WW-Pawicure Please

Poodle on her back getting shaved
When will I get my pawicure?? 
It's hot. My hair was thick. Now I don't have any hair. Since I have been shaved and my sebaceous cysts have been examined, I have a few that need to be removed.  Ma will be scheduling an appointment this week to go see my vet.


  1. You look very cool and comfy. Hope those cysts can be easily removed and don't give you any trouble

  2. Good luck with the cyst removal. My last standard had 'em, it was never a big deal. Enjoy your paw-dicure.

  3. Aw, you look so comfy. :-) Btw, I nominated you to participate in the 8 Photos Of Happiness photo challenge. :-) Check it out here: http://walkswithrama.com/2015/07/30/8-photos-of-happiness/

  4. I don't have those but I think my brother Anderson has one on the back of his neck. It was noticed when he had to get his extra floof trimmed and have a bum wash. Guess the doctor will take a look at them when he goes in for his check-up.



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