Cooking With Carma- Ground Chickyum Dinner

I love chicken. I love it so much that I call it chickyum. Ma has started fixing it for us every night but she was worried that we weren't getting enough nutrients. 
Ma is not a nutritionist or an expert in feeding raw. She has been reading up on what to add and how to prepare the food. There are other websites to assist you in finding what's right for your pet.
*This post contains an affiliate  link. I wanted to show you where to find the additive that I talk about in this post and to give you a general price in case you want to try it for your pets. I do make a small commission if you purchase from the link*
When we went to Blogpaws , we talked to some companies who specialize in raw feeding. I am a picky poodle and I refuse to eat raw. I eat medium rare. Yep, I make ma cook my food a little. She even has a special red skillet she uses for my food. She says something about it being non stick but I think its because she adds love to each meal. 

Ma found a additive to add to our food that is full of probiotics and antioxidants. It makes my food more healthier. Normally I won't eat my chickyum if she adds vitamins in it but this additive makes it taste really good.

Here is how ma makes our chickyum. 
I prefer to eat dark meat. I only eat white meat like breast when ma makes my treats. Dark meat has more fat in it so ma skins the chicken. She freezes the skin for when she needs to make a chicken broth or to make bird food cakes in the winter. We don't waste anything. She buys a 10 pound bag for $6.90. 

After she takes the skin off the chicken , she cuts the meat off the bones. She usually lightly cooks the pieces like this but she has started grinding our chicken. It gives her arm a great workout.

She discovered that our big mixer had a grinder tool on it. Its been sitting in the cabinet for years! She still has to grind the bones in a hand crank type of grinder but the big grinder does the meat in no time. 
Once she figured out how to use it, she ground the chicken in no time. She got a good deal at the butcher shop. The price on the beef heart says 2 cents but that wasn't the price we paid. The butcher gave ma $4.00 off the heart so she only paid $12 for it. It is a 4 pound heart. Ma cut some of it off to add to our chicken. She put the rest back in the freezer to use some other time. 
We received a sample of Stella & Chewy's Tantalizing Turkey Meal Mixers while at Blogpaws. I don't care for turkey or at least I thought I didn't like it. This picky poodle LOVES this stuff!! Scooby and Jenny love it too. It comes with a measuring cup so you can easily figure out what your dog needs. Ma just crumbles it up in our meal after she cooks our chicken. I found that I will even eat the meal raw. No cooking required! 
Stella and chewys meal mixers
 Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Meal Mixers
  • Features 95% protein & nutrient rich meat, organs and bones
  • Enhanced with fruits & veggies and probiotics
  • Ideal for topping kibble or feeding as its own meal
  • Freeze-dried for maximum nutrition and palatability
  • Made and sourced safely in the USA
I checked online to see what it cost and for a better description of what I could tell you and this is what is listed on Only Natural Pet website
This delicious turkey recipe is completely chicken free, making it an allergy friendly alternative for dogs that want poultry, but have common chicken allergies. This diet is also complete with a delicious, diverse selection of organic fruits and vegetables, including cranberries, spinach, broccoli, and beets.
They have other flavors to choose from:
Chewy's Chicken Featuring cage free chicken as the first ingredient
Savory Salmon & Cod Made with delicious, wild caught salmon and cod
Stella's Super Beef A must for every red meat lover, this is poultry free
Ma also adds ground flax seeds to our foods. It has a nutty flavor and I like the flavor. She adds a little bit of green beans, carrots or apple baby food to Jenny Sue's meal. Jenny Sue will clean her plate every time! Jenny Sue has always been a veggie eater. 

If you don't have a grinder but would like to try this chicken recipe, you can always buy ground chicken and chicken livers or hearts from your local grocery store or butcher shop. 

Does your dogs eat raw? Do you use any additives for extra nutritional needs?
Would love to hear what you do to make your pets happy with their food. 
Thank you for reading!!


  1. I never thought about grinding the chicken first. I'll have to try that with Heloise's next batch of food. I also tried the Stella & Chewy's meal mixer. I liked that you can use it either way.

    1. This was our first time using it and we really like it. I would really like to try the chickyum flavor.

  2. I never thought about grinding the chicken first. I'll have to try that with Heloise's next batch of food. I also tried the Stella & Chewy's meal mixer. I liked that you can use it either way.

  3. Poodles seem to have that knack to make us humanoids do just about anything for them no matter what! BOL

    1. It takes a lot of training but it can be done. BOL!

  4. we grind all of our cat's food. we use chicken legs and livers and supplements


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