WW- Wednesdays Wheek

It was 55 degrees today!
Ma took us out for a little bit. Cinnamon was happy to start his mowing (munching) season early. I was excited to get back to my job of being the babysitter!

The black birds were landing everywhere in the yard. Cinnamon didn't like that so he stayed close to me and at times would get under me. Since the ground wasn't warm, ma took him in early but we got to stay out longer. Scooby, Molly Mew and I sure did enjoy running around in the sunshine. 

Wednesday's Wags!! 

If you would like to nominate my blog for one of the categories of the (click link to go to form)  BlogPaws Nose to Nose awards (its similar to winning an Oscar or a Golden Globe award but for pet bloggers) my email address is 
CarmaPoodale@gmail (dot) com. My ma (Bunny Allen) is the owner of this blog. 
Best Written Pet Blog Post
One of the blog post that I had a lot of great interaction with was when Ma registered sissy as a service dog. We wanted to show that those sites online are scams and explained why it would hurt real teams.
The second post that had a lot of interaction was about fake emotional support animals. You can find it at http://www.carmapoodale.com/2014/08/fake-emotional-support-animals.html
Best Photo Category
Any photo can be nominated that you have liked that I shared. I love our photos in our "Why We Love Spring"post. I especially love the one of Molly Mew. 
Nominations open till Jan. 31 2015

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  1. Cinnamon is lucky to have such a good protector like you ! We're glad you enjoyed some sun ! Purrs


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