#ThrowbackThursday of Poodale on a Plane

Tomorrow at this time I will be on a flight flying to the Hollywoof event that I have talked about all week. Since this is Thursday ,I thought I would share #ThrowbackThursday photos of me flying in the past. 

Poodle laying under seat

carma sleeping on plane

Funny thing is ,I am flying on the same airline,  have the same vest, same collar, same brown paw and am wearing a Seresto collar. 
BOL! I sure don't change much. 
There will be no blog post tomorrow since I will be traveling but 
if you would like to see photos of my journey and follow me to Virginia
please like my 

Have a pawtastic Thursday!!


  1. Have a safe trip and a fun time!!💜💜

  2. Dogspeed to you, Carma. Have a great trip!


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