose to have? I can't live without a dog. I tried for 2 yrs after my dog Hank died. He was 17 yrs old when he passed away and I felt like I was cheating on him if I even thought I of adopting another dog , until I met Jenny Sue (My spaniel) I would also love to have horses, sheep and chickens again. 

Bunny giving Carma Poodale a hug
Yep, she loves me. 
So there you have it. All about ma. 

Many bloggers also know sissy Sarah because when we travel to bloggers conferences ,  we travel as a team. We are the Allen Girls. 

If we haven't met in person , we look forward to it. If we have met you in person, we can't wait to see you again. 


  1. That's a fun fact about Johnny Depp and his house. I think he is a good actor too, although I haven't seen all of his movies. Thanks for sharing a photo of you and your Sissy Sarah, Carma. It can she loves you and your Mom a lot.

  2. Hi - nice to get to know you better...I'm a Johnny Depp fan - there were actually a few of us on the Hop. Thanks for sharing!

  3. How fun about Johnny Depp ... I'm a Johnny Depp fan as well ... but didn't know that about him. Learn something about you and a famous person ... LOL!!

  4. Aw, I love that last picture! :) It's so cute! Also, thanks for clearing up those Johnny Depp rumors!

  5. Hey!! I know YOU!!! Loved this! I love Johnny Depp too! Your photos are just wonderful! It's even better now that I have met you in pawson!

  6. That was great, so nice to learn more about you.

  7. Cute photos! What a gorgeous familial unit you ladies make. Oooo, Johnny Depp. Love his movies. Especially love Chocolat!

  8. I'm so glad that you joined the hop and that I got to learn more about you! Love the Johnny Depp facts!
    I'm also glad I got to meet you in May and hope we will get to see each other again!

  9. I never knew that about Johnny Depp, very cool. Thanks sharing and great to get to know you a little better!

  10. I had no idea about Johnny Depp - so interesting!

    Loved reading your answers and so happy that you joined us for the hop!

  11. It's very nice to "meet" you!

  12. I'm so lucky to know you 3 girls in "pawson." Carma, thanks for taking a nap and letting your ma write. Have you bought ma's Christmas present yet? No, dog hair on the sofa doesn't count, sweetie.

  13. It is so nice to learn more about you Bunny. I have to agree, Johnny Depp is fabulous. He has got to be the most gifted actor of our times. I also love the picture of you, Carma and Sarah at the top. Yes Carma, you look fabulous! :)

    I never knew that you did a lot of traveling. I used to travel a lot too, but Daisy doesn't do well with other people so I have chosen to forgo it for now. I can completely relate to feeling like you were cheating on your old dogs by getting a new one. I felt the same way when my Indy died. She was the most awesome dog and I never thought I could love a dog as much as her, but then came Aspen, then Daisy and then Jasper and Cupcake. They just have a way of letting you love again.

  14. Awesome Carma, thanks so much for letting your Ma share a little bit about herself, it was a pleasure to meet her!

    I almost said Johnny Depp as my favorite actor but I haven't seen every movie, I guess I really like him as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates movies and I've seen him in The Tourist, but I'm not sure of any others I've seen. AND I did not know he was from KY so it's a good thing I didn't say that!

  15. Nice post. Mom saw you at BlogPaws but did not actually meet you...maybe this year? I love that you love wabbits although my thoughts on wabbits are not the same as yours. Keep up the good work with the Humane Society and keep traveling. We love to travel with Mom. Car rides get long but if we are together, that is all that matters.


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