DIY- Reupholstery A Bench

Last week ma and I went to the fabric store to look for some fabric to make me a new winter coat. While we were looking around I found a suede fabric that I really liked. I nibbled it. When I nibble something that means I want it.

Ma said that it would make a nice coat but the coat wouldn't be warm enough for the winter but she would find something to do with the fabric. When we got home, ma looked at our window bench and thought the fabric would look nice on our bench. Our bench fabric was looking a little worn and the bench is used everyday by Scooby and me as we have dubbed ourselves, block watch hounds.

Jenny Sue sleeps under the bench. She is out of everyone's way and it sits between the 2 ducts that blow cold air. She stays cool under there. Sometimes Scooby likes to lay with her.
Scooby and Jenny cuddling
Ma decided to put some added padding on the bench too. This way it sits a little higher and it would be more comfortable. She took the old fabric off but left the piece of leather on it so it would continue to be waterproof.
Top of bench
We had a memory foam mattress that no one was using. Ma cut a piece of it to fit the bench. I sure hope the foam remembers me everytime I jump on it. 
She placed the fabric on the floor and made sure there was no folds in it. Then she positioned the memory foam in the center of the material. She laid the bench top in the middle. 

bottom of bench top
She pulled the fabric all around the bench to make sure it would properly fit. Once she seen it fit she got her electric staple gun and loaded it with staples. The staples are long enough to attach to the wood board of the bench but not long enough to go through the wood. No one wants to sit on a bench and get poked by a staple.
Staples and Staple gun

Covering a bench or a chair is similar to wrapping a present. Ma starts on the sides and does the ends last. It helps when you have a helper like Scooby Doo to hold the bench in place while pulling fabric over to staple.
Scooby doing a downward dog yoga pose
Underside stapled
Once ma had all the staples in, she turned it over to see how it looked. I thought it looked really nice. 
 I had to get on it and rub my poodle stank on it. I also had to nibble it. Sorry no photos of that. Instead ma just stood there and smiled at me. That camera was the last thing she was thinking about.

Finished top of bench

Once I got done loving on my new extra comfy bench top, Ma put the top back on the bench frame. She screwed the 10 screws back in and set the bench up. She took another piece of the memory foam and cut it to fit under the bench for a bed for Jenny Sue. Right now its in a body pillow case to see if Jenny likes it. If she does, ma has enough material left to make a custom cover for it.
finished bench
For a bench that is 30 yrs old, I think it looks pretty good. I know it is sure comfy!

Have you ever updated a piece of furniture? How did it turn out??? 


  1. Nice job, Carma! Memory foam is soooo comfy. I have a couple chairs I could send to you for recovering [wink]. ;)

  2. Paws up for your mom, Carma ! She did a pawsome job, the bench is looking great ! Purrs


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