#Seresto Protects Us In Kentucky From Ticks

We have been wearing the Seresto collars all summer and I am happy to say that none of us have had any problems with fleas or ticks. There are some things about summers that we don't like, one of them is pests. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and those bugs that drive my ma crazy...ants are all out in the summer. Fleas can be a problem all year long. 
3 dogs wearing #seresto collars
We all wear the Seresto Collar 
High grass or trees are ticks favorite places to hide. They wait for you to come strolling along to grab on to you. Bayer asked us "how are ticks in your area?" I have never had a tick so that was a question I really couldn't answer. The only thing that came to mind was to ask my vet what he has seen in his office that related to ticks. The information he gave me was MIND BLOWING! I am so happy I have never met a tick and hope I never do!! 

3 dogs sitting in the grass

The CDC conducted studies in 2013 to record the tick population and how it impacts Kentucky. They found that our tick population had grown over the last 10 yrs. A few reasons for the growth in tick population were due to milder winters, our winters have almost no snow , the increase of white tail deer and more areas being preserved as wildlife habitats.

Ticks can be carriers of certain diseases. Humans who are bit by a tick can suffer from many things like Lyme's, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and STARI to name a few but pets can also suffer from these diseases. Many people do not know their pets are suffering from a tick disease until its almost too late. There are certain diseases that are zoonosise. Zoonosise is when a infection can move from animals to humans. Lyme's , babiosisos, erlichiosous, and Tularemia are examples of zoonosise. 

Peak months for ticks are June- October. Ticks are not born with diseases. They acquire it through feedings. Many believe that the diseases seen in Ky came from the white tail deer that were introduced to the Land Between The Lakes area. The white tail deer came from North East states where the diseases were already being seen in. Most deer ticks were seen only in the Daniel Boone National Forest but now the ticks have migrated all over Ky. 

Lymes Disease is not a problem in Ky there are very few cases reported today according the Kentucky(dot)com. There are less than 100 people who have Lyme's disease today. A vaccine was developed in the 1990's but was removed from the market due to low demand.

Babesisosis  is a tick borne illiness the CDC has issued a warning for in the Northeast and Upper Midwest states but there have been  cases seen in Ky. This is one illness that has been seen in humans and animals. There are 2 types of ticks that are carriers. 1. Deer ticks and 2. Black Legged ticks.

The most active diseases seen in Ky:
Ehrlichiosis-it can be life threatening and can be spread from animals to humans.  
Ehrlichia- is an infection of the white blood cells that can affect bone marrow function. 
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Has been reported since 1920 and in 2000 two million people were recorded as having it. In 2010 that number jumped to six million! 
STARI- transmitted by the Lone Star tick. The lone star tick can cause havoc to humans. They are finding it carries a disease that makes humans allergic to RED MEAT! More and more people are being diagnosed with the Lone Star tick bite. 
The yellow represents where the tick has been reported.
A single tick bite can wreck havoc on your health and your pets health. It is best to always check your pets for ticks after walking through grass or wooded areas. Check yourself to make sure a tick hasn't hitch hiked in on your pants legs. Keep your shrubs and grass trimmed. Its harder for a tick to survive in short grass. 

With all those diseases out there , I am glad we are wearing the Seresto collar. Ma still checks us after every outing because we want to be safe and it always ends with a belly rub. WHO DOESN'T LOVE A BELLY RUBBING?? I love them!
Seresto is an innovative flea and tick collar, which protects pets from fleas and ticks for up to 8 months - without the need to remember monthly applications. Seresto collars received the 2014 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product award.  


You can find out more about the Seresto collar at PetParents.com 
How do you keep ticks off of your pet? 

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  1. Ticks are rampant in the woods here. Luckily, we haven't had any. We don't think ticks serve much of a purpose other than to make others miserable!


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