Vince, The Pond Fish

  This is a story about a goldfish who was bought 8 yrs ago when one of ma's fish named Bubba died and the other one was so depressed that she was trying to jump out of the pond to die.

 Buster was 6 yrs old and had always had a mate.  Ma told dad that Buster was unhappy. Ma was sitting at the pond with Buster to stop her from jumping out of the pond and just keeping her company. Buster got her name because she would bust out of the water to get the worm that ma had in her hand. Dad had went to the pet store to find find a fish that looked like Bubba, just smaller. 

  The staff had named one of the fish in the indoor pond , Vince after Vince Neil. They said the gold fish was a 3 yr old "hell raiser"  They said it was always being a bully. Dad said that was the one he wanted. Since Buster was so much larger, dad felt he should buy a fish that could hold its own to a larger fish.

 Dad walked out to the pond and handed ma a bag with a fish in it. It surprised ma since she didn't even know he had left the house. She was so worried about Buster.  Ma was touched that dad thought about the fish in the pond. He likes all of us whether fur or fins to be happy. 

 It was love at first sight for Buster. Buster was a cuddler. She and Bubba would swim touching each others and at night they would lay side by side in the bottom of the pond. They were never apart.

 Bubba was around 14 yrs old. Ma had won him at a carnival. He was one of the aquarium fish for 7 yrs and after ma got her pond , he and the others went outside. Buster and Bubba were together for 6 yrs.  Buster chased the new fish around the pond and finally pinned him up against the pond side. It was like saying "You WILL cuddle me!" Vince got away from her and she caught him again. Buster kept pinning him against the side of the pond. He finally caught on. BOL! 
Buster chasing Vince
  Vince and Buster were best friends after that. They swam together, they ate together and they stayed in the same side of the pond together. All the other goldfish would do their own thing but those 2 were a pair. Buster and Vince liked to be hand fed, they were the first to greet you when you came near the pond and Vince found out he really liked to be petted. Yes, you read that right. He likes to be petted. 
  Ma can put her hand in the pond and he will rub up against it. She can also pick him up. Buster died last year. I really think sometimes that Vince misses her. Him and our white goldfish, Spirit are friends but they aren't as close as him and Buster were. He has 7 other friend in the pond but I don't think he will ever have another Buster. 

They say that goldfish only have a 3 second memory. We have a 11 yr old goldfish that would prove them wrong. :)

Have you ever had fish?


  1. Wow, that's amazing. I'm sure Vince does miss Buster.

    We have only had a Betta Fish. He lived a few years and used to follow our hands when we put them up to his bowl.

    1. Bettas are always fun. I love their long fins and gracefulness.


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