Do You Have a Heart Like a Dog?

It's HERE! The beginning of a New Year. 2013 has came and gone and 2014 is the start of new beginnings. Last year I decided to be part of the Blogger Exchange Program  hosted by Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes and AJ from I Still Want More Puppies! The blogger exchange program isn't about sharing gifts of things money can buy but giving the gift of compliments, sharing each others blogs with our followers and giving encouragement. All my blogging friends and I were paired up in to 2's. I was paired with Jodi at Heart Like a Dog. If you follow me on Facebook you have seen where I asked others to go by and like her Heart Like a Dog page. I sure hope you have by now. 

I have followed Heart Like a Dog on Facebook , twitter and I have also read her blog so when I was paired up with Jodi I knew a little about her but I needed to find out more to share with you. Her heart consist of 2 labs - one named Sampson and one named Delilah. 

Her banner from Facebook and her Blog (I am borrowing it for this post) 

Jodi and her husband, Chet has had Sampson in their lives since he was 8 weeks old. Sampson grew up a only fur child. He turned out to be a great snuggler says Jodi.When people meet him they say "I want a dog like that".
Samson (photo borrowed from her blog )

When Sampson was about 3 yrs old, they decided that they wanted to give him a sibling to play with so he wouldn't be lonely while they were at work. He did get to attend daycare so he wasn't home alone all the time but he needed someone for those days that he didn't attend daycare. They decided they wanted to adopt, which won my heart. They turned to PetFinder to find their boy a sibling. They searched and searched, put in applications but was rejected due to them not being home all day. Some rescues require this, why? I don't know, I think its just plain silly because a lot of pets lose their chance on a pawfectly great home because a rescue/shelter/humane society feels someone should be home all day with the pet. 

Jodi and her husband decided to try find a lab or a lab mix and after many photos, many conversations and many emails with the shelters she found on Petfinder, they decided to contact the American Lab Rescue. They found 3 dogs and inquired about all 3. The rescue wanted to know why they chose 3 and not just 1 so she told them about being rejected and why she thought 3 would give her a better chance than just one. The lab rescue paired her up with a dog named Ginny who would be named Delilah. 
Delilah (borrowed from the blog)
Jodi said that she was so afraid she had made a mistake since the dogs were ignoring each other, she just cried and cried. Then while sitting outside letting the dogs walk around the yard something happened, a game of play between the dogs. That sent Jodi into more tears but this time tears of happiness. 

Delilah started having issues with pain and after vet after vet visit they came to the conclusion that she had a pinched nerve in her back. She took her to a chiropractor who adjusted her, gave her acupuncture and laser treatments to her muscles and it worked. 
I will say just reading Delilah's story made me learn alot about pain and pain management. 

Delilah and Sampson were switched to a raw diet where they both lost weight (which they needed) and are healthy happy dogs today. Delilah won Sampson's heart and she won her pawents heart. Sampson and Delilah are complete opposites of each other. One is laid back and the other is endless energy. 

Snow Labs (borrowed from her Facebook)

Years have past and adventures have been plenty. The one thing I can say about social media is you get to see the adventures and you feel as you are part of that person or pawson's life. Join me in reading about the life and times of Sampson and Delilah by following Jodi and her Heart Like a Dog on 
Facebook -Heart like a Dog
Pinterest- Heart like a Dog 

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Jodi and her fur kids, I hope you follow her too. 
She is Poodale Approved. :)


  1. What a wonderful story! (And you told it very well.)

  2. Yes, I agree with DogsMom. You're a wonderful storyteller. I've been following Jodi for a while. I've met her and her husband (although not Sampson and Delilah). But I never heard the story of when Sampson and Delilah first met.

    I feel like I got a gift myself, just reading your post.

    Thank you so much for joining the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange and for your kind and generous support of Jodi and Heart Like a Dog.

  3. What a wonderful post for the gift exchange Carma! Sampson and Delilah sure are some very cute doggies. I am following this blog already!

  4. Beautiful story, very heart warming!


  5. Hey Carma Girl,

    Thanks for this amazing gift, even though I know the story, I loved the way you told it. I can't believe you found all that information out about me and my dogs. It really made me feel good.

    I'm excited I was paired with you, I love that you are a service dog and I love how you work for and help out the Humane Society, I think it takes a special poodle to be able to do that. :-) I'm to sure I could. I look forward to learning more about you and all the good works you do.

    Happy New Year!

  6. We love Jodi and her dogs, and her blog. I didn't really know the background story though, since I only started following her blog last year. So thanks for sharing that, what a wonderful gift to her!

  7. Jodi and her dogs are awesome! Loved reading your post about them. Great job!

  8. So cool that you were matched with Jodi! Sampson and Delilah are quite the pair, aren't they? :)

  9. Awesome post! :) I learned a lot about Jodi and am excited to read her blog!

  10. Jodi is one of my absolute favorite people. I love the story of how Sampson and Delilah met, and I can totally relate to that amazing moment when you see your pups start to play with each other. It's heart-melting. I love the way you told that story - this was a lovely post and a beautiful gift for Jodi. Thank you so much for joining us in the exchange this year!


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