Feline Friday- DIY Cat Tent

The other day I was scrolling about the internet when I came across a cute DIY project and it said "Simple and Fun". OOH, 2 of my many favorite words. I checked and seen we had what we needed so ma and I set out to create it. 

It is a do it yourself cat tent. I have a cat that needed a tent. 
So here is what we did. 

Cut hanger tops off. 
Bend hangers to make arches
Poke holes in all 4 corners of box to put hangers in
Push hanger ends in hole and flatten out. 
Molly Mew wanted to help with the next steps
Cross the hangers so they form a X
Cover hanger ends with tape to hold in place
Cover all 4 corners
Molly had to test the hangers for strength
Use duct tape to hold hanger X together
We added a hanging toy and covered with tape to secure
tape the hanger on the box. It makes it more secure
Place t shirt over hangers so the bottom of the shirt is on the bottom  of the box
Place head hole of t shirt in front of box. This is where the cat will enter.
Let your cat inspect your work. 
*You may have to remove cat numerous time 
while constructing this project.*

Now it was time to test the new cat tent. Wonder who we could find to test it??

Project completed! 
This took 45 minutes to construct
If you do not have the help from a cat
it will take about 25 minutes to make. 

You can find more instructions on the Instructables page 
Do you think you will make a cat tent for your cat? 


  1. That is very cool and clever.

  2. I made a dog tent from 4 hangers and did everything in the instructions.. Really help! easy too XD she gave birth in it as well. So happy I founded this :D


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