#BarkWorld Pet Conference Recap

Last Wednesday I took off to Atlanta, Ga with ma and sissy. We were heading to the Barkworld/MeowWorld pet conference. This is our 4th year of attending this conference. The conference took place on Thursday through Saturday but we go to big events like this a day early. It gives us time to settle and connect with some friends who also come in early.
On the stairs at the Westin Buckhead Hotel
I had to go to the dogs p-mail business center to see if I had any messages. Some of my friends had already checked in so I knew to go find them.

After receiving and leaving my p-mail replies we went to search for our friends. We caught up with some who were there and made plans to have dinner later that night at the Seven Lamps. Its a little pricey but there is a waiter there named Jarrad. He has a australian accent but he was off that night. It still didn't stop us from having a great time and plenty of laughs. 
They look comfortable but they were freezing. 

We hung out for a while and then it was time to go to sleep. Since we were sharing a room with Flea from Jones Natural Chews. Actually if it wasn't for being able to room with Flea, we wouldn't have been able to come. For this, we will be internally grateful. 

The next day everyone was arriving. We were saying hello to those who we seen and we decided to go with a few friends to the F2O (Fresh 2 Order) restaurant that is located a couple of blocks away. Excellent food and excellent prices! 

Ma and Niqqi shared a chickyum sandwich. Niqqi quickly became Ma's best poochfriend. :) You can tell by the smile on Ma's face that she was fan girling on Niqqi. We loved spending time with everyone but apparently ma was pushing the button on her camera and not actually taking photos. So I have no other photos to show from this lunch. :(

We hung out in the lobby and greeted friends
Pepperpom and I are both service dogs

Rocco was dancing on the table for us. 

Oliver remembered ma. He was ready to play. He is also a service dog


We checked in to the conference and got our name tags and swag bags. Ma got a dog bag and sissy got a cat bag. That cat bag was the bomb! It had so much fun things in it for kitty cats. I was excited to get back home to show my kitty, Molly Mew. 
That night we had a block pawty. Everyone gathered to meet and greet and there was a cookie cook off sponsored by Honest Kitchen. The quest was to make the best dog cookie. Sissy Sarah was using her Grandy skills. She works at a chickyum restaurant. Yep, I am a lucky dog! 

Contestants gathering their ingredients.
The beginning of the cook off:

Here are some photos of the block pawty. Many of our photos came out with everypawdy having zombie eyes or blurs. The lighting was all off so the flash was either too bright or too dark. 
Since I have soooo many photos of Lulu the Beagle  I just made a collage of her. What can I say? She is so cute that we couldn't just pick one. Actually I have many photos of each friend. I have some of the cutest fur friends to walk on 4 paws :)

Pudgie!! Looking fabUlous

Cousin Kona, Aunt Deanna and Auntie Jan
Not really related but I consider them family.

Pepperpom! Fluffiest pom that I know. 

Hanging out with everyone. Sorry too many people to tag. 

Do my friends know me or what? BOL! 

One and only photo I got of Waffles and me. 
The next day it was the get down to business and learn aka the sessions. We attended a few of the sessions. We really enjoyed the DIY E-Books for Writers and Bloggers given by Amy Shojai. It was very insightful. There was information there that could be used for blogs also. 

Amy is a Author, Spokesperson, Certified Animal Behavior Consultant

We marveled at this fat cat (unhealthy size)

Captivated us with her photos.

After the sessions, it was time for lunch and such. I kept taking ma to the Full Moon table. Sure glad the rep didn't mind. We visited all the brands that were there. 

Holy Cats! These treats are made from chickyums in Kentucky!

Keona became my best friend. I visited her often

Kona at K9Carryall table

We also took flat Jasmine with us. Jasmine got to experience the conference through photos. A flat pet is a photo of the pet that we put on cardboard and take photos with. 

Jasmine with Cody and Dakota
 That night we had our Halloween party. It was fun dressing up.
Pudgie the mermaid

Amy Palmer and me 

I was Super Poodale.
 I save the world from all the zombie Chickyums!
 Have you ever seen a zombie chickyum??
No need to thank me. 

I was sure tired that night. Thank goodness I had a Westin Heavenly Pet Bed and a Atlanta book to crash with. 

We mingled and caught up with all our friends. I made my rounds to get my photo taken with some of my friends. 

Ricky! Seeing this face makes me smile. 

even kitty ladies like poodles.
Me and Deb Barnes from Zee and Zoey

Dolly the Doxie couldn't come but that didn't stop me from getting
my photo taken with her mom. 

Ma answered 3 questions right and won a Jones Chew Bucket of treats.!

Pudgie and Me

Pudgie, Kristen, Glenn and us get our photos together every year. I adore them. 

Its my #Petchat pals! Every Monday we hang out on Twitter together. 

Rachel and Dobby from  His Muddy Paws

Diane was our instructor

bad blurry  photo but I love her so much. 
We went out to eat that night. We went to the food court in the Lennox mall. There were many choices to eat there and it was much more reasonably priced than the restaurants around the hotel. 
Ma, Christie,Liz , and sissy all shared sushi. 
A LOT of sushi.

A sushi toast to good food, good times and great friendships
My roommates Chewy and Gadget

That night, I seen this and knew it was the end of Barkworld
We wrapped up the night with hanging out together and saying our "see you later" because we never want to say goodbye to anyone. It was so much fun to hang out with everyone. The laughter and the memories will be there forever. 
I have wonderful friends. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I look forward to seeing them again in Nashville Tenn. in May for Blogpaws! 

Until then I will be saving the world from zombie chickyums in my old Kentucky home. 

Oh...I guess you want to know who won the cookie backoff?? 
Mr Frankie Beans, fur kid to the founder Denise, chose ..........

Sissy Sarah and Flea's cookies overall 
Congratulations !!!!! 
We won SPG points!!!!! 

Now to go through all the swag so I can take a majority of it to the Humane Society. 


  1. What a party! Mom says it was great to meet you and hopes to have a chance to actually talk at BlogPaws

    1. It was great to meet your mom also. Can't wait to see her again at Blogpaws!

  2. It was great seeing you and a great recap of Barkworld

    1. It was great seeing you Alicia. Sorry we didn't get to hang out more.

  3. It looks like you and your mom had great time at the conference ! Thank you for sharing some moments with us ! Purrs

    1. We did have a good time and look forward to doing it all again next year!!

  4. What a great recap! Thanks for showing our session and the cute Rocco pics! So great to see you… just not long enough!

  5. My Mom said it was so great seeing you and your Mom! My Mom has photos to send to you...if she ever gets her lazy butt to do it! She brought a cold home from Barkworld and doesn't feel well. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. Loved your review also. It was so great to see you. Hope we can hang out again soon.

  6. What an awesome time! Thanks for sharing all those great photos and details about the event. I've never been to anything like that so I love reading about it.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. You definitely need to attend one of the pet conferences! You will learn so much and meet so many people and learn more about the brands too. Its definitely a fun , educational experience


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