Blogpaws 2015 is Going Green!

Can you imagine a conference of thousands of pet bloggers coming together in one place to learn, exchange ideas and network? 

I am fortunate enough to have been a part of a conference just like this. Though I wasn't able to attend the 2014 conference , I was able to attend in 2013. There were many bloggers there. With any conference or large get together , there is always a lot of garbage left behind.

The 2015 conference will be held in Nashville Tennessee in May. May 28-30 to be exact. Next year the Blogpaws conference is doing something different, something no other conference has done. They are not only helping to connect bloggers to brands, educate us on SEO, how to post, how to stay on track and how to make money with our words but they are helping the earth. 

Blogpaws 2015 Conference is going GREEN with ZERO WASTE!!

BlogPaws, Only Natural Pet, and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition (PISC) announce a partnership to launch a zero-waste initiative for the 2015 BlogPaws Pet Blogger and Social Media Conference. They will work together to do their part in saving our landfills and try to achieve as little waste as possible. 

“Given our passion for the health and welfare of pets everywhere, BlogPaws is committed to educating our bloggers and helping them leverage their influence to encourage pet parents to adopt a ‘zero-waste’ mindset. We are excited to work with Only Natural Pet and the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition to get the conversation started and to take the first steps towards making our yearly conference as close to ‘zero-waste’ as possible.”(Chloe DiVita, BlogPaws)

Only Natural Pet
Only Natural Pet, a Boulder-based manufacturer of all natural pet supplies, has been dedicated to sustainable waste management practices from the get-go. “We reuse shipping boxes, minimize product packaging, use renewable energy, and participate in a zero-waste program at our office, warehouse, and retail store. When PISC launched their new Accelerator Program in July, we identified ways to bring our values for sustainability to partner companies. Our sponsorship of the zero-waste portions of the BlogPaws event is an exciting opportunity to influence the mindset and behavior of hundreds of conference participants.” (Marty Grosjean, Only Natural Pet)

The Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition is a collaborative membership organization that works with pet industry leaders to improve their sustainability performance. “We are excited about our role in helping to coordinate and execute a successful zero-waste pet event. We believe that the BlogPaws 2015 conference will set an example for the entire industry, so get ready Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo!” (Caitlyn Bolton, PISC)

I look forward to Blogpaws15 next year to be apart of this zero waste movement and hope that other conferences follow suit. We all can make a difference in making our earth a better place.

See you in 2015!!

*Source of information came from Blogpaws Newsletter. I was so excited to read what was in store for the next conference that I had to share it with my followers*


  1. Yay! BlogPaws 2015 is going to be amazing! I am so glad that you are going so we can meet! ☺

  2. I think this is so wonderful!! I love to see organizations doing all they can to help the environment. I hope to be attending the conference for the first time this coming year.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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