Your Home Can Be #HappyHealthyOdorFree Thanks To Fresh Wave® Odor Removers.

* I, Carma Poodale, was asked to give an honest review of the New Fresh Wave® odor reducer products. I only share my opinions of products that I use in my own home. *

My home consists of 3 senior dogs, 2 guinea pigs, 1 cat, a aquarium, a teenager and 2 adults. There are times that are house doesn't quite smell "fresh". When it rains, it can smell like wet dog and sometimes our kitty, Molly Mew can have a big stinky. No matter how hard a person tries, sometimes a multi-pet household can wreck havoc on a nose.

You can spray a air fresheners but most of them will just cover the odor and not kill the source. I remember one time ma sprayed a deodorizer to take care of the wet dog smell and when dad came home he said the house smelled like vanilla and wet dog. Truth be known, it did.

There are many odor reducing products that are actually unsafe to use around pets, especially birds. Many pets have reactions to odor reducers. I know people try their best to keep their homes clean and smelling fresh. When you have pets, litter boxes, teenagers, and the smell of last nights dinner lingering, sometimes your home needs some extra help.

Are there any safe ways to help to keep the smells down??     YES!!! 

Introducing Fresh Wave®. Fresh Wave® isn't a odor cover up , its a odor destroyer that uses natural ingredients to rid your house of the stinky smells. It's a non toxic odor remover that is safe to use around children and animals. Fresh Wave® contains no harsh chemicals or fake smells. Diaper pails, kitty litter boxes or even basements can't compete with Fresh Wave®, even my vet's office uses Fresh Wave® commercial product. 

Fresh Wave Odor Remover products
What is in Fresh Wave® that helps the product work??  Plant oils and water
What odors will Fresh Wave® get rid of?? Any! 
How long does it take to work? Fresh Wave® starts working as soon as you open the product!  
logo for Fresh Wave
We received the odor remover packs, odor remover gel and the odor remover spray to try out. 

Odor Remover Packs - perfect to put in your car to keep it fresh or drop it in the diaper pail. Ma put one under one of our sinks. You could put one in your luggage that you are storing to keep it smelling fresh. They will keep the areas odor free for up to 60 days

Odor Removing Spray- perfect for a quick blast of fresh air. Need to rid the air of the burnt popcorn or fish you cooked tonight?? A couple sprays is all it will take. A few sprays on our do beds made them smell nice and clean. Any place you need a quick solution to remove a bad odor, this spray is for you. We will spray one squirt to our return air filter and the scent will travel through the house. 

Odor Removing Gel- unscrew the cap, remove the cover and place near your continuous odors such as a kitty box, basement or kitchen. If you smoke in your home this gel will help take the smoke smell away. The container last 30-60 days depending on the size of the room.  

Where is Fresh Wave® available ? Fresh Wave® will be available on August 16th at your local Target. 

Target and Fresh Wave Logo

Learn more about Fresh Wave on their site

I hope you have a beautiful, odor free day! 

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  1. If it works as you say it does, it's a wonderful product.


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