Barkworld/MeowWorld Conference in Atlanta

  First off, If you were friends with me on Facebook and all of a sudden I disappeared , the reason is because Facebook converted my friend profile page into a page. Yep, I am a dog so I am not a real person according to them but you all know I am real. I knew it would happen sooner or later so I always backed up my Facebook date monthly.  BUT! But what I didn't know is that when they turned my profile into a page that it would really mess things up. I already have a page that is used for my blog, Carma Poodale , since pages can't own pages I am having a heck of a time trying to update my Carma Poodale Allen page. To top it off they have created 3 pages for my name and I can't delete any of them. Are you confused? I am too. 
You can follow my blog page for updates Carma Poodale Blog  or you can friend my Ma, Bunny on Facebook. I am still attempting to get my electronic devices changed over to my other page. It really bites that this happened 1 day before this conference. If it would been after the conference , I wouldn't pant it but GAH! Please in there with me until I can get fixed.

Now back to my post......Yesterday we drove down to Atlanta to attend the BarkWorld/MeowWorld pet blogging conference. This is my 4th Barkworld.  It starts tonight but we try to come a day early so ma can rest up a little after driving the 6 1/2 hours to get here and we meet up with our friends who arrive early too.
Absolutely Gorgeous foliage 

Sissy Sarah scared of the ma's driving or her singing? You decide
We checked in to the hotel and the guy at the door remembered me. He said "Welcome back, I remember you from last years conference". Ma said she remembered him too! We are staying with Flea from Jones Chews and her boy ,Chewy. Chewy is a sweetheart and Ma is trying to figure out how to get him in the suitcase to go home with us but Flea has a close eye on us. BOL! My friends and I all went out to eat last night and had such a great time. 
Thank you to Emmy for having the photo taken at the restaurant
Ma had the handcut fries and said they tasted almost as good as the ones dad makes. You can see my feet in the photo. :) There was lots of conversations and lots of laughter at this table. I consider these people my "family" and the rest of my "family" will be here today. 

I was one tired pooch last night when we got back to the room. Ma got me a Westin Heavenly Pet Bed to sleep on since her and sissy Sarah are sharing a bed and that leaves little room for me. Trust me, I know why they call it a Heavenly bed, it feels like I am sleeping on a cloud.

Now that I have let you all know what has happened so far , its time to go out for my first potty break. If you are on Instagram please follow me on my adventure
I am also on Twitter. 

Have a Terrific Thursday!! 


  1. Have fun, Carma, and give a lick and tail wags to everyone for us ! Purrs

  2. Have a great time! Sorry to hear about FB problems...


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