#mobiPETPreOrder-Amber Alert For Pets and a Chance to Try It For Yourself

Many of my readers know that in October 2012 , I lost my brother, Zen. Zen was a toy chihuahua who was there one minute and gone the next. What happened to him , we don't know. We are still searching for him. 
Missing toy chihuahua

We have searched and searched but we haven't found him. It would have been great if there was a Amber Alert for missing pets because time is the essence when a pet goes missing. We put up flyers, contacted vets and shelters and talked to everyone in the area the day he went missing. During this time that we were doing all that we did Zen could have been spotted by someone if only there was a type of alert system. According to statistics 1 in 3 pets get lost during their lifetimes. Over 10,000 pets are reported missing or stolen everyday. 
A microchip is essential but did you know that vets do not scan a pet that someone brings in and says they just got it?? The only time a scan is done is when someone says they found the pet. There are thousands of pets who are stolen everyday that are chipped but unless a vet has a probable cause they don't scan for it. Shelters will scan for chips if a pet is brought in as a stray but a stolen pet can go undetected if its not turned into a shelter. 
Wouldn't it be great if there was a system that issued a Amber Alert? A program that would alert area vets, shelters within a 30 mile radius or neighbors who live in a 2 mile radius who are registered with the system. 

Now there is a photo amber alert in the works that can do just that!! Its called mobiPet . 
mobiPet alert

mobiPet works with ALL carriers, ALL camera phones that have text messaging capability and there is NO apps or software downloads needed.
There is a fee of $24.95 to buy the engraved metal tag with unique code and comes with 3 key rings with instructions on how to report your missing pet. This $24.95 is a lifetime fee. Pay it once and your done. 
Key rings and tag

When you receive your tag , you follow the easy instructions on the back to activate it. You can register the tag from your phone or your computer. Once registered, you can visit the website and add or edit your information at any 
time .
We decided that since my kitty, Molly Mew likes to run out the door every once in a while, we would use the tag for her. She has a tag on with her name and ma's number but if her cat safety collar breaks and falls off, there can be a amber alert already on her. All we have to do is TEXT the word LOST to mypet@agm.tw. A photo alert and our information goes out to all the animal shelters, vets and neighbors.You can view here to see a sample. This can also be shared on Facebook. 

Molly in the driver side

pet id on molly

cat with pet tags on.

 Molly Mew likes to travel with us. If we are away from home and she goes missing , we will receive a test message to verify our location or we can add another location. The alert will then go out to the shelters and vets in that area. 
mobiPet has been in testing for over a year in the Hilton Head area in South Carolina. This product has been tried and tested. Its only available in the US right now but hopes to be released for other countries at the end of 2014. 

Between now and March 28th 2014 , mobiPet hopes to begin production and those interested can get the mobiPet alert ID for a onetime, lifetime fee for $24.95. Once this product national launches the $24.95 price will require a annual renewal fee of $9.99. 

Now is your chance to pre order and have the yearly $9.99 fee waived. 
You can order your mobiPet ID tag now, just visit mobiPET and sign up.
This product is not available to the public! That is what makes this contest so pawsome because you are able to get the tags before they become available to the public AND you get the $9.99 annual fee waived!

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  1. It sounds very smart with the alarm. The only drawback I can see, is if the animal is stolen, then the collar with the tag just can be removed. And now: I have nominated your blog with the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog and claim it. Have a great day.

    1. Even if the collar is removed the alert would already have been sent out. Its up to the parent to text the word LOST to Mobipet. That is one feature that I did like. Another is how they send a full page alert out that includes photos, basic information etc. This can also be shared on social media for others to print out.

  2. I really like this idea. Well done Carma!

    1. It is a great idea. I feel we should have a nationwide alert for lost pets and mobipet is taking the first steps to get it.
      Have a great day Skye!

  3. We'd use this on our skin-brother's dog named Sarge. He's not been having such a great time since moving to a new AF base. It's bothersome.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that your brother Zen is still missing, I do hope he is found soon.

    Thanks for this post, I won a MobiPet from Emma's blog and thought I needed to subscribe to another and totally forgot, your post was my reminder, so thank you!!


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