Tuesday's Tails -Dozer the Rednose Pit Bull

Today I am focusing on Dozer. 
Yes ,I have focused on Dozer a lot over the year but I am driven to find my friend the home he deserves and longs for. Dozer will be turning 11 yrs old soon and its time for him to find his forever home. Dozer acts and plays like a 5 yr old. He is full of energy and love. 

He knows all his commands  such as sit, stay, sit pretty, lay down and hush. 
He wants to be the only pet in the home. He is fine with older children such as middle school. He is not a mean dog, not vicious, he just hasn't been exposed very often to younger children except when they have visited our Humane Society and he has always been in his kennel looking out or has been on a walk with a staff or volunteer. 
Cats are off limits to him. 

He does fine with me ,Carma Poodale,but I am a very calm poodle who he is around often. He also knows I am off limits and knows Ma is always watching him. She always tells him "I am watching you, Dozer" He strives to be a very good boy. Full of kisses and love.  

I have seen so many dogs go to homes that have been a 1 dog only household so I know these types of homes are out there! 

Dozer the red nose pit bull kissing Santa

Dozer the red nosed pitbull
Had some very shiny eyes 
and it you ever saw him
you would only think he's 5 
All the other shelter dogs 
Used to laugh and call his name 
they say, hey there Dozer 
want to play the adoption game 

One by one, he seen them go
to homes of their own
People stopped and looked at him 
just to say he's too old

Then one gloomy shelter day 
The staff came to say 
Dozer with the nose so gray 
This is your big big day! 

All of the other shelter dogs 
danced around with glee

They just saw Dozer
 leave with the _________ Family! 

Does your family qualify for Dozer? 
If it does, let us feel in the BLANK with YOUR name! 

*Must have fenced in yard
*Dozer would like to be the only pet in the home


  1. I love Dozer's Christmas song! Paws crossed that he finds a furever home this Christmas!

  2. You did a great job on that song for Dozer, I sure hope he finds his forever home!!

  3. We cross our paws for all the dogs get a forever home for Christmas gift.

  4. So glad you joined Tuesday's Tails this week! Dozer is precious! Love his Christmas song and hope he gets adopted. Sharing.

  5. Poor Dozer - such a long time waiting. He's so cute! Sharing in hopes he'll get a home for the holidays.


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