Bucket Full of Fur

It started like this 

fluffy poodle
Ma was wanting to give me a little trim

She got out the tools and after a nice brushing
she started to trim me. 
Then she found this spot  and this spot

dog leg with red spot
So I went from fluffy to flat

Then she sang 
Ma Ma's white poodle 
have you any fur? 
Yes sir , yes sir 
one bucket full 

So now I look like this 

Ma says vet appointment is being scheduled next week 
and when I asked to go potty , she opened the door 
and we seen this. 

We already have 3" and its not suppose to stop
till around 3 am. No telling what 
we will wake up too! 
I am thankful I have a drawer of sweaters 
because I am going to need them. 


  1. What's with the spots, Carma? Are you ok?

    1. I don't know. When ma seen them she thought I was getting heat rash on my back. The red area looked like heat rash (I am not used to full coat) but when she trimmed the hair away she said it wasn't a rash. That is why she took my coat down to a summer coat. Vet appointment will be scheduled. He can tell us what it is. Ma says she is worried because of the location of the spot. Its where the pre cancerous cyst was taken off.

  2. Oh my your Mom sure did get carried away!! lol!! Hoping that all is ok with your skin too, will be thinking of you! We had to reschedule my vet appt from last week to this week due to snow too. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  3. I love that your mom sang that song. Let us know what those red spots are! Sending you warm wishes.

  4. Hmmm....the spots kind of look like the hot spots we get sometimes....especially Miss Chloe. She has a tendency to lick her feet...mostly when she is bored. Or when her nails get too long when they aren't trimmed properly at the groomer. We sure do hope that you are feeling ok and that your vet visit goes well. We definitely need our coats too!! We are supposed to get a foot of snow here tomorrow night. xo Chloe and LadyBug

  5. She de-fluffed you in the middle of this snowy, freezing winter?!? You had a natural "coat" Carma! Good grief.
    *Cairn cuddles* to warm you up!

  6. It's hard to see those spots on dogs with long hair. I hope those spots get better. Now that your hair is short, you're going to have to wear a coat when you go outside.

  7. She did take it down. :-)

    I hope the vet visit turned out okay and nothing serious to worry about.


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