Jenny Sue Has Lunch With The Cesar Canine Cuisine Westie

Jenny Sue is my diabetic spaniel sissy. She has to get 2 shots a day. After she gets her first shot in the morning , ma makes her a small breakfast of an egg or just a tablespoon of peanut butter. It has helped her so that her blood sugars don't drop too fast.

At lunch time ma makes her a small snack. Jenny Sue has always been called the italiano puppy. The pawents have called her this since she was a small puppy. She loves spaghetti, lasagna, anything with a tomato base. They say she used to fight you over your plate of spaghetti. Ma says that Jenny Sue gets that from her side since ma has italian heritage. :)

One day we were at PetSmart and ma seen a new line of Cesar Canine Cuisine food. It is designed for small dogs but ma thought it would be the right side for a snack. She picked up some Lasagna flavor for Jenny Sue. Everyone knows that whatever the flavor of food it says it is, it never smells or looks like the flavor it is supposed to be. Ma was really surprised at how much the Cesar lasagna smelled and looked like well.... lasagna!
Cesar Lasagna cover and open package

Jenny Sue likes to have a little cheese added to to her lasagna and she likes it a tiny bit warmer than room temp. Before you say anything, she isn't spoiled. She is just well loved :) :)
photo of cheese on lasagna, microwave set on 10 sec, and Jenny eating

Ma puts a teaspoon of shredded cheese on it, sets the microwave to 10 seconds, and stirs it up a little. Jenny Sue thinks ma has been in the kitchen cooking her food all day. BOL!

Jenny Sue loves her lasagna. She says its lip smacking good. 

But what is having a nice italian lunch without a "friend"??
Jenny eating with the Cesar dog cut out.

Yep, that is the Cesar's dog that you see on the dog food. 
4 ft Cesar cut out dog

Some of you know where this came from. She was at Blogpaws in Nashville Tenn. We all had "lunch" with her!
Carma at the table with Cesar westie.
When we were saying our goodbyes to everyone, the Mars people were walking by. Ma made a joke that the westie needed to come home with us. They handed it to ma!
I rode home with a westie. :O

Mars Petcare creates the Cesar Canine Cuisine Home Delights food. I even like Cesars! I use it to travel when we know we won't have a kitchenette for ma to prepare my raw. I love the Chicken& Liver flavor. I like it for a snack also. The Cesar Cuisines Home Delights aren't just for small dogs. Big dogs like them too.

Jenny Sue didn't know she was having lunch with a well known westie. Jenny Sue is blind and has went almost deaf too. She still knows when someone is in the kitchen.

Thank you to the Mars Petcare company for saving us a couple of Cesar Canine Cuisine Home Delights Lasagna flavors at the conference.It helped us out. Ma usually buys all the ones they stock at PetSmart. She leaves a couple for other people to buy but when your almost 13 year old spaniel is a italiano puppy, you buy what makes her happy.
As for the westie....we found it a wonderful home. It now greets people at our vet's office. If you live in my area and want to take a selfie with it, its ready at the Owensboro Animal Hospital in Owensboro, KY.


  1. What a happy story. Ma's always go out their way for those she loves. And she really loves her fur babies, and dad and Eli.

    I had a cat that was diabetic with 2 hots a day for 7 years. He passes away at 17+. So, I know why she does what she does.

    Hugs and licks to everyone.

    1. Yes she does like to make sure we are happy. She does enjoy doing little special things for us. Thanks for stopping by!


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