Scooby Doo Singing His Country Song

Hello Darlin's , 
my name is Scooby Doobie Doo Doo
I would like you to sing you a song. 
Hope you like it....

I'm just a little dog
who wants to go to Blogpaws
So I am singing my songs
They aren't very long
but ma says no 
No, I can't go

I will wear my country suit 
I promise I won't toot
I will promise to act like I should
and be extra good 

but she still say no
No I can't go

Nashville isn't that far
I could be a star
But she says no 
I can't go

I will wear my hat 
I am small as a cat 

She says no,
No I can't go
I can't go
I wanna go 
but she says no.

Thank ya, thank ya very much 

Ya'll have a great time
Hope ma brings me back some goodies.

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