Pretty Pawtastic Poodle Cookies

Welcome to Tasty Tuesday, Chef Carma here.
   For today's post, I wanted to do something poodley. I have shared how we make my favorite treats like chickyum jerky, chickyum livers and all things chickyum. I started thinking, maybe my fans don't like chickyum. *Gasps* Who couldn't like chickyum??mmm chickyum. 
  Anyways, I was thinking about what I would like to make for this weeks blog post and I came up with nothing. Nada. Nope. None. Zilch. I have chickyum on my mind now and that is all I can think about. BUT, I got a email that said "Make Snickerdoodle Poodle Cookies". Hmm, had to investigate. I went to the web page and seen the prettiest pawtastic poodle cookies, they made me squeal like a Justin Beaver,oops I meant Bieber middle school fan. I decided I wanted to make them , well with the help of Ma since I am not allowed to use the oven or touch the food but whatever. 
  I started reading the ingredients and all the steps to make these pretty pawtastic poodle cookies but it looked to complicated for a poodle to do. Actually it looked to complicated for my Ma to do too. We decided to scrap that idea. Since I was coming to the cabin by the lake, we had to get some groceries for the cabin. We went to the store( I can go to the store because I am a service dog ) and when ma got her milk I spotted something and brought it to her attention. I seen they make cookies already made! All you have to do is put them on a baking sheet and wha laa! You got cookies! Brilliant I tell you , just brilliant!! So I turned ma's attention toward the cookies. Took me forever to get that woman to understand what I was trying to show her. 
    She finally seen what I was looking at and started pointing to each type of cookie. After a bazillion cookies , she finally pointed to the one I wanted and I wagged my tail. FINALLY , I was going to make pretty pawtastic poodle cookies! We checked out and home we went. I couldn't wait to make those cookies! We ate dinner, Ma cleaned up the kitchen and then planted her butt in the chair. I had to bug her to death to get back in that kitchen. She finally gave in and to the kitchen we went. She took the laptop with her so we could see how to lay the cookies out. We carefully read the instructions on the roll of cookies and got everything we needed out. I chose Peanut Butter cookie dough because it was the right color. Didn't get the stuff that had the chips in it cause I didn't want my poodle cookies looking like they had some disease or something. Smooth cookies for smooth poodles. 
Only thing was these cookies would be for Humans only. 
But what human wouldn't want a pretty pawtastic poodle cookie?? 

  My cookies would look like this when they got finished shaping them. .
Photo from Paige Russell instructions
Pretty pawtastic poodle cookies, huh??
 *Squees and shivers with excitement*

   We tried to arrange the cookies like it showed on the instructions but I wanted to do mine just a little bit different so I didn't look like a copycat. I am a poodle not a cat!  

    We started with the cookie pack 
Pilsbury cookies
Remember these are for humans only
then we lined our baking sheets in aluminumumum foil. You don't have to do that step but ma doesn't like having to wash the pans so she puts the aluminumumum foil on for quick clean up. 

The next step is to form the cookies. It was a little sticky and it took awhile to arrange those cookies.
I had to keep correcting Ma on how to do a poodle tail. After we made 3 poodles, ma said this task was too hard so we just made a paw print instead. The rest of the cookies were put on another tray but they were just circles and circles are boring. 

cookie shaped like poodles

We baked them for 14 minutes at 350 degrees until they were golden brown. We took them out of the oven and allowed them to cool. 

Now I guess you want to see how my cookies turned out? 
Scroll down 


golden brown cookies

 Yep, I think I nailed it. I am pretty proud of myself. 
Dad said they tasted delicious too. 

So there is my recipe to make Pretty Pawtastic Poodle cookies. 
If you would like to make these from scratch like 
Paige Russell did, please visit the recipe for SnickerPoodles on Instructables
She makes the Snickerpoodles but I think they are 
pretty pawtastic poodle cookies. 

Thanks for reading, I will find more recipes to share for next week! 
I think I better stick with chickyum 
at least I can eat that. 

Today I am joining the Tasty Tuesday blog hop. Please visit the other sites to see how to create goodies for your pet.


  1. BOL! Oh Carma good effort. I think the texture of peanut butter dough is slightly different than sugar cookie dough. Maybe that's what happened ;) They get all chewed up anyways!

    1. You are probably right Ann. Next time we will try to make them with the sugar cookies or better yet make a cookie safe for dogs to eat.
      Have a great Tuesday!!

  2. Great job on those cookie, Carma. They look so different compared to before they were placed in the oven. Happy Belated Memorial Day.

    1. Thank you they were fun to make. Next time I will make some safe for dogs to eat.
      Have a great day!

  3. I think you nailed it too Carma - the most important thing is the taste!

  4. Oh my dog - Carma, you're the bomb diggity! And now I want cookies!

  5. I'd still rather have peanut butter over sugar even if the sugar make more precise poodles. Great job.

  6. PAWsome!!! Golden Claps!!! Happy Tasty Tuesday. Golden Woofs

  7. Those look really good! I think if I was going to try this, I would stick with the paw prints! They are a little more on my skill level for baking than the poodles which look pretty difficult :)

  8. With that fabulous chef outfit, how could you not bake the best tasting human treats ever? :-)

  9. Awe, you did a GREAT job!!! You've got this whole baking thing down Carma...the outfit, the winning smile, the creative flair. I'd watch your show..."Cooking with Carma" or maybe "Good Carma Cooking"...we'll work on the title. ;)
    Will you make Schnauzer Schnickerdoodles next?
    Love you my friend!


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