#TunaTuesday- Molly Mew's Favorite Treat

Today's Cooking with Carma is about Molly Mew and her love for Tuna. 

Molly Mew is a picky kitty when it comes to her foods and treats. I can't tell you how many times we have brought home food that she wouldn't eat. She ended up starting life out with Purina Kitten Chow. When the time came to switch her over to big girl food we found that it was a harder task than the kitten food. 

Purina Kitten Chow made Molly Mew happy
We tried all the name brands while making sure that meat was the first ingredient. Ma wanted to give her healthy food. After the trials and errors , Molly Mew decided on Purina Pro Plan for her dry food. 

We started reading about how dry food shouldn't be the only source of food for kitties. Everyone I talked to or everything I read said that kitties should have wet food as their source to nourishment , with dry food being a treat food. Talk about confusing ma! How would we tell this to Molly Mew?? 

After trying many types of wet foods, it seemed we were not going to win this war. We finally tried one brand that Molly Mew loved! Lil Appetizers were Molly's favorites. She ate them for 6 months. 

Ma and I were at PetSmart looking over the sale items when we came across Simply Nourish Tuna Treats. They were on sale for a $1. so ma picked up two. We figured if Molly didn't eat them, Jenny Sue would. It was tuna with liquid smoke. 
 Molly Mew went NUTS over this treat! She would shake paw, come when called, lay down, do whatever you told her for a piece of this treat. Ma was very surprised at how much she loved it and we decided to us it as a training treat. Ma went back to the store and bought the last 10 they had on clearance.

 Happy cat + treat cat liked = happy pawents 

After we got down to 1 package of tuna , ma went back to the store to buy more. I thought she was going to pass out on me when she seen the price! $4.29 for a ounce of tuna! Ma being the tightwad she is, left empty handed. 

Dad and her talked about it and dad agreed that was too much to pay for a ounce of tuna so off to the store they went. They came back with a package of ahi tuna that had 4 steaks totaling over 3 pounds for $7.00. If they would have bought that much in the pre-made treats it would have cost over $240.00!! Who said feeding raw or semi raw was more expensive than buying prepared food???

The two ingredients in the treats we had bought was tuna and liquid smoke. 
Well now! We have liquid smoke  and we had tuna. 
We have a jet stream oven that we use to cook the tuna. It is preset at 350 degrees and the tuna takes 3 minutes on each side. Ma puts a dimes worth of liquid smoke on each side. She also puts a dash of powdered taurine  in the liquid smoke. In 6 minutes Molly Mew has the tuna she loves and 1 steak will last 3 days. 

Ma figured that for $6-$7 she can feed Molly Mew tuna for almost 2 weeks. That is much more cheaper than buying the other treats and that leaves money for MY treats! Molly Mew nibbles on her dry food throughout the day. She only gets a pinch or two of tuna a setting. Its still a wonderful training tool and it keeps her happy. Happy cat = Happy home. 

Youz gots any piggie treats recipes for me?? 
What type of homemade treats do you feed your kitty? 


  1. What a great idea! I'm so happy Molly Mew gets to enjoy the tuna she loves so much :)

  2. This is such a great idea! Our Samantha can be fussy too, but I bet she would also love fresh smoked tuna, and wow, that is really a huge savings too!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. It is a huge savings. Anytime we find it already in a package in the meat section , ma always wraps and freezes each steak individually. This way, each steak can be cooked one at a time without defrosting the whole package.

  3. Yup, dry food makers know exactly what flavorants to put on food to get kitties addicted and getting them off it is kinda hard..

    have you tried the raw tuna? would save you some time cooking, and she might like it more.. might be a good 'gateway' to other meats as well.. which might (and I'm being overly generous with that might) lead her to other types of foods which might get her on to canned.. :) (or skip canned and go right to raw foods.. *grin*)


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